Have you ever taken a different way to work for no apparent reason? Without thought, I took a different turn than normal, shortly after one of my best friends came the other way on her bike. She was also taking a different route, getting out of work early and I was running late. We met in the middle as if it was fate, and it turned out she needed me that day.

I love when that happens. It happens to me so often that I feel as if I am living in a dream half the time. I wonder if I just never came back from an acid trip and am floating on a cloud in a world where everything is connected.

She told me that I always call or text her at just the right moment, and she does the same to me. It’s like I get these feelings, I know I’m supposed to be doing what I am doing while I am doing it. Even the most mundane experiences all lead up to bigger and more impactful moments.

It’s like when you think about someone or have a dream about them and suddenly you run into them at the grocery store the next day. It can be obscure people you never even thought you had a connection to. My roommate mentioned her ex’s brother when something reminded her of him and boom, there he was riding down the street on his bike like clockwork, she hadn’t seen him for years.

A friend told me that pot saved her life. She explained that everyday she gets in her car at exactly 10AM to go to work, it’s just her routine. On this fateful day she decided to take a toke before heading out, so she was walking down the stairs at 10:01 and heard a loud smash, someone had hit her parked car, totaling it. She would have just been getting in her car at impact.

My car broke down once and I had to walk home in a snow storm, as I reached the end of the driveway my mom called me. I picked up to tell her I was there even though I was cold and moments from the door. At the very second I said hello a tree crashed down into our driveway, onto my mom’s car, and right where I would have been standing to open the door.

There was a girl in college, we showed up wearing the same costume (to the T) multiple times. The same glitter eyelashes. Sparkly pretty things. It was a sign. I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes (I used to think that Ace of Base song was I saw the Sun). She liked it better when it rained and her smile illuminated all. I knew. I loved her, I still do. It was uncanny, it happened many times throughout the course of our friendship.

Soulmates are real. Proof that everything is connected, and not in a crystal grabbing sort of way. Physics confuse me but maybe there is math involved, an X or a Y, some variables, some things that cannot be explained by numbers alone.

We had a dog named Rocky, he was incredible because he survived bone cancer and had three legs. He still swam faster than younger four-legged dogs. The night he passed away some strange occurrences happened. He closed his eyes for the last time and all of the power in our house went out. We said our goodbyes to our dead dog in the dark. I knew it was a deeper almost magical connection to the universe.

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, more than just happy accidents. Synchronicity is a theory by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe the temporally coincident occurrences of causal events. It explains the moments that seem just too perfect to be true.

Serendipity means a fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise. While this word is more fanciful and has a similar meaning I figured I would go with synchronicity because it didn’t remind me of a John Cusak movie.

I love John Cusak, his movies are perfect for the hopeless romantic in us all. Everybody dreams of having a Lloyd Dobbler court them with a boom box and a Peter Gabriel song blasting. There is hope in his realness, there is accessibility in those love stories., and beauty in the timelessness of it all. People who are eternally heartbroken like me often hear that everything happens for a reason, and it’s not bullshit.

I feel like my life is a movie most of the time, perfectly curated and overflowing with luck and great timing. When that perfect song plays at just the right moment. When the DJ knows the soundtrack of your life every time it’s more than just a “great minds think alike” situation. People come in and out of your life in seemingly random moments, but everything matters, everything has meaning.

Even as I was writing this an artist was hanging art in the gallery across the hall, she stopped to eat, and then I put some music on. Tune Yards, she exclaimed that she was just thinking of putting on this very album when she went in the gallery. And it was just random pandora. How did it know?

I am writing an article about synchronicity and it happens! A connection, a moment shared, same wavelength. Feeding off vibes and energy we all look for little cosmic reassurances. When that happens I know all is right, I am on course. Oh Sweet synchronicity, what have you done to me?