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It’s May. I need better wages. I can’t complain too much about the working conditions at my present job. While they like to toot their own horn about how ethical the company is, I am very lucky to work for one of the most ethical companies in Canada and certainly the best one I’ve worked for to date. As a result, I must rant about something else.

New Topic.

Enough with you guys already: Laurence is tired

Why do we get tired? Why can’t we go on indefinitely, like machines? Why? Why? Why?
Annoying questions from an 8 year old with seemingly boundless energy compared to those of us over 30. I wish I could live like I was still 21. Not that I want to relive that nightmare of a year, I just wish I still had the same level of stamina I had back then, preferably without needing to change any habits.

I find it frustrating that aging is happening, my parents grow older, pains start to form in new places, some of which were not even known about until they started to hurt. I often wish burnout was not a possibility. I often wish there were more hours in a day, or more time to the hour (this of course only applies to breaks when working).

And they say it’s all downhill from here. Funny, but the struggle feels much more like an uphill climb and a rather steep one at that.

Why must it be so wrong to stay up late every night and still go to work the next day perfectly fresh even without any sleep the night before? I know, we’d all go insane if we didn’t sleep but sometimes it seems that sleep is a drag. Tiredness is a drag. Exhaustedness is a drag and I, for one, am tired of dragging and being dragged!

I wish stamina didn’t diminish with age. While most teenagers seem lazy, their young bodies are going through many changes as they are growing up quickly, they seem to have lower stamina, rising back up from about the age of fifteen or so, until it seems to peak at around the age of 20 or 21 and wanes back from there.

This is the point where some people start using certain drugs to start getting back the energy they once had and then some. Not all of these drugs are legal. In fact most are not.

The one major exception, which occurs naturally in so many of the things we eat and drink and therefore cannot be outlawed is caffeine. The illegal ones include Speed, Cocaine, assorted Steroids and so on.

But why does the natural ability diminish with age? I wish I knew the answer, but alas, I don’t.

When I was 18 or 19, I wrote that sleep is a drug. Many people could relate, especially my elders at the time. It went:

Sleep is a drug

Sleep is a drug,
There are withdrawl symptoms
They suck

The withdrawl symptoms suck the life out of me
(from sleep, anyway)

sleep is a drug
a way to spend time without control of mind
now I am tired,
it is the morning
light and sight hurt
from without and within.

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