Jason C. McLean and Dawn McSweeney discuss the results of the 2022 Ontario Election and Elon Musk insisting Tesla executive workers return to the office. Plus Dawn has a rant about Halifax libraries versus Montreal libraries.

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Montreal Blog ForgetTheBoxHalifax is known for its bar scene. I mean they’ve got three on every corner – if not more – and there’s a bar for every crowd…steps away from each other. Of course, choosing your bar is like choosing your friends (that’s a no brainer). So, when I heard The Paragon Theatre, one of my favourite places to spend many reckless nights (and somehow mornings), was closing for good, Kaelin and I thought some serious photo action was needed. Plus, Kaelin, one of Forget The Box’s photographers, is in Haliwood right now for some well deserved East Coast vacation time.

The Paragon Theatre, formally known as The Marquee, is a legendary Halifax concert venue. It’s the place to go when there’s a show. Throughout its lifetime, it’s housed shows from artists from all over the world, as well as party-goers from every alley, frat house and hostel – and most importantly, some amazing local talent. Located in the North End (which is equivalent to Montreal’s St. Henri), The Paragon was a venue, cafe and art gallery. And one hell of a good time. Seriously, at one point, their basement was called Hell’s Kitchen and was one of the only places in town you could see a wicked metal show or strung-out punk rockers.

Alright, now I’ll get to the photos. All these photos were taken at one of their famous Tupperware Remix Parties. This specific set was from May 27, 2011, which was their last event. The lineup included TOM FUN ORCHESTRA, Gloryhound, The Tupperware Remix Party, Broken Ohmns, The Will Be Gones, and others.

So enjoy the photos of the fans, friends and bands. And personal thanks to everyone running the Paragon for the great times. Best of luck with all your future plans!

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