As I’ve already said, I’m a POP virgin. So, in preparation for my big loss (my POP virginity that is) here’s our and my POP preview of where you can catch the FTB team, what bands we’ll be seeing and why you should be at VEGAS on late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Here we go…

Well home boys and girls it’s about to begin…the lack of sleep, cool bands, random venues   and an after party at VEGAS (if you want an invite get at me) featuring a live acoustic set by Oh No, Theodore! and much, much more boozing and schmoozing (only on the weekend though, cause you know, I work and stuff). Things are happening and it’s all pretty exciting if you ask me.

Anyway, I’ve made a commitment (and not one that is emotionally related…thank god). My commitment is to POP Montreal. Here’s the deal: instead of taking the same media route and all that it entails (cough cough, stigma), I’m volunteering. That’s right I’m donating my time. I want to see and write about the Festival from a volunteer perspective.

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for volunteering and turning down the press pass. Well, if that’s the case, try to look at it from this point of view I get to hang out at random places that I would have otherwise ignored, hang out with people who normally pay to see shows because they support the artist(s) AND I get a free t-shirt (who doesn’t love free t-shirts?). I’m also kind of a nerd in a way that, yes, I like supporting and helping out with local events. I’ve done it for years now and it’s my personal mantra.

So, where will I be? My partner-in-crime, Monica and I, can be found at 3 Minots for the majority of the Festival, with the exception of tonight (September 29, 2010) because we’ll be at the opening party.   Yup, we’ll be the ones in the cool, uh, awesome…volunteer shirts and other apparel that is from our closet. Oh boy, I can’t wait to sport that sexy look…ha.

If you still think I’m crazy (which I am, but in a good way…I think), keep reading.

We, as a team, didn’t “turn-down” the pass. Instead, because I wanted to experience the event from a volunteer perspective, we passed the press pass off to other members of FTB team. In this case, we’re going to be able to give you extensive coverage of shows/events, that would have otherwise left you eating potatoes for weeks ($$) or shows/events that maybe you weren’t planning on attending.

As it stands, Steph is going to be covering the POP fashion show tonight and Chris is seeing Zolas Jesus, War Paint and The xx at Place Des Arts on October 1st. This is just what we have in pen. We’re more of the spontaneous type, so except nothing less than articles about random bands and venues that you’d love.

We’ll also be having our regular columns throughout the event, because even we will get sick of reading about POP at some point. And we love our other sections just as much as we heart music.

So, that’s that. I hope you’re as excited as I am (probably not, but whatever, you can at least pretend right?). Oh and yes, if you’re interested in this FTB after party with a live acoustic set by Oh No, Theodore! you can send me an email or get at me on crackbook (aka. Facebook).

Cool beans. Keep checking back for the coverage and enjoy POP Montreal.

To see when your favorite bands are playing you can check out the POP schedule!