Aight, let’s get this in —  five days from today I’ll be twerking the shit outta some lamppost on the Osheaga grounds while dazed festival goers gawk and snicker, but fuck ‘em, I got a press pass!

There are a lot of fresh acts on Friday and in truth I’d only heard of something like half of them. We all know Outkast and Skrillex and yeah, I won’t really be on their jock… Unless Outkast does the entire ATLiens album start to finish, in which case I will recite every lyric in perfect time while sobbing in ecstasy.

The line-up for Friday is heavily electronic, or at least beat driven. I’m cool with that because my boy Flume is playing. I don’t know him but he’s my boy, know what I mean? Drum and bass wizards Chase and Status will be dope, super UK vibes, fast wubbing, jungle drum lines.

And ODESZA, a couple of chill-looking cats out of Seattle with their silky smooth take on pop beat making. Should be good.

And then the acid rapper, Chance. This guy is pretty lyrical. I grew up on 90’s hip hop so the bar is mad high but he’s got a 7.5 — that’s probably like a 9 in terms of the new school. I hope he’s obviously on acid; that would be a trip to see. (Plus, from what I hear there’s lots of good acid around.)

Finally, I selected The Beaches, a girl band that actually plays instruments. They have a certain verve, which I find alluring. They remind me of Veruca Salt for millennials.

I’m pumped to be covering this year’s opening day. I’ve never been to Osheaga and in the past, I have not been its biggest fan— I was just jaded by lack of funds, I guess. For real, though, if Outkast goes into ‘13th Floor (Growing Old)’ I’m gonna lose my shit hard. I’ll keep you posted, and check out some of the hyperlinks, don’t be a hater.


Photo by Chris Zacchia.