Sebastian Freeman and Amanda Mabro are 30 Frames, an electro pop band from Toronto who recently released an energetic and highly danceable record that was two years in the making. It was well worth the wait; the album is really strong.

They did a great job of maintaining consistency without being overly repetitive so that the album flows seamlessly from track to track. The songs compliment each other so well, yet are different enough to maintain interest throughout all eight tracks. The production value is also top-notch.

30 Frames features beautiful instrumental and vocal layers sung mainly by Amanda but with support from Sebastian. There are some really fun drum beats; check out the second track Make It, one of the most danceable tracks on the album:

The third song, When I Was Young, pulls back a bit, is more reflective and a nice reprieve from the high energy first two tracks. It’s followed by Hey You which transitions back to a more upbeat tempo by using a moderate groove in the verses, which then bursts into busy choruses.  These explosions are my favourite moments on the album.  It’s a powerful song; it forces you to move and to sing along.

Snake Charmer is a little darker, a little more industrial and features Sebastian more on vocals than in other tracks. Anything Else and Give it Up are kick-ass dance numbers. Give it Up in particular has some really great vocal layers. The album closes with Sing Me Home where Amanda and Sebastian trade off vocals in a nice, warm way to bring us home.

The strengths of 30 Frames are many. Vocally, it’s a powerhouse. Paired with the strength of the songwriting, including the melodies and chord progressions, structures and production, it’s an achievement they should be very proud of. It’s interesting, cohesive and identifyable.

Put this record on at a house party if you want to get people pumped up, or crank it while you’re getting ready to go out. It will definitely set the mood for a great night.