Surf-psychedelic dance party – Montreal’s The Madafakaz live tonight @ Le Divan Orange

Do you ever read the Montreal Mirror’s rant line? I do, almost every week. I find that it’s usually   just silly people ranting about stupid things. Sometimes the rants are really short and other times they’re way too long, and you get super bored, and end up asking yourself, “who’s the sucker that listens to these voicemails and then writes them out for print publication? That sucks.” I wonder if they have one of those old school answering machines that lets you play the voicemail out loud?

Anyway, every once and a while you get a really great rant. It’s usually one of those super short ones that are two sentences of hilarity, and all you want to do is cut it out and paste it on the back of your bathroom door. I love those ones. But a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon something even better than laughter, an amazing local band, The Madafakaz. Someone had called the rant line and simply said, in two sentences, “I just saw the best band in Montreal. They’re called The Madafakaz.”   Though “the best” is a pretty strong thing to say, Mr.Ranter was on to something and he’s not the only one.

No joke, it seems like everyone I know has heard of The Madafakaz. For example, I came across a blog by this guy named Steve (who’s from T.O.), who was in Montreal last summer and saw them live. Apparently they stole Steve’s heart by wearing women’s stockings on their heads and having instrumental pieces that reminded him of The Sadies and Los Straitjackets. Steve and Mr.Ranter are in love.

Okay, enough with the lovey-dovey talk, let’s get down to business. Here are the goods of the band you should be seeing tonight…

The Madafakaz, Montreal based, are like a raging fire that has just started to run along the line of the gun powder that’s been strategically laid out on the floor. The best part of this ignited gun powder is that it’s gonna explode. Exciting enough for us we can watch this explosion tonight at Le Divan Orange. Seriously dude, you gotta be there because it’s gonna be a epic surf-psychedelic dance party.

The Madafakaz are easily becoming one of the most talked about bands on the Montreal music scene.
They’re unique, innovative and completely rockin’. Their music dances with California’s surf, raves all night on psychedelics and rocks out every day with complete sincerity. It’s a style of music that I’ve never heard before. It’s simply just wicked.

Cool beans. See you tonight and make sure you’re ready to dance because this band commands fun.

The Madafakaz & Les Batteux-Slaques perform tonight @ Le Divan Orange. $10 @ the door. Show starts   around 9:30PM. It’s gonna be surfing, psychedelic fun! Thank you to whomever ranted about this – you’re awesome.

Here’s some pictures taken by Dominiqueb during their wakefield Blacksheep show. Click the images and they will magically change.

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I came across a review from a guy named Steve. Last June Steve made a trip to Montreal and stumbled upon The Madafakaz. Steve talks about them performing with women’s stockings on their heads and refers their instrumental tunes to that of The Sadies and Los Straitjackets.
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