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Last year the world was suppose to end. Whether by hellfire, rogue planet (nibiru), asteroid or by a solar flare the earth was suppose to be destroyed, but, unfortunately to the dismay of every weirdo on the internet it never happened.

One of the reason why this never happened is because the Mayans never really predicted the end of the world, after all our calendar starts over after December 31st, why shouldn’t the Mayan calendar just start over?

Since the beginnings of professional prophets, people have been predicting the end of the world but so far to a highly inaccurate degree.

We should just face the facts: The Mayans just happened to perceive time in longer fragments but that didn’t stop most websites from seeing opportunity.

Leading up to the Mayan countdown we saw an increase on the internet of blogs relating to the subject. It seemed every site was in on the “world is nigh” action. Here are some of the best blogs about the end of the world.


Even scienctists got into the debate as to why the world wasn’t going to end. NASA got so many emails directed at wanting information about December 21st, that NASA finally broke down and made this video for all the “crazies” explaining why the world won’t end.

Best Bunker Blog

Maybe I’m old fashion but there is nothing like a good bunker to get my blood rushing. What design will withstand the awesome carnage outside? Well this blog uncovers the best construction for survival. There’s even a few lavish condo bunkers where you can reside the rest of your life in comfort and ease away from all the flesh eating hordes and temples of destruction. Some are even built around entire underground communities. (Instructables: How to build a bunker)

Car and Driver: 10 Vehicles for the Apocalypse

If the end times are coming, you’re going to need the right vehicle to get around, right? What kind of vehicle would best aid your survival during the final trial and tribulation? Well, according to Car and Driver, larger cars like SUVs or big tank-like vehicles like the Daimler Ferret are the best for survival. A vehicle that says “don’t tread on me… I got an extra tire.” And you though SUVs were bad, well wait till that zombie apocalypse happens, it turn out the most durable cars are the most douchiest.

And how else do you plan to crush a zombie horde without a giant douche-mobile like a Hummer? (Car and Driver: 10 Vehicles for the Apocalypse)

The Best and Worst Dogs for a Zombie Apocalypse

One of my favorite post-apocalyptic movies is A Boy and His Dog about a Mutt that has the ability to communicate telepathically with his owner. The dog was not only the smarter of the two, he also came in handy when trying to avoid radioactive monsters with his handy ability to detect them by scent.

It turns out that the Welsh Corgi is one of the best dogs to help you survive, based “On the strength of it’s size, herding instinct and it’s ability to appear less intelligent due to its cuteness.” The worse dog you can own: a poodle. (

Best Country for the Apocalypse

The best country to survive the apocalypse? Canada is looking pretty good. According to travel site Canadian zombies would probably be the nicest… just saying. And all our open terrain and hunting rifles would probably come in useful. Overall they suggest Norway as the best country to survive an apocalypse. Why? “It is isolated, it has an abundance of fish and deep cold water crabs and it’s population is low.” I also hear it’s nice this time of year. (Best Country to Survive the Apocalypse)

Best Visions of Post Apocalyptic Future

The Creators project has some awesome visions of what the future might look like once it has all ended. They’ve put together some amazing images and short films of what the future may or may not look like including overgrown cities, robot overlords and some awesome cyber punk. Check out this short film: True Skin.

If you’ve got any favorite apocalypse blogs let us know in the comments!

It’s Election time, and if you’re like me you’ve probably been scouring the internet for information and polls on the current US Presidential election. And while you probably don’t need any comic relief during this very strange campaign season, there are plenty of funny blogs dedicated to this election.

Half the time it’s hard to believe what some politicians spew out: this is especially the case when speaking about guns, the female reproductive system, aborted fetuses, double-downing, lowering taxes and saving the middle class. What middle class?

Republicans, seriously, don’t worry. Democrats will find a way to lose this election. Although you’d be doing better in the polls if Democrats didn’t get upstaged all the time by the clownish Tea Party senate candidates.

Usually the democrats are so good at it…ahem..think Michael Dukakis in a tank…I just can’t figure out how they plan on wining this election?

Even God’s trying to help them.

I mean seriously, the “storm of the century” is hitting all the places Obama needs to win.

Now politicos of every spectrum are saying the campaign has reached it’s lowest common denominator to secure votes: politicians must pretend, that deep down inside they relate and care about the well-being of others. This means having to watch Romney try to care about the 47% that want to borrow his money!

Welcome to 2012 Presidential Campaign: Where anything can happen. Act of God, why not!

Conjuring storms, God seems to have “overcast” his ballot..and I don’t think he likes Blue State liberals so much.

But don’t panic! Some of those blogs I mentioned can help you get through this time of terrifying indecision. If you can’t laugh at the current political venomous atmosphere what can you laugh at?

Maybe these pages will even help you make up your choice.

Here are the best satirical blogs about the 2012 Presidential Campaign:


This is not really a blog, but rather an aggregator site that captures what’s trending and attaches the wittiest, snarkiest comments and the funniest tweets you’ve ever read. Say what you will about Twitter, but through this site it speaks wonders about what people are thinking about Mitt Romney.

The Onion

Why bother mentioning the Onion, they’re already big, with a massive following. Well, because they’re still one of the top sites for fake news and they still got it baby!

The Onion has been taking fake comedy news to a whole new level since beginning as a weekly printed publication in New York. While being big, they still retain their cred by being masters of funny headlines, especially for the American Presidential campaign. Where else would you see headlines like: Romney Foreign Policy Debate Prep In Crisis Mode After Discovering Existence Of Country Called ‘Womania’. Or: Obama Takes Out Romney With Mid-Debate Drone Attack

Indecision Forever

And how can I not include Comedy Central’s site Indecision Forever. We all know that The Daily Show does a great job mocking “serious” news and commentary shows, focusing on the tricks of the trade that these shows employ. It was a refreshing change, especially after the reelection of George W, when this site carried the people through with indecision.


Jest just has great articles and funny memes and yes I mean plenty of Romney face swaps.

Mock The Vote
Get your tshits! T-shirts here!
Do you need an ironic campaign tshirt? Then this is the site to check out!
10 cents of every purchase goes to feed a starving politician after his campaign bid fails!

ZDnet Best Campaign Memes and Satire

This collection of memes is pretty awesome.

Best Campaign Slogans Ever

This buzzfeed list is kind of old timey, I mean a lot of these slogans are out of date, but it still have a lot of relevance. How could you not vote for Ross Perot with a campaign slogan like: “Ross is Boss” or Herbert Hoover’s famous: “A Chicken In Every Pot And A Car In Every Garage.”

If I’m going to talk about the food scene in this city and the blogs that surround it, I gotta be straight up with you guys. I’m totally unaware of the food scene in this city. Case in point – I woke up with an unrelenting burrito craving this morning. No big deal, I wake up most mornings jonesing for specific dishes, and I’ve got a pretty solid list of go-to places to accommodate my greasy lustful food desires (poutine, dim sum, Portuguese chicken, pizza, etc.). But burritos are another thing. There are way too many shitty burrito places out there, and they open and close shop before any health inspector even gets the notice. Plus, most of the good ones seem to be mom-and-pop restos near Jean-Talon or Iberville.

Now, if I were home in Toronto, I would have hauled my pyjama-covered ass over to the deservedly-hyped Burro Burrito. I would have been groggily sinking my teeth into soft tortilla and chicken tinga before the first jolts of a morning java. Instead, my morning was spent crowdsourcing info on burrito joints on Facebook and aimlessly googling “Montreal Burritos”, receiving hits for Burritoville (Vegeterian? Fuck. No.) and The Burrito Project (nice effort, guys, but not exactly attentive to my needs here). By the time I got the bright idea to just look up any number of this city’s local food blogs, my appetite was already reluctantly settled – dry toast and an egg, whatever. My point is, don’t let this happen to you. It’s a hard road, full of missed opportunities and cholesterol-raising payback. Instead, read this, and your hungover taste cravings will be satisfied.


Lebanon-born Montrealer Mayssam Samaha crosses continents armed with a fork, a knife and an insatiable appetite. We’re just happy she spends most of her time in la belle ville (not talking about Paris here, folks). She hits higher end restaurants and food events in the city, delivering tantalizing photos of dishes most people couldn’t regularly afford. Food porn aside, she also does cookbook reviews, themed lists of dining suggestions with a handy-dandy Google maps embedded on the page. Ever wanted to know where to find the best coffee in any neighbourhood? She’s got you sorted. Need a restaurant open Sunday and Monday nights? Just click the links. If she posts a list of the city’s best burrito places, I’ll be her biggest fan.


Ever looked into a burger joint and questioned its quality? Mr. Lew’s eaten there. Maybe on multiple occasions. To date, he’s eaten 158 burgers in his search for the perfect burger in Montreal. I don’t really want to count the number of cows that have entered through his digestive system, but I’m glad there’s a guy wandering the casse croutes, risking heart disease so you don’t have to waste time on a shitty burger. He’s got a system – one burger a week, 50 burgers a year. And he doesn’t just stick to burgers – his “Annex” page features non-burger reviews. Whether it’s bacon froyo, dim sum fish cakes, mashed potato and red wine poutine, or the famed McRib sandwich… he’s made it clear there’s pretty much nothing he won’t try.


It’s as if a great, booming voice rang up from the heavens, its deep tones resonating through the clouds, shaking the earth bidding us to go forth and drink the nectar of the gods. There is no excess, and though the headache may come, know that one shall never have to worry about where to get their morning bacon fix. At least, that’s what I equate this blog to. The Montreal Breakfast Review organizes their side bar to fit your needs. Categories outline ratings, price points, neighbourhoods, whether or not it has a terrace, vegan options, 24 hours, chain restaurants, and many of the pages are available in both languages.


We all know how this goes. It’s a weeknight, and you’ve spent the evening in a library or a long lecture, and your gang of Archie characters have one thing on their mind: poutine (or, technically, the three ingredients it consists of). The suggestions of La Banquise and Patati Patata surface, but then again those places are so far and get so busy and all you want to do is eat and fuck off anyway. Then maybe a timid voices will pipe up unconvincingly, “Umm, Moe’s has poutine, right”? Now you’re into dodgy shredded mozza territory. The snide Drummondville-born pur laine might deem this a futile search, noting that you’ll never find the ole’ fries, cheese and gravy gambit that matches some hole in the wall back home (he is the first to trot off alone to the nearest dollar pizza place). It’s getting tense, your stomaches are rumbling and oh my GOD, GUYS. THE POUTINE PUNDIT REVIEWS POUTINES AND RANKS THEM FROM BEST TO WORST. USE YOUR BRAIN (you know, your smartphone).

Moral of the story: Fuck that dude from Drummondville.

Dating sucks, like, 87% of the time for most people. You could be a blindingly attractive, tremendously intelligent, endlessly witty charmer with a let’s-save-Lassie heart and moves like Don Draper, but if the latest “catch” you reeled in off is flossing their teeth at the table in front of you or drenching your meticulously coiffed ‘do with torrential spittle as they wax on prosaically about “films” you’ve never heard of… sorry, still sucks.

Or, worse, if five perfect weeks down the line, your would-be lover decides to dump you after a break-through group therapy sesh. Yeah, that sucks way more. Unfortunately, these scenarios happen to everyone (except for high school sweethearts, but that comes with its own set of problems). The best thing you can do is sit back with some buddies, open up a few bottles of booze, and champion the art of turning painful moments into hilarious anecdotes. It’s what our generation is best at. Just look online.

People love exposing themselves on the Internet: enviable Instagrams of bacon-y grilled cheese sandwiches, tweets lambasting the latest political scandal (wait, some rich white Republican in Missouri said something predictably anatomically incorrect about how vaginas work and you disagree with him and also the state of American democracy? Damn that 140 character limit! People need to know!), Facebook Mommy status updates about toddlers starting soccer, blogs and blogs on blogs….. I could go on.

However, when you combine the sheer entertainment value of that really good dating story and our collective inclination to over-share, magic happens. Or maybe just the feeling of relief that the person you’re reading about isn’t you.

This week is all about dating blogs. As technology progresses, so do the preconceived notions and definitions accompanying sex and relationships. Dating blogs don’t just mimic a gaggle of girls around a wine-stained table bitching about men anymore (but that’s fun, too). They can offer insightful perspectives on polyamory, single-parent dating, long-distance relationships, and, y’know, simply confused strangers just trying to make something happen – or at least, get laid. Which in itself is kind of nice.


Sofi Papamarkos (National Post freelancer and all-around sexy typewriter) really covers all the single-girl bases, from horrible (and hilarious/insane/cringe-inspiring) dating profile photos to pics or not “leagues” exist (answer: not really), sliding into how women resent all of their past and future girlfriends (just try to argue this one). She’s the brassy dame you want to take out for margaritas and babble over your love life with, only to be told “Girl, have some goddamned self-respect and dump that loser”. And, girl, you will.


Speaking of redefining social constructs, women who enjoy sex? We’re just people now. Not promiscuous she-devils, not funbags of STIs or messed up nymphos, and certainly not sluts, because, hello, everybody enjoys sex. And sex is one of very many topics that is still taboo for most people, especially women, to write about.

This woman, Caitlin K. Roberts, uses her blog and Toronto sex-centric events like Crush Night and Body Pride, drawing in hundreds to rethink relationships and sexuality. Roberts doesn’t write about painful first dates (she’s engaged to be married), she instead shares intelligent thoughts about marriage, what it means to really pleasure oneself, and conscious sexual acceptance.



Because let’s face it – most of us are lost in that department. That’s why dating sites and dating blogs and “Dear Annie” exist. This blog answers any and all questions about dating with none of the tip-toeing politeness (aka bullshit) that accompanies discussions about feelings. People submit long-winded questions about new beaus or dating problems and Moxie, a 40-something public speaker offers her outside perspective, which is usually pretty spot-on, if not a touch bitter. But I guess that’s what happens when your biological clock has hit its alarm clock years ago and your career revolves around listening to peoples’ relationship problems.