The 2014 edition of Otakuthon, Montreal’s annual anime convention, took place last weekend. FTB’s Gerry Lauzon was there with his camera and brings us a look at some of the best costumes and most interesting scenes both inside the Palais des congres and outside in the streets of Montreal’s Chinatown.

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Otakuthon Montreal 2014Otakuthon Montreal 2014

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Lust was in the air at the 18th incarnation of the Salon de l’amour et de la seduction, which took place last week at Place Bonaventure. Generally, the convention achieved its goal of creating a relaxing and non-threatening arena for learning about sex and sensuality, purchasing a wide variety of pleasure objects and accessories, and finally entertaining, and dare I say even arousing, the middle-class masses? Well-off couples in their 30s featured heavily in the demographics of the convention: over three-quarters of the attendees were either couples or married and had household incomes above $70 000 annually.

The different booths illustrated a dichotomy in the sex toy world: the cheap ones with all the bells and whistles and the luxury ones with all the right features. It seemed every time I turned my head I saw a baby pink jelly silicone rabbit vibrator for a lower price.

On the other end of the spectrum are companies like Lelo, home of high-end pleasure objects that come with names, quiet motors and USB chargers. In fact, their rabbit-inspired design, Ina, was featured way larger than life on a giant poster looming above the center aisle. The We-Vibe also had a very strong presence. Their logo was even on the white plastic bags sexy models handed out at the door, just thick enough to conceal all the treasures within.

This year I happened to catch more of the main stage entertainment. The Baci lingerie fashion show lived up to titillating expectations, although I spent more time checking out the tattoos on the Monse Ose models. The ink highlights included silk stocking lacing up the back of one model’s legs, complete with lovely little bows at the tops and thick corset lacing encompassing the small of another model’s back.

With their lovely and lustful lingerie, Baci seems to say that you can be one of three different women: the pure and sweetly feminine one in white, the sultry temptress in black or the sassy forbidden fruit in red. My favorite looks featured a full-length fishnet body stocking paired with a cropped leather jacket or frayed denim vest covered in rock and roll patches… perhaps not so appropriate for the bedroom but runway-ready!

Also appearing on the main stage was Roxi D’Lite, who certainly lived up to her name with her irresistibly sexy routine. She channeled the golden days of burlesque when she emerged from the curtain in a full length, flowing sapphire-tone gown, hands tucked daintily into a fur muff. Lucky for us, it wasn’t long before she was down to matching blue sequined pasties and panties, hurling herself around a conveniently placed (and well anchored) lamppost. It’s pretty funny that while Burlesque performers can compete for awards and win titles like “Queen of Burlesque”, strippers that employ a similar arsenal of tricks get labelled “trashy”.

A visit to the dungeon yielded helpful hints on flogging, like this juicy tidbit: blindfold your object of affection and fan the flogger closer and closer to their nipples before dealing a sharp blow. That thrill of the anticipation stimulates your two most important sex organs: your brain and your skin.

Overall, I believe the convention could benefit greatly from a change of venue. For example, last year’s Fetish Weekend was staged at L’Olympia, the beautiful old theatre whose character really contributed to the sensuality of the night. The cold, sterile air of Place Bonaventure didn’t really put me in a very sexy mood, not to mention the overall chilly temperature and odd lighting that abounded.

Thankfully, the intense overhead fluorescent lighting was not in use, forcing each booth to be in charge of their own lighting. Then again, I seem to forget all about this when I went back for my third helping of Cherries Jubilee of the night, thanks to the good people at the booth, a part of their DreamToys Glassworks line.

Photos by Phyllis Papoulias, see the whole set on our Facebook Page

Dubbed North America’s best adult consumer show, the Everything To Do With Sex Show, aka Le Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction, is back at Place Bonaventure this weekend. Last year, to amuse ourselves, we played Sex Bingo, a treasure hunt of sorts of scintillating, scandalous and sexy products we thought we’d find. Based on the results and on what’s online, here’s what you might find at this year’s convention:

1 – More Dildos Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Seriously, it’s probably more than you’ve ever seen before. A veritable cornucopia of phalluses in every colour of the rainbow.

The knowledgeable exhibitors and vendors can help find the perfect toy for you. From classic best-sellers that are guaranteed to please to the hottest trends in the industry, they offer something for everyone. And it’s not all just dildos – they also specialize in products and services to enhance one’s sex life, including lingerie and leather fashion, body and visual art, erotic massage aids and teeth whitening.

2 – Score in the Sexy Sports Area

According to the website, two new attractions this year are the Sexy Sports Area and the Sumo Lounge. The link to the Sexy Sports Area page yielded only an enticing photo of the Toronto Roller Derby girls. Here’s hoping for a showdown of some of the sassiest ladies in local sports!

3 –Live Body Painting and Casting

Part of the sensory experience of the Everything To Do With Sex Show is seeing things you’ve never seen before. Artist ARKAngel will be on-hand creating living designs on models throughout the show. Beside her will be Peter Labelle, an expert in the field of body casting. Maybe he’ll even be taking volunteers, and you’d get to take home a unique souvenir.

4 – Get Some Sexy Tips From Miss Exotic World, Roxy D’Lite

In 2010, Roxi D’Lite became the first Canadian woman ever to be crowned Miss Exotic World. Calling herself the Drinkin’ Smokin’ Strippin’ Machine, she brings her award-winning brand of burlesque performance, aerial artistry and pin-up model good looks to the main stage of the convention at various times throughout the weekend. As the Reigning Queen of Burlesque, she  muses on the direction her craft is heading in her show The Future of Burlesque.

5 – Sensory Play in a Vacbed with Contessa Alura

This year’s Director of the Dungeon is well-known professional dominatrix Contessa Alura. This lucky vixen has traveled the world to give kink workshops and seminars and serves as the Director of Education for the Alternative Lifestyles Community Centre (ALCC) which I will be profiling in the coming weeks.

Just when I thought I’d heard of everything, she brings something unbeknownst to me to the dungeon stage: sensory play in a vacbed. Picture yourself completely enveloped in a latex envelope with all the air sucked out – there’s just a hole for your mouth and a hole for your pleasure center. You’re completely blinded and engulfed by the latex, cut off from the outside world except for the amplified sensations where it counts. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can try Falling Under a Flogging Spell, the Art of Sensual Spanking or Erotic Bondage for Lovemaking.

Visit their website for more details and schedules for the workshops and shows.

Planning ahead: FTB Salon de l'amour bingo card (photo Chris Zacchia)

Close your eyes, I’ve got five words I want you to mull over: Everything to do with sex.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head?   Goliath dildos?   Full body leather harness??   Japanese pocket pussy???   These foxy fuck-toys and more await at the Everything to do with Sex Show, taking place this weekend at Place Bonaventure.

Ah yes, the Everything to do with Sex Show, or Salon de la Seduction de l’Amour as it’s know en francais, is a bit of a wet dream for a sex columnist such as myself.   They’ve been tempting us with their ads in the metro all month, billing themselves as “Canada’s best adult consumer and trade show.”

What new pleasures await?   Surely there must be some technological advances in the world of sensuality and sex.   This year, they feature over 40 local and international exhibitors, two stages and seminars on topics ranging from “Bigger Better Multiples: Orgasms for Everyone” to “Electroplay, the Violet wand.”

My imagination has been running wild all week wild as what I expect to see at this weekend’s convention!   We decided to turn it into a scavenger hunt of sorts, a veritable bingo of cock, clit and jizz.   Winner takes all my clothes, that is, haha.

In preparation for the convention, I spoke with Phuong Ly of Joy Toyz, a Plateau-based, woman-owned sex toy boutique that will be exhibiting and holding workshops.   Here’s what she had to say:

Morning After: Tell me a bit about the workshops you’re putting on at the show.

Phuong Ly: Velma Candyass will be presenting her Striptease and Burlesque workshop. It’s a little teaser of her 6 weeks course, starting Jan. 26 – March 2. Visitors will see and participate at the seminar. We’re talking about the shimmy and shaking, using accessories like the boa and gloves to accentuate the body and curves, the use of music and where “burlesque” originated from.

I will be presenting the “Beginners Guide to Sex Toys” a little teaser from my online course. There I explain how to look and choose a sex toy for the first time, what are the good and bad toys, breaking taboos, etc.

MA: Why is it important to hold a convention like this?

PL: At a convention you get to browse, ask questions, attend a seminar about sex and watch the amazing shows (burlesque performance, fashion show etc). It allows someone who would be shy in visiting a sex shop to come to this type of convention and feel less inhibited. You don’t have to buy – although there will be plenty of deals happing at the Salon Amour.

MA: What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at the expo?

PL: Honestly I could probably say that I’ve seen everything – nothing really fazes me. But the Salon Amour is pretty tame, so I don’t expect to see many ‘strange things.’ The emphasis on this show is to be inviting and ease people to exploring their sensual self.

MA: Anything else you’d like to add?

PL: We will be presenting workshops “Art of Pleasuring your Man or Women” on Feb. 4 and 11, respectively. And if people missed out on seeing Velma Candyass during her striptease seminar, they can always sign up for the first class on Jan. 26 for the complete version.

Now, let the games begin… check back soon for my review!