It’s hard to be a diamond in a world full of home shopping network cubic zirconia. You have to do much more than sparkle to stand out here. You need talent, a gimmick, unspool ferocity, and a team full of fellow freaks and performers to pull off being famous.

The world is uber intense and will spit a bitch out within the bat of a lash. So many techno centric kids are just not amused anymore because they are so emerged in technology and content. Art is created by computers, it is a counterfeit culture. People think they have seen it all, but really they just googled it or saw a video of it on their phone.

In order to be famous you have to be completely you, a total original. Fame on the “household name” level is virtually impossible to achieve, it’s all based on luck. Right now a different kind of fame is emerging based on social media and the internet. You get intimate with your audience and let them into your tender, private moments.

I think in order to reach true success you need to give people more than just a show, you have to give them a complete visceral experience. You need more than a band or a dancer, you must be a variety show, a circus of sorts. They must feel like they are on another planet for the time you have their attention.

Think about GWAR, they are absolutely and unapologetically terrible musicians. But their showmanship is absolutely on point. Where else can you get squirted with green alien cum slime and blood out of mutant dicks and boobs? The costumes and props are absolutely fantastic. I love the political satire as well.

To me GWAR is an example of a movement more than a band. Alice Cooper is another one that has been using major theatrics including a guillotine for decades, he is a real trailblazer.

I also really adore The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer’s original band, this was before she changed the world by using crowd sourcing to fund her album.

cat fame 2I saw them several years ago. They used local performance artists in their production. This is genius because your fan base instantly grows. People will come out to see their friends perform.

You get the local flair as well as having a unique show each night. The combo of theatre and music was mystifying and sensational. It inspired me.

Of Montreal is another band with an incredible live show. They really go all out with crazy costumes, projections, and props. All of this creates an atmosphere of loveliness and energetic bliss.

I am a burlesque dancer. My favorite thing to do is perform with live bands. My dream is to one day have a rainbow bus and travel the world with my circus, a band of friends, performers and fellow weirdos with unique gifts to add to the experience.

It’s all about combining efforts, we are stronger and more interesting together. We need lights, projections of cool old cartoons, crazy costumes, original music, and theatrical storylines to really make an impact.

Art made with heart out shines all copies. Fight the fake and virtual reality with real live entertainment. In a world built on faux plastic perfection the only way to reach pure super stardom is to be your own beautiful original self.