For those of you new to this blog and wondering what you might find, I can’t really tell you, at least not in terms of specific topics. That’s because no one really knows what’s going to happen and what will interest our writers. What I can tell you is the guiding principle behind it: we don’t fit in a box, in fact, beyond thinking outside of the box, we are forgetting it completely.

Our writers are artists operating in different mediums as well as overall artistic-minded people so expect a strong artistic bent in the topics covered. Many of us are activist or socially progressive in some way so don’t expect any far-right ramblings or coverage of news from the traditional corporate mass-media viewpoint.

Getting back to boxes, we don’t fit into the artistic box, the hard news box, the feature or profile box, the opinion piece or editorial box or even the fiction box. Expect to see elements from all of these in the weeks and months to come.

Our current writers are all Montrealers, even our Toronto correspondent who has temporarily relocated, so expect stories about Montreal, but not to the point of excluding material about other cities or countries. This blog is an international media entity and we’ll cover the most interesting stuff, regardless of where it’s happening.

Is there any way that we do fit in a box? Well, yes. We’ll be publishing every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, generally in the morning, which is a schedule you can rely on. Just think of it as your regular dose of the unconventional.

Full disclosure: this blog is part of Forget The Box Media which is also now operating a Web-TV station.

While the subject matter here is varied, expect some of our posts to cover the other events we are involved with that also happen to be quite interesting and under reported artistic elements of our culture.

Please feel free to comment on any of our posts, but be advised that comments are moderated.   This is in no way to limit discourse, but rather to prevent the many spam comments blogs like this inevitably get from showing up. Whether a commenter agrees with the writer or not, their comment will be published as long as it is on topic, not specifically done for marketing purposes or racist, sexist or homophobic.   We may edit comments for grammar.

Now that this little bit of housekeeping and introduction is out of the way, it’s time to sit back, enjoy and Forget The Box…see you Thursday.

* Editor’s note 03/20/2010: You’ve made it all the way back to our first post. Some of the info here is dated (we now publish daily and then some) but the truly dated and incorrect info has been edited out.