Osheaga 2014 Gogol Bordello © Bianca Lecompte

Osheaga Day 3 started at the set of Foxtrott, a Montreal native that has an innovative and powerful style, a mix of electro and pop, definitely worth watching. Her 2012 Shields EP has brought her a lot of acclaim. Keep an eye out for her upcoming debut full length album, A Taller Us, this fall.

Then we moved on to Travis Scott. He was delayed, apparently due to a hold-up at customs, but his DJ put on quite a show. The crowd was going wild to some old school hip hop, with remixes from Daft Punk to Jay-Z and even NIN.

Amsterdam’s Tom Trago was at the Piknic Électronik Stage with some tracks influenced by afrobeats, soul and latin genres; he kept it jumping. The temperature rose and the people multiplied to welcome Cyril Hahn to old school remixes such as Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name”, among others.

Meanwhile on the Green stage The Temper Trap played a mix of both old and new material. They closed the set with “Sweet Disposition” from their 2009 debut album Conditions.

While heading to Duke Dumont’s set, we stumbled upon Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein. His friends couldn’t help it and had to get his pic!

To ensure an epic close to the day, we went back to the Green Stage (yeah it was our favorite, I said it) to see Gogol Bordello and they did not fail to impress. Tons of energy from the very first song and followed by at least 30 crowd surfers on a 45-minute set. Big shout out to Fortas for catching people safely and effectively. I lack the words to describe this show. Maybe it was a combination of the fans’ enthusiasm and the constant jumping around but that set was nothing but euphoric and that extends to all of the 2014 edition of Osheaga.

There was a bit of everything for everybody and I had to make tough choices in between bands. Gladly, we made it to Arctic Monkeys, who closed the festival with old tunes, such as “505” from 2007’s Favourite Worst Nightmare and newer ones such as “Knee Socks”, “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” and “Arabella”, all from their current album AM. Honestly, we were spoiled this year.

Osheaga 2014: SundayOsheaga 2014: Sunday

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Moon King @ Wrongbar
Nothing makes me feel more like a tool than realizing I completely misinterpreted the gender of a singer (this said with love). I love surprises. For one thing, I thought Moon King’s lead singer was a female from listening to the audio online. (I didn’t Google Image them beforehand). This surprise made me like them even more. Plus, they’ve got a Mother Mother vibe about them. Which rocks my world.


Good thing: Their live music sounds pretty damn close to their Soundcloud audio. Their show was fucking lively as they jumped around, dancing and everyone mirroring their physical energy. Crowd was midsize diner-like with a unique twist of people who looked like regulars and semi-hip. Semi-hip are the best kind because they aren’t too cool for school that they still dance.

Definitely a show and band worth checking out next time they’re in your hood.

Foxtrott @ Silver Dollar
By the time I got to the Silver Dollar I had already been to The Drake, Monarch Tavern and Wrongbar. (This says something about the state I was in as I piece together this show). The good news is it was one of the best I saw that night. Usually if you’re over the edge you either hate it or love it, right? I was beaming.

Foxtrott is Marie-Hélène L. Delorme’s solo project. The actual sound quality—which can be hit or miss at Silver Dollar—sounded almost identical to her audio on Bandcamp. It’s for sure the type of music you want to move to when you’re half in the bag and looking to feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s outdoor festival camping at 2 a.m. in a tent with glowing balloons, and one friend plus randoms – all moving like they’ve been hypnotized with a light buzz. Or if you’re from Montreal and you remember the second life of Silverdoor, she’d be there in the corner playing for us until 9 a.m.

Take a listen for yourself. Does it make you feel like 2 a.m. in a dark bar or loft? Yup.

*Photos by Celia Moase. See our NXNE 2013 album on Facebook for more photos.