Roommate from hell

I have had many crazy roommates in the past and I find that I have no real problem living with schizophrenics, catatonics (as long as their rent is paid) or bipolars. My main problem with former roommates are those who are also alcoholics. I don’t mind those who like to have a few drinks once in a while and I even like to have a few myself occasionally. However someone who develops a problem over time that they try to hide, constantly tries to be annoying or worse and has an odour problem irritates me.

As someone who is just getting his life back on track, these people try to derail me. The circus that is my life would be better without these particular clowns.

In fact, I’m not likely to go back to one of my former apartments because one of my former roommates decided to play with fire and chainsaws while drunk. He claims he was joking around, but that kind of joking around causes innocent people much damage and deaths. I refuse to be responsible for that.

As such, despite leaving another former roommate in the lurch, on his birthday no less, I removed the rest of my things (except of course what this former roommate broke) and realized that I can’t go back there, or I’ll end up in jail for murder. Of course, he would no longer be a problem, but it’s a price I just can’t afford. when someone brings out the worst in me and makes me want vengeance, that is not good at all. In fact, I think that’s not a good situation for anyone to be in.

This former roommate also brings people into the apartment at any hour to buy illegal substances from him and many come into the living room and take careful note of the items in it. He also sometimes shows them other rooms and I’m afraid that some of my things could be stolen.

I’m almost certain that as soon as this former roommate is finally kicked out of this apartment, he’ll likely try to break in, or at least organize a break-in. I fear for my belongings. I also fear for my other ex-roommates belongings, some of which are items of value, either sentimental or monetary.

I’m afraid that if I’ve worn out my welcome, or if I’m the problem, I remove myself from the equation. These drunkard ex-roomates won’t.

I find it most annoying when they try to strike up a loud conversation while I’m trying to watch a movie. It’s worse when they turn off the sound, change the channel, turn on the radio and stand in front of the screen, being very loud and belligerent.

It’s also really annoying when they keep trying to rile me or my other roommates up by doing dangerous and stupid things and pranks. If I had my way, he’d be locked away from society, in a nice white room with rubber walls and electroshock therapy for the rest of his natural life.

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