In Montreal life can be hard if you’re a promoter. You can book the best act in the world but you’re always playing Russian roulette. One snowstorm and it’s over. Your venue will be half packed. This is kind of the same scenario that happened for Daniel Bell’s dj set last Saturday but instead of fighting against a snowstorm the 13% crew was fighting against a way bigger monster: La Nuit Blanche. I had a lot of friends interested in seeing the legendary techno dj but when you can choose between hundreds of free activities all night long or a dj set costing $35 most people will pick the first option.

While walking to the venue I was quite impressed by the industrial surrounding. It was a bit spooky but exactly the kind of playground you want for some techno music. The staff was friendly, not the usual aggressive afterhours bouncers. Daniel Bell was already on and a few people were dancing. It remained like that most of the night. The venue could have hosted a hundred or more people, but the vibe was good.

I wasn’t too impressed with the music and I was expecting way more from Bell. I thought he was playing very linear music and wasn’t taking very many risks. But still it wasn’t a bad night. The dozens of different shooters I tried at the fairly priced bar were quite enjoyable. I guess at that point I decided that kissing my neighbors and leaving the club without my winter coat was a great idea! Sometimes going crazy is the way to go. Especially when the dj’s most famous song is called Losing control.

The 13% crew is bringing amazing acts to town. Keep an eye open on their bookings. Next one will be Masomenos on March 18th at U.N.


This weekend you had to make a tough decision between two electronic music gods or to pop wake-up pills and hope not to get
a heart-attack on the dance floor. As I’m almost a quarter of a century and my body can’t deal with sleep deprivation anymore,
I decided to pass on Chez Damier at Stereo and rest on Friday
night to be top shape for tonight’s set by the legendary techno producer Daniel Bell a.k.a DBX at Espace Réunion.

Bell has been around since the early 90’s. He’s lived in many cities including, Detroit where he formed Cybersonik with Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva. Under the name DBX, he’s responsible for
one of the biggest underground techno hits Losing control, which was released on Peacefrog Records in 1994. The international
popularity of the song lead Daniel to create his own company, Seven city distribution, which he used to help smaller labels get distribution in overseas markets. Like this wasn’t enough, he also created three labels: 7th city, Elevate and Harmonie Park. The busy man had to put his music on hold for a couple of years to concentrate on his new music businesses, but he came back strongly with his first mix cd in 2000. The cd entitled The button mind of Daniel Bell was released on Tresor Records and was voted the second best mix of the decade by resident advisor’s readers.

Drumcell will also be part of this night. It will be your chance to see the Los Angeles rising star make his Canadian debut. Local djs Ostrich and Milton Clark will make sure to warm the night up! Check out these Soundcloud mixes if you’re not convinced yet:

DBX aka Daniel Bell Live PA @ 5 Days Off, Melkweg – 05-07-2008 by R_co

Drumcell Live @ Detroit Movement Festival (Beatport stage 2010) D.E.M.F by drumcell

Montreal is getting more and more exciting electronic music booking these days. It’s mostly because of the increasing amount of promoters in the city. I strongly suggest checking out 13% crew. They’re the one to thanks for tonight’s booking and they will keep you dancing in the future with acts like Masomenos coming to town next month.

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