Sick of being sick

Dear readers, originally I had a completely different rant, but internal circumstances prompted me to write this one, partly out of frustration. Also, a shout-out: Happy Belated Birthday to Irkar Beljaars! I would have been at your party if I was feeling better then I have been. I also should have been at the potluck party with Pappillon, and the Chanukah party at my parents’ house. Happy and healthy Chanukah to my Jewish readers.

Now, the rant.

I hate being sick!

I know, most people also don’t like it, but damn! Why must the “messy wet phase” be so god-awfully wet and messy? Why am I experiencing bad muscle and chest pains? Why does my jaw and arm hurt periodically whenever I’m going through a coughing fit? Why so many coughing fits!?

I was supposed to have a very full weekend of partying and drunken revelry, but instead I’ve been too sick to go out anywhere and I’ve been taking only some cold medication, which doesn’t seem to be working. I haven’t even been outside since Friday morning! It really sucks!

I must apologize to anybody I had made plans with over this past weekend. Illness is a bitch. Between the hacking, the coughing, the wheezing, the sneezing, the runny nose, the fevers, the nightmares and the explosive sinusitis, I don’t feel so good and I’m probably very contagious (and my throat hurts too).

I know that at the present moment, if there is a cure for the common cold, it’s been bought and shelved by greedy pharmaceutical companies, in order to sell their “Magic Elixirs.” They generate new viruses and variants thereof in order to sell more medications. They’ve been caught doing this many times. Corporations are above any country’s laws as long as they’re large enough to be multinationals. In many places, governments are mere puppets to the corporations.

Go ahead. Hang me for stating the obvious. Hang me for sedition. I’m no citizen because I failed the physical to join your military to fight giant insects. Sorry. Fever tangent to the bad movie playing in the background. I bet you can guess which movie that one is by my description.

Sorry if I’m all over the place today. I’m still kinda sick. I think I am recovering, though. Although right now I’m on a lot of cold medication. I already ranted about that here.

I was originally going to rant about the erosion of rights in the United States that seems to be currently going on, as freedom of speech the internet in America leads to being called, labeled and treated as a terrorist. I don’t believe that Wikileaks, for example, supports terrorism necessarily,   but I do believe that one should use their own judgment and decide for themselves based on the fare available. I know it can be difficult choosing which lies to believe, but if a website, or a newspaper, or a television channel reports something true, they should not really be penalized for it.

But what do I know?

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  • Everyone seems to be a little sick, I had some interesting sneezing today, although I’m alright now. Yes, drug companies don’t want things to be too simple….why get ONE obscene fortune from everyone for the common cold….when they could get…..TWENTY? or MORE? It’s insane.

  • sickness is a lifetime partner,but one can overcome it .by having the remedies.throgh the king of herbal medicine

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