I used to do volunteer work at a certain McGill based organization. I had been there for almost ten years when the coordinator had to take a leave of absence. She was very apologetic towards me when she announced that she had hired someone new to replace her, even though the position was both logically and rightfully mine.

Under the new hire, of course, I had to inform and advise them of how exactly to run the organization. Essentially I ran it, but the new hire got paid. I didn’t. When the coordinator came back, she again apologized, knowing full well and feeling very guilty about the snub.

A few years later, when I was still volunteering there, the coordinator left. The job was open and I applied. They hired somebody else who had never even been there. That new coordinator lasted less than a year, but she at least recommended me to the admins of the place before leaving. Finally, after being snubbed twice for the position, they offered me the job. Except only on a much reduced payment rate from the previous coordinators, because the budget had been cut.

I haven’t been back there since.

Another example of my being snubbed is when I worked for a certain warehouse in Pointe-Claire. I was up for a well deserved and much needed raise. The boss hired somebody else at a higher rate of pay instead of giving me my raise, and claimed that there simply wasn’t enough money in the budget for it. The new guy lasted about two and a half months, threatened me and my job repeatedly, and intentionally disarranged things in the warehouse so as to put the blame on me. Of course, the boss saw through it.

I don’t like it when others snub me, try to show me up, or get me fired from a job for reasons which were never disclosed.

I could complain about certain other times that has happened to me, but I don’t want to rile up anyone I’m still in contact with. Needless to say, I’ve been glossed over numerous times for certain promotions, raises, et cetera, which ended up going to others while I held my place, or was reduced or cut out completely.

While there may have been undisclosed reasons as to why I never got those two positions I so rightfully deserved, the fact remains: I was snubbed.

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