Jim Jefferies is a constantly evolving performer. This Australian native who now lives in LA caught the broader public’s attention when he got hit in the face on stage. Since then has played Just for Laughs “six or seven times” and appeared in standup specials on FXX and HBO.

He recently completed the second and final season of Legit, a critically acclaimed sitcom and his first foray into the world of series television. One of the things he had to get used to was working with others.

“Standup is a very solitary art form,” Jefferies said in a phone interview, “making a TV show is more collaborative, I found that bit quite hard because I’m not used to compromising with people. When I do standup I don’t have to compromise with anybody, really. I find standup easier, cause I’m used to doing it, but I did enjoy the challenge of television and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

One of the biggest elements of Jefferies’ routine over the past few years has been religion and his own atheism. After having done entire specials almost exclusively dealing with the topic, he’s changing things up.

“I still do little bits and pieces,” he says, “I’ve said almost everying I’ve ever wanted to say about atheism. I think you can carry on about atheism a bit too much and eventually you’re just a bloke standing on stage talking about nothing. The whole thing about atheism is you don’t have to constantly think about it because there’s nothing to think about.”

Evolution in his act is natural for Jefferies and something he sees as essential: “It’s like a zen garden, everything’s changing constantly. Your show evolves day to day, week to week.”

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