Dear Goofy,

I’ve been dating this guy for about a month now and things are going really well. He’s sweet, we get along great, we have similar interests and values. The only problem is, we haven’t slept together yet and I know he wants to move our relationship to the next level. The thing is, I’m not really all that turned on by him. I mean, I’ve been with other guys who I could barely keep my hands off of, but they usually turned out to be jerks. This guys is so great in every other way that I’m hoping the sexual attraction will develop. What do you think? Should I go for it and see if my attraction to him grows, or walk away from it now?

Sincerely, Unsure


Dear Unsure,

The way you describe it, your boyfriend seems to be the perfect gentlemen because he is unactractive and therefore has no other choice since he can’t rely on his looks, like us ”hot” people. When somebody unactractive  is attracted to me I try not to panic and especially  I try not to sleep with that person, unless i’m drunk and they’re wearing high heels. You don’t have to have bad sex with a dude that doesn’t turn you on just because he’s a sweatheart, c’mon’ girl!  The physical connection is the most important part of the relationship. If you ‘re not attracted to the guy, don’t force yourself to have sex with him. You’ll regret it later. Unless he’s rich.

Seriously though. As I see it, you have a choice to make:  either continue to entertain a relationship based on a lie with your butterface boyfriend  or stay friends with him and become his bro that he will always want to have sex with no mather what. I think I speak  for all my average looking friends when I say good guys never win, take one for the team! Just go for his junk and don’t look back, then walk away.