I’ve Heard it Said Before that Revenge is a Sweet Dish That’s Best Served Cold.

Brainy smurfThis rant isn’t about revenge.

Some people can come across in an annoying fashion, in particular when they have certain erroneous beliefs for which they feel they must preach about ad nauseum, as though they are obsessed with whatever it is that they feel they are right about. In fact, they seem to obsessively preach and repeat themselves even to those who agree with them. It’s like they are fighting a war of opinion and attempting to beat the other party into deep submission.

For some reason vegans, evangelists and politicians tend to do this with a higher frequency than most. Maybe it’s the lack of protein to the brain, or the cravings to the contrary. Maybe it’s the annoying teenage girl inside trying to get attention. As the T-shirt says, “I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain only to become a vegan!” (or something to that effect)

Of course, I don’t actually have anything against people who keep a vegan diet, as long as it’s not the main/only thing they ever talk about.

I also have no problem if you are a politician or evangelist by trade, but if you are, can you please leave your work at work? You can give yourselves ulcers this way! It’s true that I tend to ignore the holier than thou attitude of the annoyingly didactic. Especially when I know they’re wrong. Sometimes it’s not worth arguing, especially for the sheer sake of argument.

Flawed hippie logic states that:

If you know they’re wrong, good on you, but they should not be informed if they are the argumentative type, as they will obsess and insist that they are right, but will not listen to what anyone else has to say about the subject.

By that same token, don’t annoy them with your own didactic nonsense. You may be right, but that’s no reason to beat someone over the head with it until all that’s left is a bloody pulp. It isn’t fair for anyone to have their heads ripped off with didactic bullshit simply because your day was difficult. If you do, then you’re no better than they are.

A few years ago I was heckled during a spoken-word performance for being “too loud” for some young girls who were having a loud conversation of their own while sitting directly in front of the speaker. I simply said: “Don’t try to henpeck the farmer!” and they got offended for my calling them hens, and I was swiftly kicked off the stage, and banned from the establishment, despite my name being on the bill and not theirs.

Another time I was kicked off the stage in mid-performance, simply because somebody’s friend showed up, and to add insult to injury, not only did they kick me off the stage so that they could perform, but they also insisted on using MY gear!   Some of these people also broke one of my pedals, and stole another one, damaged my guitar, mic-stand and my microphone, and then disappeared.

Restitution was never made.

I admit that I haven’t exactly had an easy life. I also admit that I’m naturally a squirmy whiner and complainer. That’s why they pay me the thin air to write the rants.

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