Ready for radio? Mel Lefebvre co-hosts Ecolibrium on CKUT 90.3FM

This post is a shameless PR stint. Beginning today and every Tuesday until the end of time at 11am, please tune in to CKUT 90.3 FM to hear Mel Lefebvre co-host Montreal’s only English environmental radio show, Ecolibrium.

Ecolibrium has been on air for decades and reports on local and international environmental issues. If you’ve never heard it, then your chance to get a heads-up on what’s going on in your world.

We don’t only want to talk your ears off, though. Nature isn’t a one-way conversation, so we’re making our radio show interactive. We’ll be giving quizzes and questions. Just go to our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, and we’ll chat up your answers on the show.

Just email to get added to the group, and tweet with us @EcoCKUT. Click here to tune in.

We’re living in some of the most environmentally perilous times ever recorded in history. On Ecolibrium, we tell it to you straight. No fluffy rounding it off so you feel better about yourself, but hopefully you’ll feel empowered to want to make a difference.

Ecolibruim supports the protection of Anse a l'Orme park

Today’s show will feature a segment by co-host Tomas on climate change, followed by a discussion on where the bleep we’re headed, and if climate negotiations are just full of hot air. A short documentary on the Sainte Anne de Bellevue Farmer’s market will delve into the local politics that can make or break ecological initiatives.

If that isn’t enough to whet your palette, then Ryan’s fun eco-facts should win you over.

CKUT is a community radio station. All hosts donate their time to bring you the news mainstream media skipped, or were not allowed to deliver to you.

Of course, your favorite tree-conserving, non-paper-using blog, Forget The Box will get a little air-time, too.

Click here to tune in.

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