Sometimes, I feel as though accessories are not taken seriously enough. I am aware that accessories are meant to be personal statements that highlight outfits of choice, and I should respect everyone’s choice to accessorize the way that they want, but I must admit.. over the years, I’ve been annoyed by people who overdo it. Those who wear huge sparkly chunky belts with a tacky double C at the buckle- (way to ugly up Chanel, ladies.) Well.. those, along with other thick belts, are actually the only accessories that piss me off. Everything else is alright, but within reason.

That being said, first lesson of the day.
Keep it classy versus obvious: Accessories are meant to lightly highlight your outfit. They should be effortless touches, and they should accentuate your shades and overall mood. For example, these days, I’ve been in love with The Boyfriend look. This is a masculine meets feminine style that creates a classic 20th century male silhouette. Slacks, vests, ankle boots, blazers- you know the one.

This look is already powerful enough without having to add too much to it. Because I don’t enjoy walking around looking like a character from The Great Gatsby every single day, I try to avoid making my outfit look too costume-y. I encourage you to find your balance between being aloof and desperate.
IMG-20131016-WA0000 copyAccessories should reflect your taste. I don’t believe in trendy accessories. Personally, I wear mismatched earrings, not only because I almost have no choice but to do so, (since I’ve lost a the mates of most of my pairs) but because I find that it’s an edgy touch without trying too hard. If your lobes have multiple holes, you could literally create a story on an ear. Have FUN with earrings, people. Don’t take them too seriously!

That being said, here are my two cents on other basic accessories.
Bracelets: I’ve been crazy about the idea of taking an old, awkwardly short necklace and turning it into a bracelet. It’s easy- all you have to do is double loop around your wrist.. and it dangles in the most darling fashion. I’m personally down with understated, simple, precious looking bracelets that have a delicate chain and a simple charm. Maybe teamed with a thin bangle… but you’ll want to avoid huge cuffs. They’re too Real Housewives of Beirut/2008.

Necklaces: Is it weird that I’m over necklaces? I just don’t feel the urge to wear them anymore- I don’t know why… I’ve always been partial to one or two long chains with a simple charm like a key or a leaf hanging down, but I can certainly respect someone who dons an intense neck piece across their breastplate. Remember though, not every outfit needs a necklace! Sometimes it’s just not necessary. Respect the outfit you long to wear… and if you feel that you really want to wear a necklace and it just doesn’t go with your outfit, then stop fooling yourself and CHANGE the outfit.

2013-10-10_11-27-06-1Bags: This is my favourite part. Bags are a complex accessory- the most complex, because it really depends on the occasion and the level of maintenance you’re willing to pay to your bag at that time. For example, if you’re going out with your friends to get crunk on a Saturday night, you’re not going to want to take a gorgeous tote because some asshole could spill beer on it, it could get jacked.. and you’ll have to take in account that you’ll probably be wearing it all night- so really, the smaller the better. It will take over your outfit.

However- if you’re walking down the street on a busy day- if you’re going to work, going shopping, maybe grabbing a coffee with that cutie you met at the gym… then work it, sister! I have personally been IN LOVE with buckle bags. They look so retro, chic, and fit in with the coveted Boyfriend look.
I’m a pusher for bags to be in lovely, soothing tones that would look awesome against your outfits. Don’t just stick to black or brown, go for a nice mustard yellow, burgundy, or teal. I have a very good feeling about those three colours these days. Check out Beyond the Rack’s collection- they know just what I’m talking about. Even Aldo has a couple of cute totes.*Aldo and Little Burgundy also have some adorable accessories… including big knitted circle scarves which are an essential.

Respect your outfit, but more importantly, respect your accessories. While I encourage for them to be understated and low-key, they should really reflect your inner self, and the intentions of your outfit. Yes, your outfit has intentions. Respect those intentions, and don’t deny yourself the cherry on top of a perfect ensemble.