It’s contest time! FTB in partnership with Gouverneur Hotels is offering you a chance to win a night for free in an executive suite at Gouverneur Hotel Montreal. With knowledge of the city and a bit of luck, you can win!

How it Works

All the photos are now published below in this post. The only thing they all have in common is that they were taken somewhere in Montreal. Your job is to let us know where in town that is (which intersection, particular metro station, park, etc.).

To participate, share this post on either Facebook or Twitter, then send an email to with “Hotel Contest” in the subject line and your answer(s). You can answer for each photo individually or wait until they’re all up and send us one big email with all of your guesses, just make sure you indicate the number of the photo beside your answer(s).

How You Win

Each correct answer gets your name on a ticket. You don’t have to guess on every image, but it helps as wrong answers don’t take away from the number of tickets you have (they just don’t give you any more). The contest ends on Thursday April 9th at noon. Then will put all the tickets into a hat and draw the winner and make the announcement on Friday, April 10th.

Details, Details

And now, the fine print:

  • Contest is not open to Forget the Box contributors, photographers, editors, board members or other staff. Friends and family of these people are a-okay! (protip to FTB staff: get your significant other to enter and invite you if they win)
  • Employees of Gouverneur Hotels can enter, pretty much because our judges don’t know who you are, but do you really want to spend more time at work?
  • If you win, we will be announcing it and your name through our social media channels
  • Multiple entries answering the same questions from different email accounts will result in your immediate disqualification, though we won’t tell you about it, you just won’t win, and you’ll be left wondering, forever.
  • If you want to post your answers in the comments here or on Facebook, no one’s stopping you, just know that those won’t be counted and can decrease your chances of winning, unless you’re sneaky and post the wrong answers to mislead people, in which case, well played!
  • If you win, rejoice! But please, DON’T WRECK THE HOTEL ROOM! If you do, you’re on your own to pay for damages and we reserve the right to write an article about how horrible a person you are.

The Photos

contest 1
photo by Jason C. Mclean (obviously taken last year) Hint: It’s in a park, which one?


contest 2
photo by Jesse Anger. Hint: It’s a metro station, but which one?


contest 3
Photo by Chris Zacchia. We’re not just looking for the street, but at least one of the nearby intersecting streets


contest 4
photo by Jason C. McLean. Let us know either the intersection or the establishment


contest 5
photo by Jason C. McLean. It’s in an alley. We’re looking for at least one of the streets it’s near


contest 6
Photo by Jesse Anger. We’re looking for the street. Street and intersection gets two tickets in the draw.


contest 7
Photo by Jesse Anger. Yes, this is what you think it is, we need the intersection


contest 8
Photo by Jesse Anger. Hint: It’s a metro station, and not the same one in photo #2. Which one?


contest 9
Photo by Hannah Besseau. It’s in an alley. One ticket for the part of town and two if you can also tell us the nearest street.


contest 10
Photo by Jesse Anger. We need the intersection. If your knowledge of Montreal isn’t what you thought it was, Google may be your friend.