Forget The Box is kicking off Autumn with a new weekly calendar of arts shows in Montreal! Check out these events and feel free to contact us with suggestions for others as well.

Alder & Ash

Alder & Ash is a counterpoint of two extremes. The music lies in stillness, introversion, and penitence. It lies in violence, cacophony, and angst. Alder & Ash plays solo cello with loop pedal to create improvised minimal classical music, with influence of doom metal, ambient, post-rock and noise. Alder & Ash will be performing live at Le Réactueur as part of an ambient music showcase – don’t miss it!

Alder & Ash Live at Le Réacteur, 2401 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Friday, October 14th. Pay-What-You-Can

Fela Kuti Tribute

The Tupi Collective crew, ASMA, KYOU, and DJ Kobal are putting together an exciting evening filled with sonic tributes to Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti at Groove Nation. The event is in celebration of what would have been Fela’s 78th birthday, October 15th (but don’t get it twisted, the show is October 14th).


Fela Kuti Tribute at Groove Nation, 410 Rachel Est, Friday, October 14, 10pm-3am. $5 before midnight, $10 after

Pompette’s Monthly Comedy Extravaganza

Pompette’s Monthly Comedy Extravaganza offers Montreal’s finest in a casual context with one of the best new resto/bars in the city. At your service Riccardo Spensieri & his crew will be dishing out the eats and libations as Franco Taddeo & friends light up the night with laughter.

Taddeo is joined by emcee Peter J. Radomski of Just for Laughs fame as well as Paul Baluyot, ParkEx’s One Name Wonder Pantelis, TV’s Geoffery Appelbaum, Erica “The Funny & No Relation” Taddeo plus a Special apperance by Ernie the 80 year Old Comedian & his stool (chair to sit on to be clear!!).

Pompette’s Monthly Comedy Extravaganza at Pompette, 4128 Boulevard St-Laurent, Wednesday, October 19th, 8:30pm – 10:30pm. $9 with comedy night special on drinks

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How To Dress Well © Farah Doudou

Nearing the end of his tour with Forest Swords, Tom Krell – a.k.a. How To Dress Well – took the stage on Friday, March 28 at S.A.T., and I was more than excited to be there. I had seen him perform before, so I knew I would not be disappointed.

However, with a new band, and playing mostly new songs, this How To Dress Well show was quite a different experience from my last. I’ll admit, usually when a set is made up of mostly new or unfamiliar material, I get a little disappointed, and sometimes my attention wanders. It’s a bad habit, and I should probably work on it. But there’s just something about Tom Krell’s stage presence that keeps me. It’s partly his voice, which is what made me a fan in the first place, and partly the music (the new band definitely brought a lot to the performance).

I think a huge part of it was the stories that he told between songs. What I love about How To Dress Well shows is the balance between the polished, thought-out music that he performs with such emotion and the funny, engaging, relaxed frontman he is when the music isn’t playing. With a lot of shows, you get one or the other, and that’s cool too. But the combination is fun and unique, and makes How To Dress Well a must-see.

Photos by Farah Doudou. Click on the image to activate the slideshow.

How To Dress WellHow To Dress Well