Breaking news from the world of sexual studies this week: apparently creative types like professional artists and poets have more sex partners than their non-creative counterparts. Seriously, they needed a study to prove this?

While the findings shouldn’t come as much of a shock to any of my fellow bohemian babes and boys who have hooked up after a vernissage (or a Glam Gam show!), this is the first study to provide firm evidence, according to the research team from England’s Newcastle University.

Study leader Daniel Nettle attributed the findings to the fact that “very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act on more sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience’s sake, than the average person would”. Hell yeah… that’s part of the fun of being creative!!

Furthermore, creative types are more likely to tolerate impulsive sexual behaviour from their partners, and are less likely to expect fidelity from them.

If you’re looking to engage in some impulsive, ridiculous behaviour, you might want to check out one of the events put on by Le Chat Perdu Productions, founded by the man with a million brilliant ideas, Sherwin Tija.   He’s the creator of unique fun nights including Porn Karaoke, Slowdance Nights, Crowd Karaoke, and the Strip Spelling Bee.

The Strip Spelling Bee is exactly what it sounds like. One by one, participants spell some of the hardest words the English language has to offer. When they make a mistake, they strip.   And since prizes are not only given for the best speller, but also the best stripper, there’s an incentive to be a crowd pleaser.   By the end of the third round, the vast majority of the spellers are wearing nothing but smiles.

I asked Sherwin where he got the idea for the night:

“I got the idea because I was putting on a hipster spelling bee a couple years ago and my then girlfriend asked her friend to go to it and she said, “A spelling bee? Ugh. No way. The only way I would go to that is if there was stripping.” And that just lit a lightbulb in my head, and I thought to myself, what a great idea! And so it took a couple bees to work out the rules, but now it’s quite a ridiculous and wonderful time.”

So if you’re one of those creative types that craves new and interesting experiences, head on down to the Mainline Theater (3997 St Laurent) on Wednesday June 1st. Sign up to spell at 9:30 and the show starts at 10. And check out Chat Perdu Productions on Facebook or drop by Jane’s blog for information on future quirky events!

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