Remember the Box?

Once upon a time there was an empty box.

Over time, the box became fuller and fuller, mostly with people’s mindsets.

People were either thinking inside of the box, or deliberately thinking outside the box.

The main trouble with either of those things was that it tended to polarize people’s thinking.

You were either in it or out of it.

The walls of the box were rules that must either be followed or broken,

and it must be either/or instead of simplicity.

I admit it, I’m very sloppy.

I’ve forgotten the box altogether.

I’m like that rogue cop who never bothered to read the book that his partner lives by.

I may be messy, or unorthodox, some of the time, and still, quite clean, neat, and very orthodox much of the rest of the time,

and I often intentionally blur the lines that make up the rules.

In fact, I never really saw this aforementioned box.

~Laurence Tenenbaum

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