yelp helpsForget the Box is thrilled to team up with Yelp Montreal for Yelp Helps! , an annual event that helps spotlight worthy non profits. Along with blogs such as ours writing posts about some of the Yelp-supported non profit organizations, everything culminates when Yelp has a party on June 18th at Parc Ameriques during this year’s Fringe Festival.

Those who RSVP to the party get a chance to connect with these non for profits who are always looking for volunteers, donations, and supporters. And did we mention you get to do so while enjoying delicious McAuslan beers, samples of barefoot wines and a chance to win all sorts of neat prizes?!

For our Yelp Helps spotlight, Forget the Box wanted to talk about an organization that we feel very strongly about: Distroboto. Since 2001 Distroboto has been re-purposing old cigarette machines to instead sell pieces of art, and all for the low price of $2.00!

This project was conceived by Louis Rastelli and is administered by ArcMtl with the goal of providing a venue for emerging artists to sell their work. Through Distroboto, 750 artists have sold over 50 000 pieces of art in Montreal.

Distroboto has been featured multiple times on local TV news and even caught the attention of media as international as the New York Times. All this while remaining a non profit organization, proof positive that with our support, non profits like Distroboto can continue to do wonderful thing.

Let’s help them keep growing!

If you are interested in being apart of this years Yelp Helps party, make sure you check out their website.

* Top image from Radical Montreal