The end of the week is nigh
And you need a drink of rye.
So head Next Door,
For art and more,
I urge you to give it a try!

Okay, so this may be a feeble attempt at a limerick, but vital information is hidden within its silly lines! The end of the week IS nigh (okay, near) and Friday night is looking up. Tomorrow night at 9 pm, neighbours, strangers and friends will be heading over to Next Door Bar in NDG to admire the photography of Megan Moore. At her first professional exhibit, Megan will showcase twelve selected pieces from a recent trip to England, where she travelled with her family to scatter her grandparents’ ashes.

Although the exhibit is somewhat too limited to have an official title, Megan told me “I would have wanted to call it ‘all this unused life’ which is something that my grandmother wrote in her journal she left us after she died. The whole thing is really in honour of her because she loved England so much (it’s where she’s from) and she wanted to spend much more time there than she did.” The exhibit will mainly feature pictures from the seaside town of Dover, where the ashes were scattered, along with a few pictures from London.

All of Megan’s photographs will be mounted onto wood, printed on fine art paper and framed in handmade wooden frames. Photographs are available for purchase at $80 each. Prints will be available for order at various prices, depending on size and selection.

After all photos have been appropriately admired, the classier part of the evening will turn itself over to a feet stomping, beer drinking, rowdy ‘ol time. Music duo Cab will take the stage at 10:30 with their soul-mending blues, folk and country tunes, carrying the evening’s festivities onward!

With so many amazing artists in this city, exposure, promotion and local support are important elements for their success! By supporting local events, you’re helping our artists create sustainable careers and produce profitable art.

See you next door!

Vernissage is Friday, March 25 at 9 pm @ Next Door Bar
Photos by Megan Moore