Snowstorms, Shots & Scoring on the Senators: Ottawa VS Habs at Mckibbins Irish Pub

We wanted Kostitsyn to score!

As snow kept piling onto the city, I knew that even in this bad weather I was going to watch the game VS the Senators. A friend of mine who hasn’t gone out in a while and was trying to finish a paper felt the same way too. We needed a game and an escape from the storm.

Downtown was the easiest way to beat the snow so we hit up an Irish pub, Mckibbins Irish Pub (1426 Bishop st). They also have locations on the West Island and St. Laurent Blvd but nothing beats the original.

Packed for a Tuesday night, my friend got there early to grab a prime spot. Note to any one watching games downtown always get there early. And why not, the Canadiens have been on a winning streak and are ready for revenge against Ottawa. We were humiliated in the last meeting.

Once again no PK, I know a lot of you are thinking that this has to be some sick punishment. But think about it, Subban is a rookie that skyrocketed into super-stardom but he’s still a kid so maybe he should learn a few lessons. We’d prefer him not learning the hard way like Carey Price (remember last season?).We don’t want history to repeat. Check out Elliotte Friedman’s Price Theory.

Enough about theories, it’s game on! Mckibbin’s was originally a century stone mansion that was converted into an Irish pub. My friend and I have had a couple outings here and have never been disappointed. The food is filling pub grub but good. I recommend the homemade fries and the 1/2 pound burger (yes, I can finish one of those) and yes, they have an optional veggie or Bison burger.

And to add to the fun they do something special during the hockey nights, the waitress comes around the table with little Canadiens jerseys on stands and gives us a choice on who we think would score in the game that night. If that player scores the table gets free shots.

We wanted Brian Gionta as he’s been consistent as of late but we weren’t early enough. My gut said Kostitsyn, the same gut that feasted on a 1/2 pound burger.

Halfway into 1/2 pound burger, I finished it!

He was close on a few occasions, then again, so was everyone. Almost everyone registered a shot on net on the Senators. Daniel Alfredsson has been quiet on score sheet as of late and I see that Alex Kovalev pulled another disappearing act. That’s the Kovy I was familiar with back in his Montreal days.

A table in the corner got first crack on shots, Cammalleri scores. Come on Kostitsyn. I think I was distracted by the prospect of shots rather than the Canadiens out-shooting the Sens.

While Ottawa tied the game, we ran into familiar faces. Our waitress Tracy used to go to school with my friend and a shout out to Nina who I usually see in Fringe shows, she was there for the game after her shift. McKibbins is one of those pubs filled with familiar faces and conveniently in the heart of downtown. And yes, good hockey crowd.

We cheered loud when Halpern’s table got a helping in the 3rd. And again later on, as I heard a shriek from the women who robbed us of Gionta shots. Damnit!!!

Nice try, they thought the next goal was another Gionta, this time it’s Hamrlik shots.

It was a great effort, the defense didn’t fail Price. Weber, again solid. Don’t worry everyone, PK will come back soon. We don’t know when, but soon. Not sure about Scott Gomez, they’re saying lower body injury.

Another win, no free shots but lots of snow. It was a fun outing with a good friend, feeling warm inside as the snow keeping hitting. A great meal, good company and a Habs win: what more can a girl ask for.

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