What happens when you open your heart to yourself and take time to listen to your spirit? Can you actually do that without losing yourself? Is it possible to let the dead lay at rest? Sure is and seeing Jenn Grant perform last Thursday, February 24 at Le Divan Orange reminds you that, it’s okay…it’s okay to be happy, cheerful and enjoy everything around you. And like popish music (okay, I’ve admitted I like..love popish music. I blame Simon Cowell and the Spice Girls).

Jenn Grant is the type of performer who’s sweet charm and corresponding melodies make you feel like you’re in a live music dream. A really pretty dream that you feel from the tips of your baby yellow, painted toe nails to your black stained mascara eye lashes. Her music is just so, so pretty. And her live set makes you want to go cloud jumping.

A packed venue is always a good sign that this performer is wanted and this performer will deliver. I’ve watched numerous videos of Jenn Grant live, heard concerts via radio2.ca and have been longing to see her for a couple of years. As she sways back and forth, singing her enchanting and memorable tunes, you realize that no other medium of her music can come close to her live set. She sounds exactly the same live as she does recorded (very rare). She’s clever, cute and endearing. If you were there you could probably agree that you heard her sweet folky, pop melodies pour from her little mouth, filling Le Divan Orange with a sense of Valentine’s Day love.

Playing a mixture of her old favourites and new songs like Dreamer and Baby’s Been Away, the whole set was musically balanced and gave you a little dose of everything you wanted from her. Everyone seemed to have their eyes locked to the stage. Jenn’s someone you can’t really take your eyes off of, she’s the perfect example of the girl next door – and you love it.

Of course, you’d have to see her sweetness and hear her dove-like songs for yourself. Good thing she’s on a nationwide tour promoting her new album, Honeymoon Punch. If you enjoy pretty music sung by a pretty girl than book her in – it’s a well worth dose of melancholic love and hope, along with dreams of future fun.

TAKE NOTE: David Martel

If you like folk, pop mixed with heavy instrumentals check out David Martel. He was on stage before Jenn Grant, and he blew me away with his live act. He engulfed my ears with a familiar east coast sound that I miss. He’s amazing live. His voice takes to the walls of the room, pulling everything in, leaving you feeling as though you’re the only one in the room who’s seeing all this happen. If you’re claustrophobic, then he breaks down the walls, opens the room and fills it with endless possibilities of exits doors that you hope he’s behind. I prefer him live versus his recordings (live just has more life).

Cool beans.

Lots coming up in the next two weeks. We’ve got We Are The City and Rah Rah, plus Canadian Music Week in TO. Oh man, it’s all gonna be awesome.

Indie Montreal hosted Jenn Grant live @ Le Divan Orange. The entire line-up worked well, complementing each other’s sound. Make sure get in on that Jenn Grant action and check out David Martel.

Photos: Chris Zacchia

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