Want to get slutty this weekend? Go to the SlutWalk, MTL style

So, you think a Saturday night in downtown Montreal is a guaranteed paradise for the hottest sluts in town? This weekend, you’re seriously mistaken. The real action’s going to be at Parc de la Paix (on the corner of Rene Levesque and St. Laurent) on Sunday afternoon from 2-5pm for Montreal’s very first SlutWalk.

Slutwalk Montreal promises to be far better than your average weekend lay. One organizer says we should expect a large crowd of people from all walks of life, sexualities, classes, genders, in all kinds of crazy-awesome costumes. With almost 4000 attendees on Facebook, the event is sure to be a success.

Being slutty ain’t as bad as it’s made out to be, depending on how you look at it! As mentioned in previous FTB articles, SlutWalk is a movement that seeks to bring awareness to the negative (yet “accepted”) public dialogue about womens’ sexuality.   Slutwalkers from all over the world would also say that being a slut isn’t only about embracing the freedom to be as sexy as you want to be (without being the victim of snap judgements or much worse); it’s about being comfortable and proud of your sexuality and expressing it how you want, despite what the world thinks about it.

On that note, bring your noisemakers, costumes, and signs to the park on Sunday and stay tuned for Forget the Box‘s coverage of Montreal’s SlutWalk (with lots of super slutty pictures). Don’t miss the aftermath of the march at Le Drugstore (1366 Sainte-Catherine St E, metro Beaudry) featuring some Glam Gam burlesque acts!

By the way, here’s a slut-tastic video on how to put on your best slut suit on for Sunday, courtesy of the Montreal walk’s organizers Stella and Glam Gam Productions:


SlutWalk Montreal – 2-5pm, Sunday May 29, Parc de la Paix (Rene Levesque and St. Laurent) – St. Laurent metro.

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  • Can’t wait….oh! oh! what will I wear?!?!?! So many ideas! Great article Andrea!

  • Thanks C! I’m thinking of sporting something either sparkly or see-through…

  • Drugstore’s address is as follows, not the one posted here!

    1366 Sainte-Catherine St E
    (Metro Beaudry)


  • that video was great!

  • Although your choice (which is, and should, unequivocally be yours) to dress ‘slutty’, sexually ‘suggestive’ or not should never be base or excuse for assault or any other form of aggression, i think this post is slightly missing the point of SlutWalk.

    It started in Toronto, after a police officer publicly ‘advised’ women to not dress “sluttly” in order to avoid sexual assault, as if rape was caused by what we wear or how we behave, instead of solely on the shoulders of the attacker who thinks it’s his right to invade someone else’s body. And who is to decide what is deemed ‘slutty’ anyway? Is it to go out only wearing a bra? A crop t-shirt showing your mid-rift? Skintight pants? ‘Fuckme’ heels? Can’t any one of you remember the last time you were stared down uncomfortably by males when you were wearing something you deemed perfectly normal?

    I’m not telling anyone to wear whatever they want to wear (*that* would obviously be missing the point entirely!) but SlutWalk isn’t about wearing a costume, or even ‘affirming women’s sexuality’ — it’s about wearing whatever the fuck we want WITHOUT encountering ANY judgement about our promiscuity or respectability of character. Period. So, yeah. I’ll see you all on Sunday’s walk. In my jeans and t-shirt.

  • Hey miss v! Thanks for your feedback. The main article will elaborate more of the points you’ve made in your comment, since experincing the slutwalk for myself left me with different impressions! In my t-shirt 🙂

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