Humans are complicated beings, especially when it comes to sex. We’ve developed all kinds of weird hang-ups, guilt complexes, attachments, detachments and, of course, fetishes. Now, most fetishes are fairly innocuous; people like to be dressed up, degraded, hurt, walked on, worshiped, foot fucked, tied up, whipped. No big deal really. However, and this is where things get interesting, some of you out there get the wires in your brain all crossed and then you start to feel sexually about some pretty bizarre, dangerous shit.

bug chasers1. Bug chasers

Bug chasers are people who try to have sex with someone with HIV. Why? For the thrill of it, of course. Kind of like playing Russian roulette with your god bits.

2. This guy who (allegedly) tried to have sex with a hornets nest:

There has been some debate as to whether this actually happened but still, pretty disturbing.

3. Vorarephilia Cannibalism

So apparently cannibalism isn’t just for zombies anymore. For some the idea of being cooked and eaten, or of cooking someone else and eating them, is sexy, sexy business. There’s even a website with campy picture tableau that feature women being tied up, stuck with meat thermometers and roasted.

voreophilia4. Coprophelia

Despite the fact that this fetish is super gross and terribly unhealthy, some people have a real sexual ‘appetite’  for being shit on and then playing with and even EATING it! Aside from how obviously disgusting shit is, there are all kinds of dangers involved with ingesting it. Namely parasitic, bacterial and viral infections. Ew. There are many websites devoted to this fetish and, if you dare google ‘scat play’, many horrifying images, but I’m not going to post them here. Too gross.

5. Auto-erotica

Everyone knows that a lot of men like cars in a penis-extension-pose-naked-girls-in/on-them king of way, but a while ago I saw this video about a guy who actually liked having sex WITH CARS! He believed that he was involved in a serious, emotional and sexual relationship with his car. And he’s not alone! Apparently sexual car fetishes are becoming more and more common. No shit! And how does one go about having sex with a car, you wonder? Well, sounds like it involves rubbing your penis on it while masturbating. As strange as this fetish is, at least these dudes don’t have to worry about contracting an S.T.D. or getting someone pregnant.