Sunday Clothing Swap!

Clothing swap

Clothing swap

Have you picked up your fall and winter outfits yet? Well here is your chance to find some designer duds and some sweet accessories for next to nothing! This Sunday at Espace Griffintown there is gonna be a mega clothing swap. Come drop off those clothes that you’ve been planning on getting rid of forever and exchange them for someone else’s awesome hand-me-downs.

The clothes swap is being presented by the xChange Collective (Tim Webber, Gina Bourne). FALLBACK is the second of their events, aimed at creating a unique experience by offering—on one side, a vintage and accessories sale, offering the best that local Montreal vintage vendors and designers have to offer—as well, separately, providing a gathering space in which people have the opportunity to bring gently used or vintage items of good quality into a clothing exchange, thus creating an inventory of great pieces for those involved to choose from.

The clothing exchange concept was really the jumping off point, and central focus of xChange Collective. They love the idea of bringing people together, the idea that ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure’ (not literally, of course!), the ‘happening’ that occurs when different people, clothing, styles, and ideas collide in one event.

So come check out a great event in a great venue (L’Espace Griffintown), with a bar, good music, food and beverages, photographic coverage, a cool and friendly atmosphere, to shop, exchange, and socialize. xChange Clothing swap!

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