As the winter progresses and the winds get harsher, we become more and more inclined to stay cozy through the week and into the weekends… or maybe we just complain more about our country. In spite of our winter lifestyles, Igloofest is doing a pretty good job of getting us out of hibernation. Even in -20˚C weather, the crowds are thick and people are partying as hard as ever. It is pretty novel to suit up in your snow gear to party and play outdoors and Igloofest is the best excuse. I don’t know how to skate, I hate hockey, and I have only had a couple Beaver Tails in my life, but Igloofest makes me feel like a true Canadian!


This was my second weekend at the festival, this time around I feel like I got to enjoy more of the event and it was awesome. The warm up stations were a blessing on such a chilly night, and were even more appreciated when I realized there were marshmallows being offered! I also took the time to check out the Virgin Mobile Igloo, where the crowd was tighter (and therefore warmer), and the locals were banging pretty impressive beats. Not to mention you get to rave in an igloo.

A Tribe Called RedWe got there just in time for A Tribe Called Red. I’ve seen these guys a few times as they came out of Ottawa, the city I grew up in. The trio is made up of DJ Bear Witness, Dj Shub and Dee Jay NDN. They perform what they’ve dubbed “Pow Wow Step”, mashing up indigenous song and sound, electro beats, with the occasional mainstream tunes. You can download their album for free at Spinning awesome tracks as per usual – these guys never let me down!

Headlining on the 31st was Caspa, a producer from the UK. I started listening into dubstep when I was sixteen. My introduction to it was FabricLive.37, a collaboration album produced by Caspa and Rusko. My heart has a soft spot for the DJ that got me started on the music I spent my formative years dancing to. When I saw him on the lineup I got a little giddy to say the least. His set was better than I had expected, and kept my body moving and my temperature up!

Awesome music is paired with equally awesome visuals at Igloofest. Each weekend brings with it not only guest DJs, but guest VJs. Giving credit to the VJs shows a ton of respect for the craft. Let’s be honest, it happens ever too often that this aspect of the live music scene is less acknowledged. The visuals on January 31st were provided by Chocobeets, and Tind. With the amazing lighting, projection, and screens installed, the VJs have been doing a fantastic job at keeping our eyes happy.

3-igloofest-095My first Igloofest has helped to make my first Winter in Montreal even more fun. Unfortunately now I’m left longing for Piknik Electronique and the music festivals the summer will bring.

For all our awesome pics from the night check out ForgetTheBox on FB
Photos: Chris Zacchia

Igloofest’s first week is behind us and with such a strong beginning we’re happy they decided to extend it an extra week. That means there are still nine more nights to go. Hopefully Mother Nature will be nicer to us, but like a girl working the festival mentioned: “It wouldn’t be the same if we weren’t freezing cold; only the true electronic music lovers come out and play under these circumstances.” Here are my thoughts on the first weekend, including Wolf + Lamb and performances at the local DJ stage.


Wolf + Lamb proved once again they’re true party animals. They delivered a DJ set that even your mother would have danced to. It might sound negative  but when it’s as cold outside as it was last Thursday, a little crowd pleaser here and there is exactly what you need. They put a smile on everybody’s face when they dropped Eddie Murphy’s hit “Party all the time”. They played one of my guilty pleasure “Sensual seduction” by Snoop (when he was still) the Dogg and finished their journey with Detroit anthem “Big Fun”.

Mistress Barbara

Mistress Barbara followed up and you could feel a true connection between her and the crowd. She loves what she does, and in return Montreal fans fought the freezing weather and stayed until the very end.


Talking about Montreal DJs, I was happily surprised by the Virgin Mobile Igloo. Not only that sound quality is way better (it’s a cozy sphere so the speakers are more efficient compared to the outdoor setting), but I must say our local scene is healthier than ever. I got to see G O’Brien, who’s been a techno veteran for years now, formerly involved in the rave scene and later in afterhours such as Sona and Aria. The stage is in a closed, heated area and it literally saved my life last Thursday. It’s definitely the best way to defrost your body and discover new talents. Beware though, the space is small and the line up is long but your toes and ears will thank you for being patient.

2013 Igloofest thur-128 2013 Igloofest thur-109Igloofest was not at full capacity on the colder days which made me wonder why they don’t offer a special price for exceptionally cold weather. I mean, not everybody can stay outside when it’s -25 and most people will think twice before spending 20$ when they know they can’t deal with the cold for more than an hour or two.

This weekend we’ll be back covering: Miss Kittin, Ellen Allien, Nina Kravitz, Pan-Pot, TNGHT, and Schlachthofbronx. Here is a bit of a preview.

If you’re a female DJ or just a fan of the female persuasion (and I know there are more and more of us out there), do yourself a favor and attend Igloofest on Thursday January 24th. Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien will be sharing the stage and seeing these two working in the electronic music industry for over a decade has been truly inspiring.

It’s the time of the year where winter seems to be wearing on with no end in sight. We’re all getting tired of the snow but Igloofest is back again to help you dance away the winter blues. For the fifth year in a row, the people behind Piknik Electronik are bringing us Igloofest, 4 weekends of great music and lots of fun in the Old Port. Each year as the festival has grown so have the crowds. This year organizers have prepared 4 weekends of festivities. To help you decide which night you’ll be attending here’s my selection all top acts including both up and coming artists and the not to be missed legends.

Kicking off the festivities on Thursday January 17th, Wolf + Lamb are definitely the right people to get a party started. Here’s a video of a set they did a couple of days ago during BPM. They will have to trade their t-shirts for wool sweaters but expect the vibe to be the same… like a nice mdma trip. Mistress Barbara is also playing that night if you’d prefer the tried tested and true.

Mutek will be showcasing the night on Friday January 18th with DJ KiNK followed by Mathias Kaden. For those who were there when he last came to Montreal in June, you know you have to brave the cold to see KiNK aka Strahil Velchev. For those who missed out, here’s your second chance.

If you followed my advices so far you’ve already attended the first two nights of Igloofest so why not complete the circle and go Saturday January 19th too? The house legend from Chicago, DJ Sneak, will be holding down the decks that night. He will be followed by seasoned party veteran Josh Wink.

If you’re a female DJ or just a fan of the female persuasion (and I know there are more and more of us out there), do yourself a favor and attend Igloofest on Thursday January 24th. Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien will be sharing the stage and seeing these two working in the electronic music industry for over a decade has been truly inspiring.

On February 1st, Magda will be gracing us by her presence. 2012 has been a busy year for her since she left Minus records to found her own label, Items and Things with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce, it will be interesting to see how it has influenced her work.

The next night, February 2nd, has also an impressive booking with the British/Spanish Audiofly and the French Agoria. Audiofly play a powerful, experimental style of music that has been heating it up in underground clubs around the world. It’s a dirty mix of tech meets house that’s sure to impress. Agoria is a little newer to the scene having only really started out in 2009 but already has 3 albums out, you might want to check out his 3rd full length Impermanance, launched in February 2011 which features a collaboration with Carl Craig.

Eager to discover younger talents? Make sure to catch Ben Ufo on Thursday February 7th. Rarely these days do you see a young DJ able to get amazing bookings all over the world without a being a renowned producer. Here’s a young, passionate music fiend that will show you what a true disc jockey should be. After his set be sure to stick around to catch Joe Goddard of Hot Chip!

One last younger DJ you shouldn’t miss is Oneman aka Streatham’s Steve Bishop, performing on February 8th. For any of you, born in the 80’s, you’ll recognise the music you grew up to in his set. Blending dubstep to r’n’b and hip-hop classics, he’ll surely makes the snow melt.

If it’s your first year attending Igloofest you’ll want to be prepared, here are some useful tips.
1. You might want to take Friday off since there are events every Thursday night (as well as Fridays and Saturdays of course) and I doubt you’ll stay sober.

2. We never say it enough but it’s no joke, you gotta wear warm clothes. A snow suit can help you enjoy your experience more but the key is keeping your feet warm. Bring extra socks and make sure your boots are water proof. Finding a crowd of good looking people and dancing close to them can also help.

3. Buy your tickets in advance. It’s cheaper and some nights will be sold out. Seriously it sucks to show up with a bunch of friends and then not get in.

4. Arrive early to avoid line up and make sure you have everything you need cause there’s no re-entry.

5. You can’t bring alcohol, so make sure to pre-drink before hand. They will be selling mulled wine, Sapporo, Jagr and other beverages there.

6. Igloofest ends around midnight but it’s not a reason to stop partying. This year, you’ll be able to get your electronic music fix until 5am at Espace Griffintown. This year a new festival is springing up to keep the party going called Apres Ski. The party starts at 11pm and goes on until 5am every Saturdays during Igloofest. You can see the full schedule and find out more about the festival right here:

Forget The Box is also offering up 4 free tickets for you to go to the Apres Ski party with your friends. Simply comment below on this article telling us what you love about Igloofest and share this article to enter!


SlutdriveLooking to get in trouble tonight? I think the answer to your party needs is to make your way to Divan Orange to catch Douce Angoisse and Slutdrive. Here’s an introduction to these two bands for those unfamiliar with them.

Douce Angoisse is an electro act coming from France. Well, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. The project started in France but Adeline, the front woman, was looking for a change of scene and soon packed her luggage to take London by storm. Unhappy after a couple of years, she decided it was time to move again and now lives in Montreal. The band changed a lot since arriving and I must say it’s for the best. She’s now playing with a very talented guitar player, Olivier Gourde, and a new drummer. With a slogan like “We’re all born in the same shit”, I can guarantee you that toilet paper rolls will be flying and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adeline jump on the drum and make sure that everybody in the room is shaking their asses off. Check out some of her videos, she’s awesome!

I met Slutdrive at a loft party I was djing at last May. Everybody was encouraged to wear jeans short and it brought a crazy atmosphere to the event. If Douce Angoisse is the electro queen, let’s say that Slutdrive are the dirty punk rockers. Their live show is the best answer to a stressful end of semester. Not convinced yet? Have a listen to their bandcamp :

The show is taking place at Divan Orange tonight. It starts at 9pm and 8$ is all you need to see these wonderful bands. Remember, soon you’ll be stuck in doors with your family dealing with some Christmas drama. Get your dancing fix before it’s too late.

Heidy Pinet summer
In Detroit!

The summer is coming to an end and it wouldn’t be the same without a road trip. Better late than never, here I am spending my hours in Greyhound buses on my way to DJ in places like Detroit and New York. Some people can’t handle it, but whether you prefer planes, cars, trains or buses, it’s always nice to have a perfect playlist to accompany your journey. Here’s a short sample of this year’s trip:

Imagine you’ve been driving for hours and the night is at its peak. You’re in the middle of nowhere so you can finally see some stars. That’s the perfect moment to appreciate a dreamy song like Air’s La mer du Japon.

I don’t think a road trip throughout America would be quite the same without a Bruce Springsteen song.

The indie sensation Vampire Weekend is doing a great cover of his hit I’m going down.

Am & Shawn Lee is making the best sing along songs. Let’s face it too; the live version showing the singer’s moustache is just irresistible!

And since we are road tripping and Detroit is our first stop, I’ll leave you guys with one of my favorite motor city producer: Andrés.

Curious about what will happen in this two-week long road trip? Keep reading Forget The Box. I’ll make sure to keep you posted about my most shameful adventures…

MEG Boat

MEG Boat

Last Saturday, over 800 hundred people stood waiting in line at dock 13 of the Alexandria pier in Montreal’s old port to board a cruise ship for a four hour party on the Saint Lawrence river. Flashes from cameras and smartphones popped under the sky, illuminating the enormous line as people posed for photos with their friends, drank and kept yelling “I’m on a boat!” over and over again.

Now in its 14th year, the MEG festival (Montreal’s Electronic Groove) has proved that it can compete with Osheaga, as the closing festivities are the same weekend. MEG Montreal’s focus is different then that of Osheaga in that they specialize in showcasing local artists as well as much more electronic music. The two music festivals actually worked together this year putting on MMOI (MEG Montreal Osheaga International) events showcasing local talent.

The Boat party got underway with Jesse Rose who hails from London. Beginning the night on the main floor with Chicago house, Rose got everyone dancing to his amazing collection of electronic tunes. No stranger to Montreal, Rose played the SAT in 2011. He will be releasing two new EPs on his label Made To Play this year. Ed Bangers’ Breakbot delivered an equally impressive mix of electro mashed up with Motown to end the night.

Downstairs wedged between two massive bars & surprisingly line-less bathrooms, party goers were treated to Christine, a French duo from Rouen, France. Excited from having seen Justice play for the first time the day before at Osheaga, we chatted while their equipment was being set up.  They told me about how they had fallen in love with Montreal and were looking forward to playing Osheaga in only a few hours. Their brand of dark eletro combined with hiphop scratch was very well received. Montreal’s sweetheart Jenny ‘Vilify’ Carmichael who is originally from Toronto, delivered a powerhouse set to end the night as we drifted back to shore. Her brand of dubstep & dark deep bass can be heard every Wednesday at Belmont’s Bassdrive.

Overall a great night! Thanks for the cruise MEG Montreal, can’t wait till next year!

As the annual anticipation for the Osheaga festival heats up again here in Montreal, the pre-festival line up of shows is helping to fuel that anticipation. DJ Food and the SAT Satosphere presented the North American-debut of The Search Engine last night at the Dome 360 in collaboration with a bevy of sponsors and an array of the latest technology that has already seemed to render last years’ shows obsolete.

The show itself was premiered at London’s Planetarium last fall and was created with the support and input of astronomers from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich – a direct mix of sound and music from The Search Engine, set and choreographed to visuals provided by the astronomers themselves and presented in one super-simultaneous performance to the audience who, it is safe to say, had never experienced anything of this depth or magnitude ever before.

Last night’s performance did not only accomplish the incorporation of the latest technology into the presentation, it also used that technology to push the limits of artistic expression to create an ambience which may have enabled audience members to experience the music, their feelings and the connections in-between in a way that they had never felt before – no matter how many likewise events they may have previously attended.

Representatives of the Osheaga Festival originally invited DJ Food to Canada last May, as word and reputation of the project spread. It has been over a year now that the production team had been preparing for last night’s performance with workshops and tests incorporating the latest styles into the show. What they have created has progressed to the point of the brand-new and updated presentation made to Montrealers at the Dome 360 last night.
Before the show it was announced that a third date would be added to the pre-Osheaga festivities and that the show had been added due to the immense popularity of the experience. A circular stage became where the audience was perched, on cushions with head rests, designed for comfort – the presentation and show itself took place across the domed-roof.

An eclectic, but focused mix of streaming video and spiraling collage – heavy on celestial symbolism and the use of negative space in a positive framework, was all minutely choreographed to a 50 minute music set, edited and produced by England’s DJ Food himself.

After the performance we caught up with the mastermind of this production to get a bit of background information on the man, his mission and his outlook.
“I don’t even know what to call this type of presentation,” said DJ Food, after the show. “There were no parameters to work with because nothing like this has ever been done before – I think it is fair to say this is a ‘work in progress’.”

As all the imagery was matched and synchronized perfectly to the 50 minute music set it was good to get an understanding of both DJ Food’s musical and visual influences.

“I was heavily influenced by The Art of Noise, that’s for sure – Brian Eno, London Factory Sound and visually films like Space Odyssey played a part but we have the freedom to push the limits and boundaries to define the style ourselves”.

So if you have a chance to catch the show you would do well to take it in, because chances are you won’t see anything like it for quite a while.
And while the Osheaga Festival waits, the bar has been set and then raised – to beyond the Satosphere!

Photos by Iana Kazakova



ForgetTheBox has another great ticket giveaway for you, win tickets to THE DRIVE TOUR at CORONA THEATER tomorrow night! (Wednesday July 25th)

Performing will be College, Anoraak, and Electric Youth. To enter the contest simply leave a comment below (make sure to include your email address or some contact info), and for extra entries share this with your friends on Facebook & Twitter!


College, in founder David Grellier’s words, was an attempt “to synthesize into my music the emotions of my childhood” and was greatly influenced by American 1980s pop-culture, “80’s soaps and an aesthetic which I particularly like: color, images, silvery films and the sun – images of Los Angeles, Chicago and all of the other cities that continue to fascinate me.”


While he’s certainly into laser-guided synth lines and sepia-toned nostalgia trips, Frédéric Rivière’s debut album as Anoraak (Wherever the Sun Sets) is more indebted to Italo disco, Motown-schooled funk and sepia-toned pop music—think: M83 on Ecstasy—than anything that’s lo-or-glo-fi.


Electric Youth is named after an album by Debbie Gibson, who along with Tiffany was the quintessential late-’80s American bubblegum teen pop girl A young couple from Canada Bronwyn and Austin of Electric Youth is part of the same amorphous community of pop-obsessed bloggers and music makers who chill wave and witch house crew, but unlike say Teengirl fantasy they do not use POP language and imagery as a front for a more avant-garde exploration of this territory.

Tickets on sale @

FullFlex Express

FullFlex Express

ForgetTheBox wants you to check out SKRILLEX, Pretty Lights & Diplo playing Sunday at Parc-Jean Drapeau! And to get you there we’re running a contest to win a pair of tickets to see the show for FREE!

The show promises to be a blast! Just check out the video from his recent performance at the Festival d’ete de Quebec.

How do you enter? Simple. Just leave us a comment below telling us what you love about summer in Montreal! For extra chances to win “like” us on Facebook and re-tweet this article. It’s that simple! (Oh, ya. Time is of the essence so you have until 3 am to enter the contest)

The show is part of the FullFlex Express Tour roaring across Canada, and will be making their next stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.

The show is presented by Evenko and Higher Groud featuring Skrillex with Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, KOAN Sound and Tokimonsta at the Parterre de l’Île Notre-Dame in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

There’s something intensely chaotic and extroverted about Montreal in the summer. There are events in every venue and attractive, tipsy strangers on every corner. If you have enough cash and energy, you never have to go home.

Thanks to this attitude and to the good people here at Forget The Box, I managed a bit of a marathon this past Friday night, the 29th of June.

The Unsettlers at Montreal Jazz Fest – Photo Chris Zacchia

First stop was the Unsettlers putting on two free live shows for the Jazzfest. I love the free, outdoor sets that the ‘fest is kind enough to offer, and I love the Unsettlers, so this was an obvious place for me to start my evening. They played in the Heineken “Pub”, a big white and green tent on the corner of Ste-Catherine and Bleury. It was packed, with the crowd spilling out of the tent and into the street.

The Unsettlers are a dark and playful ten-piece made up of talented, mysterious, beautiful people. Their music is folksy, bluesy, and old-timey, full of minor chords, overblown brass, and clarinet solos. Often dealing with death and pain, their lyrics are never overwrought and tend to come at these subjects sideways, with intriguing images and well-turned phrases. The vocalists hold haunting harmonies over the complex and beautifully-timed music. A powerhouse of local talent!

At the “Pub”, their performance was more subdued than I’m used to—though, admittedly, I’m used to seeing them perform late at night to drunken, disorderly crowds.  This free Jazzfest set was a sit-down affair, though the sheer force of their talent had people doing simple little chair-dances to the beat. It was nice to see everyone toe-tapping, heads of curly gray hair bobbing alongside scruffy heads of dreads.

The Unsettlers have a double album out that perfectly showcases their talent and aesthetic. “Oil and Blood” is available online, or you could head to Grumpy’s to have Ram hand it over in person!

Major Lazer
Major Lazer at Picnik Electronic – Photo Chris Zacchia

Once the Unsettlers gracefully quit the stage, it was time to get to Major Lazer at Piknic Electronic in Parc Jean-Drapeau (after pausing for some well-deserved drinks, of course).

Diplo’s baby, Major Lazer has a rotating door of talent, and on Friday night managed to draw in a tightly-packed, lively crowd, many of whom weren’t afraid to take off their shirts when the MC demanded it. The newer stuff, from what I’ve heard, has a distinct dancehall flavour, and while there was a lot of that at this live show, they made sure to treat us to some straight-up solid beats, too. Playing a good mix of old school and new, they even spun almost the entirety of “Intergalactic” as a tribute to the recently-departed and much-loved MC A.

Pretty girls at Major Lazer
Pretty girls at Major Lazer – Photo Chris Zacchia

Dancers were brought onstage to wiggle, bounce, and shoulder roll, and many in the crowd could match them. I appreciate that about these fusion styles like ragga and moombahton: they tend to bring in people who can actually dance, who have been trained in salsa steps, for example. It makes for one sexy crowd.

My only complaint about this show is that Major Lazer seemed to have a hard time just letting a beat ride. Their grooves were sweet and easy to move to, but were constantly switched and straight-up stopped cold, just when you started to get down. Groovus interruptus.

All in all, though, it was an awesome show with powerful MCs, lots of booty-shaking, and many happy fans.

After Major Lazer let out, we headed back to the heart of town for more dancing: the Speakeasy Electroswing night at Sala Rossa. This is a monthly night hosted by three talented DJs and filled with fascinating special guests. On the night of the 29th, we were treated to just enough wobble and step paired with live trumpet and clarinet, as well as a bit of breaking and an engaging hula dancer.

Speakeasy Electroswing -Photo Chris Zacchia

Electroswing has become a favourite of mine, a mashup of beautiful, lively swing with the heavy bass electronic producers—and fans–love. The result is a joy to dance to, and the crowd at Sala on these nights is always a sea of swinging arms and smiling faces. It also draws in a diverse crowd—from actual trained swing dancers dressed in full ‘20s regalia to happy hippies just hopping along to the beat. There are usually excellent visuals projected behind the DJs, too, bits of old film reels remastered and remixed. There’s something inherently joyous in these nights that ensures I always strut home afterwards with a smile on my face.

Which is exactly what I did once 3am finally rolled around. The night had been long, my legs were tired, and I wandered home grateful to be in this city at this time. Vive l’été à Montréal!

For all the photos from the evening check out ForgetTheBox on Facebook!


PIKNIC Electronic

PIKNIC Electronic

Piknic Electronic has been heating up Montreal summers for 10 years now! That’s 10 years of dance parties under the sun and 10 years of partying under the statue at Ile Jean Drapeau!

So it’s no secret that Piknic Electronic has been bringing world class Dj’s to Montreal and throwing great parties for a while now, but to celebrate their 10 year anniversary they are doing even more! This summer there will be an extra dose of awesome with 4 special parties planned. The first of which will be July 29th, and features MAJOR LAZER!

Major Lazer

Major Lazer started out as a team effort with DJ Switch, but is now wholly the project of well-known DJ/producer Diplo. At least, Diplo is behind the production, but he by no means works alone. This beast is a collaborative effort, and Diplo brings in vocalists of all kinds and musicians of all styles to build up his highly-danceable beats. Major Lazer mixes vary from well-timed house with a tasteful bit of wobble to musical dub with elements of classic dancehall—including the rough MCs letting loose in thick, fast-paced Jamaican Patois. The end result often sounds like the fusion styles reggaeton and moombahton: a mish-mash of samples, freshly-produced beats, and rabble-rousing vocalists that your booty can’t help but respond to.

Being strongly collaborative, Major Lazer is not afraid to remix and be remixed. Their songs have been given the once-over by talents like Thom Yorke and Buraka Som Sistema, and you can clearly hear their unique touches on the tracks they handled (Jump Up and Bruk Out, respectively).

A guaranteed dance party wherever they show, Major Lazer has come to make you move! Don’t miss your chance to see it all happen tomorrow, June 29th; they play at 5pm at Parc Jean-Drapeau. Ghislain Poirier is on the bill as well, a powerful local DJ/producer in his own rite! Come out, get down, get dirty!”




Win Tickets to YUKSEK Live in Montreal @ La Sala Rossa July, 6th as part of the MEG Festival.

Simply leave a comment below saying why you want to see YUKSEK, or share this article on FB and/or tweet out this article. (each time you do you’re entered into the contest)

For those of you who are unsure why you would want to see this show let me explain it. This guy is AWESOME!!! He’s a DJ from France (where all good electronic music comes from of course) and has worked on numerous projects. He’s toured around the world and is coming to Montreal to make you DANCE! Give a listen to a track below and enter to win!

Tickets are courtesy of Indie Montreal!

We made it out alive again this year. It was harder for me this time, mostly because I had spent a week in New York right before but it was so worth it! Here’s a list of my festival highlights…or at least what I can remember of it…

Friday night:
After a night of wandering around, seeing Delano Smith playing outdoor at TV bar and getting really silly due to the excess amount of gin in our body; we decided it was time to head to our hotel suite and get some rest. On our way we heard pumping techno music coming from the last floor of a fifteen story building. It was enough to convince us to get up there to check what was going on. We discovered this ridiculous party where the bartender was not serving your typical vodka fix but rather balloon infused with dentist’s laughing gas. I’ll let you imagine the rest…

It wasn’t easy to wake up but I couldn’t say no to a trip to Submerge, the mystical vinyl shop. An hour later and a couple of hundreds less in my bank account; I arrived to Movement festival right on time to catch Greg Wilson’s disco infused set. I then checked out Benoit & Sergio on the Beatport stage. They won the crowd’s heart with their song Principles. They delivered a great live set that was made all the more enjoyable by a sunny afternoon. Luckily for the Montreal crowd, they’ll be at Piknik Electronik this Sunday. You’ll have to thank Mutek for that one. Todd Terje doing a tribute to Donna Summer hit the right spot. Dj set, remixes and original tracks; there’s nothing the Scandinavian can do wrong. This festivals first day ended with la crème de la crème of Detroit techno. Andres, Marcellus Pittman, Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and Mike Huckaby all proved that guys from Detroit have more soul and skills than anybody out there. It was then afterparty time. Once again, the place to be on Saturday was 1515 Broadway where Kai Alce and Marcellus Pittman were in charge of keeping the party going. It’s a café, so no alcohol was sold. Thank god for our lost souls, you could go upstairs near the dj booth where the locals were nice enough to give some us vodka, rum and whiskey. We then got invited to a twisted Jacuzzi party…but it wouldn’t be proper to talk about it here.

Getting woken up by an Indian wedding in a paradisiacal hotel next to the river was a promising start to the day. The RedBull stage won my heart on Sunday. With back to back performance from Tiger and Woods, Wolf + Lamb and Lindstrom; it was definitely the place to be. Seeing the Soul Clap dude wasted and pulling off in-synch moves with another guy was a nice addition to the scene. The surprise of the day came from Piranahead who delivered an impressive performance. Bonus point for having invited a live singer to join him. At this point I was due for a power nap but when I was about to leave I heard “I feel love”. Donna Summer’s hit made me run to the Made in Detroit stage where Rick Wilhite mixed it with Giorgio Moroder’s “The Chase”. Needless to say I never returned to my hotel for a power nap… It was then afterparty time! We headed to Kms party celebrating 25 years of Detroit techno music. With a line-up including Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Blake Baxter, Eddie Folwkes, Stacey Pullen, Terrence Parker, and many more, it was like a dream come true. I got to see Inner City live that night and I’ll never forget it. We were having big fun indeed! All good things must come to an end so at 4am we ended up at 1515 Broadway again. NYC’s Bunker crew were there to keep us dancing. I decided it was time to head back to the hotel around 6am because we all knew how busy a day Monday would be.

Waking up at 9:30 am all shaking and feeling awful, I jumped in the shower nonetheless, put on sunglasses, got myself an apple, grabbed my vodka bottle and headed up to Old Miami. When the taxi driver saw in what state I was I didn’t even have to tell him where I was going. For a second time, I must say this dive bar with a giant backyard was a highlight of the festival. Opening at 7am, this party is the place to be to see dancing zombies and wasted djs. Got to see Montreal’s own Footprintz, Benoit & Sergio and the quite boring Maya Jane Coles (sorry lady). Late afternoon I went back to the festival to enjoy the last moment. Cheers to DJ Godfather who reminded me how good booty music can sometimes be. Jeff Mills closed up the festival with all the classic techno tracks one can only hope to hear once in their lifetime.


So long Detroit, I’ll see you next year! Now it’s Mutek time. And fortunately there are many amazing people met over in Detroit that are making the Montreal trip. I won’t be the only tired out of mind dancer!

It’s that time of the year again, America’s Memorial Day week-end. But don’t you worry; I’m not writing a patriotic article. For me this long week-end actually means a journey to the Mecca of techno: Detroit. It all started last year when a couple of Montreal electronic music enthusiast and I decided to make the long drive to Movement festival.

This year will be my second at the festival and I think we can all call it a tradition now. The festival runs for three days from May 26th to May 28th. It features the best electronic musicians out there on five stages running from noon to midnight. After midnight things get even more interesting; it’s after-party time. Just to give you an idea of what the after party scene is like; last year I had the “brilliant” idea to print the list of after parties and ended up stuck with 59 sheets of paper.

Here are some artists I’m definitely checking out this year:

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse:  A Norwegian artist who won my heart with both his remixes and his original tracks. 2012 seems to be his year with his crossover track that got played by both electro and indie DJs.

Lindstrom – I feel space: This guy blew my mind a couple of years ago at Watergate in Berlin. For me it will be a sort of reunion. Although he didn’t impress me that much with his latest release, it will be fun to dance to his beats when the sun sets on the red bull music academy stage.

Marcellus Pittman – You want me: Last year, we ended up seeing this guy in a small loft party with maximum 30 people. It was almost a religious experience. This year he’s invading the Made in Detroit stage where I’ll probably end up spending all my time because Detroit dj’s are the best.

Matias Aguayo – Minimal (dj koze remix): He’s always putting on a good show with his festive beats. If anybody can make the sun shine on a dark indoor stage it’s this Chilean guy!

Lil Louis – French Kiss: A Chicago house legend; I discovered him as pretty much every DJ who respects house music will sneak in some of his tracks during their set.

Hot natured – Forward Motion: When two talented guys join forces you can’t go wrong. Jamie Jones and Lee Foss are there to make you dance with their soulful house beats.

Public Enemy –Fight the Power : It’s quite a weird add to the festival. I mean…a hip-hop act in an electronic music festival?! But I tend to enjoy hip-hop during the summer time so why not give it a try?

You might be stuck in Montreal, unable to attend the festival but I’ll be providing reviews through out the weekend that will make you feel as though you are right in the thick of it. Expect some silly stories, interviews with artists and candy raver pictures.

Trus’me didn’t take too long to win the hearts of most electronic music lovers, including trend-setters like Gilles Peterson and Rob da Bank.

Coming from Manchester, a city with a rich history of vibrant electronic music that gave birth to acid house, he pursued the tradition of bringing love to the dancefloor. His sets are always very deep, rich and soulfull.

He started releasing tracks on the Stillove4music label and now he’s now putting out music on his own label Prime Numbers. He often produces tracks in homage to the old-school disco, funk and soul, so one can’t help but notice that Trus’me is a music encyclopedia. When it comes to making people’s ass shake on the dance floor there’s no better type of DJ, trust me.

His last Montreal visit was in March 2010 and you can listen to how good the man was here.

He’ll be playing alongside infamous Montreal DJs Seb Fauteux, Max Reynold and Vincent Lemieux. The event is taking place at Salon Daomé at 10pm on Thursday night.

Here’s a new playlist inspired by the season change about to happen. I’m in a contemplative mood these days and you can feel it in my music selection.

The first half of this playlist is made of long and hypnotic songs. It’s beautiful trance sounds to listen to while waiting for better, longer and warmer days. There are more conventional house sound and a little hip-hop gem at the end. Let me introduce the tracks…

Brandt Brauer Frick – Pretend (Soul Clap remix)

You may know that Kraftwerk will have an eight-day residency at MOMA in April. Well, tickets went on sale last week and, like many people, I didn’t score any.

This lead to a period of denial that saw me refreshing Craigslist NYC every two seconds in hopes of finding a scalper willing to empty my bank account in exchange for one ticket. It didn’t happen either.

I then realised that Kraftwerk is so passé and that there’s another German band worth checking out. Brandt Brauer and Frick is an amazing trio using only analog gear. They just released a single, Mr. Machine, with great remixes from Soul Clap, Dollkraut and our local producer Horror Inc (aka Akufen).

Pachanga Boys – Time

Pachanga Boys is the fruit of a collaboration between Superpitcher and Rebolledo. Time is a 15 minute masterpiece and the perfect song to “lose track of time” to while daydreaming. It was released as an EP named Girlcatcher on Kompakt but due to the limited run of only 300 copies, the vinyls are already sold out.

I:cube – Hnt

Part of Versatile Records, Nicolas Chaix has been around since the 90s. Using either his pseudonym I:Cube or Chateau Flight, he’s known to release great down-tempo music. Hnt is part of an edit EP which means that Nicolas Chaix didn’t compose the song, but rather re-worked an already existing track to make it more dancefloor-friendly. The original is from 80s band New Musik. Which version do you prefer?

Storm Queen- It Goes On

Storm Queen is the new project of Morgan Geist featuring Damon C. Scott on vocals. It’s his second release and so far he’s two for two with me, as I’ve included both of his singles on my Forget the Box playlists. It’s perfect pop music to dance to.

Maceo Plex – Ain’t That Love

Oh yes! It is love I feel for Maceo Plex every time I hear one of his songs. He was the guest dj on BBC radio 1 on February 18th. Have a listen to his essential mix; a perfect soundtrack for pre-drink parties.

Omar S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Omar S remix)

Omar S is a genius and he knows it. In the past, he released a track called It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It, made a fabric mix featuring only tracks made by…him. So yeah, he has a big ego, but I’m still a sucker for anything he releases. You like the song? Go check his record label FXHE records and you might find other gems.

M.I.A – Bad Girls

She’s back! After a deceiving second album, I think it’s safe to say she won’t make the same mistake twice for her third release. The beats are perfect, the video even better. Summer song of 2012?

Another month, another playlist. Are these songs fitting in with your March mood? Do you have any suggestions for next month’s playlist? Go ahead and share your song of the moment!

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