Riverdale!!! New re-imagined Archies movie trailer spoof goes viral online

Morgan Davies and Anthony Anthony Konechny in Riverdale (Point Blank Creative)

Remember the Archies? Apparently the people at Vancouver-based film company Point Blank Creative do. They’ve made a fake trailer for a full length feature that’s a re-imagining of the story to say the least.

Shot for $3500 over two days, it looks pro and like something that could actually be made into a film…taking the fan-made trailer concept to a new level. People seem to like it too. Over 145 000 views and counting in just a few days definitely counts as viral.

The “film” was written by Cross Eyed Bear Comedy and directed by Andrew de Villiers with a cast and crew found on Craigslist (full list can be found on the video’s YouTube page).

Get ready to see the Archies in a whole new light!

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  • I’d pay $10 to see this in the theatre. The film that is, not the trailer, well, maybe just the trailer if it lead into a good movie.

  • Such an epic fan-made trailer. One of the best out there so far. Depending on the attention this gets, you never know, it could be made into a movie. I guess the tough part, however, would be licensing and legal issues. Sadly, that’s something that can’t be eliminated from the equation if people had to pay money to watch it.

  • hahaaaaa so dramatic! so intense! so sexual… I hope the movie would not be as compressed. But id see it!

  • You know, if the Archie people thought outside the box, they may approach the people who made this trailer to make the movie, but they probably won’t out of fear of brand damage…also, since it was a joke to begin with, maybe the people who made it wouldn’t want to make it into an actual flick…unless the money was right, of course!

  • This looks too fantastic. If it weren’t for what would likely be incomprehensibly huge licensing issues I’d say we should head up a fundraiser… Who would not want to see this movie?

  • They need to make this movie. all i have to say

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