On tap this time around: I completely ignore the last few days of the Jazzfest and give you some great date ideas for a rainy Saturday night, tell you the best places to rock out for the next week and feebly attempt deep musical analysis.

Also keep an eye out for FTB’s preview/review of KickDrum Summer Marathon which is a brand new fest here in Montreal that’s six days, seven venues and over 50 bands worth of  “100% Montreal-based artists.”

Abigail & Bliss + The History of Gunpowder

At this time of year The Main is usually abuzz with festivals, street fairs and general night time rowdiness. If you’re around on Saturday night I suggest detouring over to Prince Arthur, finding a nice bring your own wine place for dinner (author’s recommendation: Le Square) and then heading to Petit Campus to check out Abigail & Bliss

This local act has been around since 2010 and have recently released their first full length album. Here’s the track Night Bus which for me brings back memories of taking the 356 home after a big night out. Maybe you took a different bus route but the experience for everyone seems to be the same.

Joining them on stage will be the self proclaimed “six-piece freak out orchestra” The History of Gunpowder. If that doesn’t sound crazy enough they’ve decided to enlist the help of two local burlesque dancers Fifi Fantôme and Sugar Vixen to add to the live show insanity.

Abigail & Bliss and The History of Gunpowder play Petit Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur Est, Saturday, July 9th, 10:00pm (Doors at 9:0pm), $10.

The Cult + The Damn Truth

Certainly the big show of the week will be taking place at the Metropolis on Sunday night where British rockers The Cult will swinging by our fair city as part of a summer of touring. In February they released their new album Hidden City which holds true to the signature sounds that fans of the band have come to know and love.

Heavy guitars, Morrisonesque vocals and a driving rhythm section will be in abundance on Sunday for you hard rockers to enjoy.

If that wasn’t enough you’ll also get to see local rockers The Damn Truth who are coming out with their new album Devilish Folk on July 8th! A couple weeks ago they released a video for the track Heart Is Cold. Does anyone else think the beginning reminds you a bit of the cheerleaders in the Teen Spirit video?

The Cult and The Damn Truth play Metropolis, 59 St Catherine East, Sunday, July 10th, 8:00pm (Doors at 6:30pm), $48 in advance through box office ($53 at the door).

Ashbringer + Vow of Thorns + Spectral Wound

If you’re into either black metal or partying on Tuesdays (or both, cause who isn’t) then I suggest you head down to Casa Del Popolo and check out Ashbringer, Vow of Thorns and Spectral Wound. This show is not for the weak of ear, expect an intense sonic experience from all three acts.

I particularly like the Ashbringer track Oceans Apart which pulls you in, pushes you away then pulls you back in again. Kinda like and Ocean if you think about it… and there’s my terrible attempt at being deep.

 Ashbringer, Vow of Thorns and Spectral Wound play Casa Del Popolo, 4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Tuesday, July 12th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), $5.

Grand Splendid + Rust Eden + Das Blankout

For those who were planning on enjoying their Saturday with a nice summer day outside: don’t. It’s supposed to rain and be an overall terribly miserable day, perfect for listening to indie rock at an indoor music venue.

As luck would have it, three local acts of the indie variety (Grand Splendid, Rust Eden and Das Blankout) will be performing that evening at a place with four wall and a roof. Check out the dreamy, intensely eerie track All Good Things for an example of what to expect.

Grand Splendid, Rust Eden and Das Blankout play Casa Del Popolo, 4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Saturday, July 9th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:30pm), $6 in advance through box office ($8 at the door).

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In their annual festival and gala, this year’s Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMA) were held at Toronto hotspot Revival.  The event featured many of the winners from last year, including an electrifying performance by electro-pop/psychedelic rock band The Nursery,2014’s Best Rock or Indie group.

DSC06568 2

Recently back from their Ontario/Quebec tour with Montreal’s Das Blankout, they’ve just released an impressive new single Hexes and Oh’s  which is available on iTunes. Catch these guys next time they’re in Montreal if you want to see something truly original, fun and unique.  Their newest tunes employ energetic dance beats and synths that throwback to the 80’s – really groovy stuff.

Check out this wickedly creative video for She Speaks the Wave:

Another highlight was uber-talented Jojo Worthington, whose charming voice mixed with effected ukulele and electronics is a refreshing twist on folk music.  No wonder she just announced a new Universal USA publishing deal!

Jojo Worthington

Dani Strong represented the country genre and not only did she capture and keep the attention of the crowd despite the Blue Jays playoff game, but she does some mean Jays players impersonations!  She puts on a fantastic show.

DSC06285 2

Duo OSIYM, Out of Sight, In Your Mind, brought things up a notch with heavy bass, industrial beats and hip hop vocals.  These boys, Charlie Black and Nova, were intense and energetic for their entire set, playing many of the tracks from their July release, Spirits.


The awards portion of the evening was comparatively quite short versus the musical performances.  Congratulations to the winners for 2015, and keep your eyes and ears open for these talented artists:

Best Folk Or Roots:  Birds of Bellwoods

Best Singer-Songwriter:  Chris Rivers

Best Adult Contemporary:  Sarah Smith

Best Country:  Leah Daniels

Best Out-of-Province:  Bud Rice

Best Urban:  Es

Best Rock:  A Primitive Evolution

Best Indie:  The Naked Wild

Best Pop:  Dee Bronte

Best Jazz Vocals:  Ori Dagan

Best Jazz Instrumental:  Brownman Electryc Trio

Best World:  Sultans of String

Best Young-Songwriter:  Lyric Dubee

Best Instrumental or Classical:  Alessandra Paonessa

Best USA:  Christian Lee Hutson

Best International (Tied):  Them&Us and Cherisha Etnel

Best Overall Press Kit:  Dani Strong and Jutes

Best Song (Grand Prize Winner):  Chris Rivers – Calm Waters