Sad face time everyone; another Fringe Festival has come and gone.

I am thrilled to have just completed my second year of covering the Montreal Fringe Festival. I may not have been able to cover as much as say our creative director here at Forget The Box, Chris Zacchia. Then again, that man is a ball of frantic energy and just thinking about all the shows he runs around town catching makes me want to take a nap. I did though manage to see a bunch of shows of varying style and quality. The whole Fringe experience yet again made me happy that I live in this kooky, cracked out and wonderful city.

Just like last year, I began my Fringe Festival experience by heading down to Café Cléopatre to see my friends at the burlesque troupe Glam Gam productions. This time those naughty folks were putting on a fairytale-themed show entitled Little Beau Peep which amongst many things included a horny Pinocchio.


Since the show had stolen all my close friend Jessica Klein’s free time the past couple of months, I wanted to go support her on opening night and see what all the fuss was about. Now, I admit I’m extremely biased when it comes to Glam Gam and have never really given them a bad review. But this year they really outdid themselves focusing on costumes, glitter and taking off their clothes. You know, because when it comes down to it, boobies are one of life’s most important things. And those folks sure know how to shake ’em.

Over the next days I caught other shows like Single Black Female and Zack Adams: Zack to the Future which, despite their problems, I thought were great and some other shows which were not so great. I’m not going to name names here, but I can imagine if you were out at the Fringe Festival you know which shows I’m talking about.

I also learned a few valuable lessons this year that I will make sure to remember for future Fringe Festivals. First off, whenever you want to find No More Radio co-founder Paul Aflalo, you never have to look much further than Fringe Park. And, more importantly, when you want to see any show in the first couple of days, especially highly buzzed about shows, make sure you get to the box office EARLY! Unlike every other show in Montreal it seems, Fringe shows start on time and sell out quickly.

I would have loved to have written a post last weekend to help promote Dan Bigham‘s show Now that I have your Attention!  but twice when I showed up I was sadly turned away. I am thrilled though that this past Friday I was able to catch one of the last performances.


It’s very rare in life when your expectations are not met but surpassed, and Bigham’s show is without a doubt my favourite of this year’s festival. The show was a brutally honest but comedic look back at his romantic history. Dan this is an official call out; please do another performance of this show in the future so I can give you a proper article devoted completely to your awesome self.

I want to thank the folks at the Fringe Festival, especially anglophone press coordinator Cam McKinnon and festival director Amy Blackmore for giving Forget The Box the chance cover the festival again this year. Now that the Fringe Festival has come to a close, I can sit back and enjoy a calm, laid-back summer without much else going on. This is Montreal and the summertime after all. Oh wait a minute….

Glam Gam photos by Iana Kazakova. Dan Bingham photo by Chris Zacchia.