This week we will take a special look at Shazamfest which kicks off tonight with a “pre party” and runs through the weekend. This fest, located in Barnstone-Ouest in the Eastern Townships, is the perfect activity for those looking to get out of the city for a camping weekend.

Trust me it will be a lot more interesting than just sitting around a campfire with that annoying guy and his acoustic guitar that he only kinda knows how to play. You should note that camping is free to anyone with a ticket to the festival and parking is ten bucks, prices vary depending on what ticket package you buy.

No car? No worries. This year they’ve added a shuttle bus from Montreal which leaves Friday at 6:00pm and gets you back Sunday night. Or for those in really good shape you can bike on over and they’ll give you a 20% discount.

Les Deuxluxes + BlackVoid

One of the great things about this fest is that it’s really geared for people to spend the weekend there without having to take time off work. On Friday the shows only start at 5:30 pm and on Sunday they end by 7:00pm with a “D.J afterparty” for those who can stick around.

In order to accommodate weekend travelers but still pack in a full fest lineup they’re putting performances on late into the night. For example, those who arrive later on Friday will still be treated to music into the wee hours in the form of rock bands  Les Deuxluxes and BlackVoid who will be on at 12:00am and 1:3o am respectively.


Some forms of music just sound better on a warm summer day in the mid day sun out in the country. One such example is reggae, which is probably why the festival has scheduled Inword to play Saturday in the late afternoon (5:30pm to be exact).

This Montreal based act is the perfect choice to get people into a nice groove and a must see for anyone heading there this weekend.

Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

With a fusion of afro-columbian and eastern european sounds Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra is musically hard to classify but physically very easy to dance to. You really want to check out their bandcamp page and give their very unique sound a listen.

They’re taking to the stage on Saturday night at 9 and should really set a the tone for the second evening of the fest.

‘Let It Burn’ Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra from Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra on Vimeo.

Non-Music Activities

It’s also important to mention this fest isn’t all music, there’s tons of different activities and performances with highlights including a burlesque show by Capital Tease Burlesquea skate competition, professional wrestling and a Redneck Beard & Mustache Competition.

In terms of the facial hair competition there’s seven different categories to compete in (one of them being fake beards, ladies) over $1000 dollars in prizes and a 15% discount off the festival for anyone who enters. Can anyone say hipster heaven? Who knew that this whole time you’ve been growing your ironic mustache it might actually net you some cash.

ShazamFest runs 15th to the 17th of July and is located at 2722 Chemin de Ways Mills, Barnston-Ouest, QC.