Usually when I go to 3 Minots it’s to visit a good friend of mine who works there, and I pay little attention to the bands on stage. On Wednesday June 29th I made a specific effort to attend the St-Laurent venue when I heard that Toronto’s Little City would be playing a show. As you can read by Cassie’s review of the band’s EP The Going and Gone in March, we here at Forget the Box are big fans of the band and wanted to make sure we came out and gave our support.

Little City is a Folk/Pop band that immediately grabs your attention with the soulful voice of lead singer Frances Miller and music/lyrics of Shaun Axani. The lyrics to Little City’s songs are in my opinion one of the band’s greatest strengths, and after a few beers on Wednesday I was more than happy to share with a modest Axani. My favourite song is Lincoln Learning French– how could any of us who live in this fair city not love a song about someone’s desire to escape to Montreal! (You can’t just go/get up, and leave/your hands remain/engrained in your history…we’ll learn French/and escape to Montreal in the dark)

While loving Little City was no surprise for this reviewer, I was pleasantly surprised with the rest of the line up that night as well. As soon as they came onstage in full sixties get ups I knew I was going to like Photoroman, a French garage rock band from Sherbrooke.

Listening to this band I was immediately reminded of the’s and how when done right, simple garage rock can be one hell of a good time. Their sound was completely infectious and before I knew it I was hitting the dance floor doing the twist with Trevor Boucher, the lead singer of the headlining band of the night: Montreal’s Belgrave.

As the last band of the indie pop band  Belgrave kept the good vibes and high energy of the night going until the very end. Trevor was especially skilled at keeping the audience engaged and in between joking around with spectators, friends, and even members of Photoroman (who stuck around to catch the set and who he was playing with the following night in Sorel), he encouraged us to sing along with them as they played. For a gal who can’t get enough of a good sing along, I loved every moment of it.

Photos by Chris Zacchia

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