Smoke n’ Mirrors

Those who want to kick off their Nuit Blanche debauchery with a bit of thinking while being entertained, might want to check out Smoke n’ Mirrors. This special edition of the now monthly mutli-media experiment in reality and consciousness will be hosted by Jay Lemieux and feature an original performance of Tatiana Koroleva’s Loving Strangers

For those familiar with Koroleva’s previous work Literacy, Loving Strangers promises more experimentation. It is described as being all about “transgression of the limits of individual self” and involves a game in the darkness where the audience moves “in the space of unknown together with the artist.”

The evening will also feature a screening of Lemieux and Donovan King’s short documentary Global Invisible Theatre, a performance by Sandrine Charbonneau and a presentation of Stop The Meter by The Site Gurls, ForgetTheBox’s very own contribution to the Stop the Meter Campaign.

Smoke n’ Mirrors is at the Xpression Gallery, 5334 de Gaspé, suite 308 and runs from 9pm ‘till midnight, giving you plenty of time to go nuts outside for the rest of the evening.

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