Spring is finally here, and to raise our spirits comes Michou making their second stop on a five show tour, at the CFC (18+) with Sunfields and A Is For Animal.

The Windsor folk rock group are fresh from winning a$25,0000 prize for Artist Of The Year at this year’s Verge Music Awards. Along with the release of their new EP  Celebrate love, they have much to celebrate!

Since the release of their first EP Medea in 2007, Michou has been gaining ground with their sweet and fresh melodies. It’s hard not to smile, or feel a little more youthful, when listening to their single Growing Younger. Using beautiful and cheerful sounding instruments like xylophones and trumpets, and sweetly picked guitars with marching band drum rolls that magically flow together for a happy uplifting pleasant sound; It’s sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your day.

Michou‘s first studio album  Mishkin was released in 2008, followed by a collection of three limited edition acoustic songs for their EP Roseships with indie label Empire Recordings (Winnipeg, MB). Their Sophomore album  Cardona was released Feb. 16, 2010 through itunes Canada. A perfect way to let old man winter know he’s out of season, and remind Summer know how much we Michou.

Sunfields‘ bob your head relaxed sound is a talented blend of psychedelic acoustic guitar, choppy piano, jazzy organs, harmonica and some good ol’ soft rock beats, and a nice smooth rhythm coated with singer Jason Kent’s serene vocals and heartwarming lyrics. Their first album, which began as a solo-project by singer Jason Kent started in the fall of 2007 in a small cottage some sixty miles north of London, England. It was then completed in their own home studio in Montreal and released in the spring of 2010 by Field Recordings. A great way for those looking to relax, have a good time, and ‘’forget the box” of the city.

Honheehonhee‘s buzzy synth sound is eager for affection, drawing their roots from their favourite local bands. This five man band goes for more of a pop filled sound with variety and catchy riffs, using raucous, sometimes shrill sounding guitars, punchy pounding drums, a throbbing base, clean synths and high clear vocals, for a genuinely unique sound. Their fans are greatly anticipating their forthcoming record  shouts, set to be released in June. This is a great opportunity to see an exciting blooming band in their early stages and encourage them to flourish.

The kick off to this spring event is Thursday, March 31, at the CFC (18+), at 6388 St. Hubert

Show starts at 8:30
Tickets are 8$ in advance 10$ at the door
Come enjoy yourselves and support some great rising indie bands. A fun time and smiles are sure for everyone.

Photo Coutesy of The Take media By Matt Barnes.