Looks like there’s finally a chance to catch your favourite DJ live before heading to work – without staying up the entire night. Morning Gloryville is a relatively new phenomenon to hit the Montreal rave scene, but it promises to be different from your typical rave party.

Morning Gloryville is a sober rave event that describes itself as “an immersive morning dance party.” It currently hosts dance parties all over the globe with the intention of spreading positivity through dance and fun.

These pioneers of sober morning raving offer more than just a dance party. The event also provides yoga, massage, and breakfast.

The next Montreal edition, number six, is tomorrow morning, starting at 6:30am and running until 10:30 am at Le Salon 1861, 550 Richmond. It’s called Kittyween. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Animal Adoption Montreal and Chatopia.

You can order your tickets via Picatic (and please make sure to use the promo code FTB-MGV -15).

Oh, one more thing: FTB is giving you a chance to win two free tickets to the event. Just share this post on Facebook or Tweet it and tag @forgetthebox and we’ll draw a winner from the entrants.

What better way to spend your morning!

Thursday marked the second day of POP Montreal, and it was arguably the best day for electronic music lovers. Kaytranada, a Haitian-born, Montreal-raised producer who is known for his groovy, R&B infused dance music, played his second sold out show in Montreal at the SAT.

Since the start of his career in 2010, Kaytranada has been able to cultivate his own unique sound that differentiates his music from other producers, which has allowed him to not only draw in thousands of loyal fans from Montreal and across Canada, but also grow rapidly as an intentionally recognized producer.

I attended some Kaytranada shows a few years ago, back when he was opening for bigger producers and playing at smaller club-type venues, like Le Belmont. The setting was intimate, and everyone who attended was there for the music. I knew this wasn’t going to be the case on Thursday, simply based on the fact that this was a sold out show at the SAT, which is a sizeable concert venue.

Planet Giza and Graves were the opening acts of the show, and the crowd loved them. Or maybe they were just really stoked for Kaytranada. Before the opening acts were even over, I had a layer of sweat all over my body from how crowded and hot the space had become. I was already nervous about how I was going to be able to withstand that level of heat for the rest of the night.

Once Kaytranada came on, everything went wild. I became a human sandwich, pressed hard in between people in the crowd. Kaytranada started his set with one of his classic tracks, and continued his set with catchy beats that just make you want to dance.

The problem was, you couldn’t dance because there was simply no room for it. Every couple of minutes, an intoxicated person would push through the crowd, falling on the people around him or her, trying to get as close to the front as possible.

It was hard to immerse myself in the music when I found myself caught in the middle of all of this. Kaytranada seemed to be okay with this though, because at one point during his set, he took the microphone and said “this isn’t a concert, it’s a party!”

Kaytranada played a good set, but I wouldn’t say it was spectacular. He played many of his older songs, which I enjoyed, but there were definitely points in the night where I had trouble telling the difference between one song and another. This may have been a result of his staple sound that can be found in most of his music, or because I wasn’t able to immerse myself enough into the show.

It disappointed me when I realized that much of the crowd was not there to enjoy the music, but simply for the hype that Kaytranada has become. I’m thrilled for him to have found fame and success, and he definitely deserves it. Despite that, I’ll forever miss those raw, intimate shows he was able to play before he became a mainstream musician.

As a long time fan of Kaytranada who went to the show for the music, it was difficult to fully enjoy myself. However, I have no doubt that those who went to the show to party had an amazing time. I wish Kaytranada the best with his career and I will continue to support his music, but I can’t say I am planning to ever go to a Kaytranada show again.

“Why aren’t we getting finger banged in a church parking lot right now?” I asked my burlesque dancing brethren.

I walked into a restaurant in full glitter makeup with another performer, Max Darling. The cashier started talking to us because she recognized that we were Stripteasers. A few minutes into our conversation she said “Thank you!” I asked for what?

She explained that the first time she watched one of our shows she also happened to be on her first date with her current boyfriend. They were both so turned on by our show that they ended up getting dirty in a church parking lot afterwards.

I was jealous, I never get any action due to my show, I just end up tired and eating dinner at 3 am alone. I want to get finger banged in a church parking lot, dang nabbit!

We are sex facilitators

Party2People are always having more fun than me. I feel like it’s nearly impossible to have a bustling sex life when you are a burlesque dancer. Our confidence scares the shit out of most people. It seems like the only people who have the balls to hit on us are absolute creeps or fawning fans that are just plain doing it wrong.

I am in the business of making everyone else horny, which is great, but by the time I change into my street clothes and count my money the party is over. We are sex facilitators.

It feels good to go to an event and not be performing, hosting, or volunteering it. Just to let loose and enjoy yourself for once. Generally, I will go to a cool art event once and then be like “omg I have to be part of this! I have so many ideas” then that’s it, I’ll never really enjoy it the same carefree way ever again. That’s how I became a burlesque dancer and festival organizer.

To serve and entertain

I am also a bartender. Again, being paid to bring the party to the people. To serve and entertain. Midnight. New Year’s Eve. Everyone else is about to have their kiss and I’m pouring champagne. Missing the party cuz I am the party. Someone needs to stay at least sort of sober to make it all run smoothly.

July 3rd parties at my parents house were always my one big shin dig of the year. It was tough because I had to stay sober enough to keep shit under control. The neighbours and my mom still got mad, half my friends would be naked in the pool and the other half passed out drunk on good times and strong as fuck jungle juice.

Cat McCarthy

This year was the first year since high school that I did not throw the party and my friends were shocked. It was bittersweet. I went to a music festival instead and got crazy and enjoyed myself fully. I mean it was cool to have an annual party that people looked forward too, but I couldn’t hang anymore.

One day it might be nice to step back and let someone else take the stage

I’m either too tired to party or ready to party when everyone is too drunk. I recently hosted and performed at an art party called Peepshow. The end of the night was approaching and our show had killed it. The peenyata (giant phallic piñata) was smashed and the keg was nearly kicked over. People were dancing their faces off, smiling and cheering. Then, over in the corner on the squishy beanbag-like tentacles, was a pile of tired and heavily glittered burlesque dancers. We had once again given it our all.

Backstage Performers

Work to live not live to work. Working during shows or family outings is the worst. I love my job, don’t get me wrong. I do all of my jobs with absurd passion or I don’t do them at all. I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.

But one day it might be nice to step back and let someone else take the stage. Let them entertain me. Let someone else hang their art, dance to their own beautiful beat, and most importantly, serve me drinks.

But that day is not today. The show must go on and it will be fantastic. It’s what I breathe. It’s my life and inspiration.

no pants no problem

The winter blues are definitely in full swing.  Even as days get longer and the warmer weather isn’t quite so much of a distant memory, it’s still so cold in my apartment that I sometimes have to wear mini gloves with the tips of the fingers cut off while typing. In a desperate attempt to warm up, I watch the Fireplace Channel on Youtube to bask in the warming glow on the screen and the sound of the wood crackling.

Yes, it sounds like I need an excuse to get out of the house and get the blood flowing. What better occasion than the return of No Pants, No Problem, a socially conscious underwear dance party for a good cause. The premise is simple: drop your pants at the door, dance around in your best boxers, briefs, boyshorts, panties, jock strap or even thong and help support organizations with a mandate to advocate for HIV awareness and sexual/gender rights. No Pants, No Problem isn’t just a fun, underwear dance party, it also provides a politicized space for challenging ourselves around our own understandings of gender, sexuality and HIV.

As much fun as it is to dance around your apartment in your underwear, let me tell you that it’s even more fun at a bar, in this case Little Italy’s Il Motore (179 Jean-Talon West).  You can leave your pants at the on-site pants check, but make sure to come early to secure your spot as it filled up around midnight last time.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there will even be a kissing booth on site for you to practice your lip-locking for the big kissing contest.  If you’re lucky enough to be leaving the party with a fellow sexy pantsless dancer, make sure to visit the safer sex/harm reduction booth first for free condoms, gloves and other goodies.

Tunes for the evening will be provided by resident DJ Like the Wolf, playing a sweet mix tape of classic and contemporary tracks that’s sure to keep the dance floor nice and sweaty. Also heating up the night will be a series of sexy burlesque performances from members of Glam Gam Productions.

No Pants, No Problem was founded as a community building event in 2004 and has also appeared in Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York City and Mexico City. They also made their debut at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC last year.  It is a unique and safe space for people for of all orientations to release their inhibitions about body image and sexuality. Their goal is to help build and bridge communities while challenging the binary sexual and gender norms that dominate mainstream culture.

The cover charge is $10 or $5 if you check your pants, although no one will be refused for a lack of funds.  The space is fully wheelchair accessible.  For more information, visit the Facebook event page.


I always find New Year’s Eve to be one of these holidays people use as an excuse to get plastered and make fools of themselves. On this particular night we can act as if our mistakes will be absolved, as the next day a new year will grant us a fresh start. As we have all survived yet another doomsday prediction, I expect this year will be even messier than usual. It’s easy to get your hopes up on NYE, so I find it best to try for a drama free night with great music and of course, a few great people.

This December 31st, I’ll be checking out the bash at the Society of Arts and Technology (SAT). The line up reads: Busy P, Vincent Lemieux, Vosper, Jealous Lovers, and Jocool & Liberty. SAT offers great programming, a cool venue (how often can you party in a dome) and an affordable evening ($20 in advance, $25 before 11pm, and $30 after). I am looking forward to welcoming 2013 with my loved ones and electro, frankly it’s the only way I’d want to bring in the New Year.

Here are also a few other last minute suggestions to ring in the new year:

Royal Phoenix is having a Royal Ball, DJ B’UGO (GAYBASH/HI-BUDGET/MTL), DJ TIZI (HOT SAUCE/CIRCUS, MTL) and HOSTS: SALLY AND TYLER (GAYBASH, DARLINGS, OCHO, MTL). 5788 St. Laurent, 15$ at the door.

TICKLE ME IL MO’ 2013: Il Motore’s New Years Bash. DJ NOAH BICK, DJ MITZ, DJ MARC, D J L A. They promise drink specials, dancing and kisses with strangers. AND it’s cheap! It’s a pay what you can night, so you don’t have to worry about NYE costing an arm & a leg. 179 Jean Talon w. $ pay what you can.

In 2013 We Trust, at Baillat Cardell & Fils in Little Italy will have some groovy electronic music care of DJs Mini, Mateo, Baya, Endless, Orbital NYE 2013 | CRNKN (LA) | OPEN BARMechanics and Alix in the Mix, visuals by Diagraf and Data Dada and an art installation Iregular. 420 Beaubien w, #201, $25/$30 at the door.

Le Belmont is having an Open Bar Party with DJ CRNKN (LA), SWAGTOP STEVE, SNAILS, and RYAN ORPHAN. 4483 St. Laurent, 50$

SnapShots x NEW YEARS EVE PARTY - OPEN BAR!Snap Shots is this year’s NYE party at Blue Dog, open bar from 9-11, free champagne and tequila shots and music by DJs Ledisko and Jay & Nedd provide and open bar until 11 p.m. 3958 St-Laurent, 10 p.m., $15/$20

La Banque Bouge is a loft party going on in La Petite Italie @ studio Playmind. It’s gonna be lots of fun with DJs Alexis Bowles (Monsieur Musique), Fabien Loszach, Alex Paré, Heidy Pinet (ForgetTheBox), and Matteo Grondini. 6751A Boul Saint-Laurent (entre St-Zotique et Dante), 18$ at the door.

If you’ve got more suggestions just leave ’em in the comments below!

Last Saturday night Piranha Bar hosted Ker-Pow presents; Blood Money 2—a party organized by artists Stef Eerie and Angus Philip Byers. This event was a solid community art show filled with the bar’s usual tattooed crowd. A pretty good turn out, which made me smile because nothing makes me happier than seeing people showing love for their local artists. Everyone attending seemed to know each other, and had stories about the artists and artwork to exchange (such as the process involved in creating the testicle paintings—but we’ll get to that).

I rushed in from the train station after a trip to Toronto, and made my way down to the bar. I have been to Piranha Bar a few times before, where I have seen some pretty kick ass metal shows. As far as art goes, I am a frequent visitor to more institutional white cube gallery spaces. As much as I appreciate it, it tends to become a pretty cold and stuffy setting. I was totally looking forward to a change of scenery.

I paid the two dollar cover and was handed a raffle ticket. Prizes consisted of swag donated by sponsors such as Stomp Records and Sin City Tattoo and Piercing. The black and red walls of Piranha Bar were filled with paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and crafts alike. Everything was priced under $100, with the most notable price tag set at “a couple drinks”. Macabre pointillism, tattoo style illustrations, and whimsical photographs were lined up side by side.

After a quick chat with Angus Philip Byers, one of the organizers, I got a little more insight to the inspiration for the event. Ker-Pow’s goal for Blood Money 2 was to create a comfortable and relaxed environment that allowed contributors to display their work in an accessible context. The aim was to ‘divorce’ the art from the art gallery environment. Using the space of Piranha Bar allowed for the contributors to keep the full profit, which is a pretty rare occurrence. Steph and Angus approached many of the artists to contribute, but tried to keep a laid-back vibe to allow others to feel comfortable approaching them with submissions.

Working with the intention of trying to get art into people’s homes, many of the works came in multiples. Prints and originals were available, both extremely reasonable for the amount of craft put in by the artist.

Some beautiful and insanely detailed post-it note drawings (Stickynotesfromtheheart) and Star Trek Mount Rushmore were among my favourites. Which brings me back to the testicles. In the back corner near the some cool jewelry and leather masks, the wall was plastered with ball art. Cheeky watercolour paintings made with the artist’s dick and balls. Of course they left me giggling like a little girl. My friend later gave me the lowdown and the technique used to make them, but I will spare you that visual.

Ball art by Big James

All in all, keep your eyes out for future Ker-Pow events. Affordable art from talented locals, cool people, free swag and imprints of genitals are all pretty fantastic things if you ask me.


This Halloween their is a big ol’ costume party happening at Apollon/Katakombes (1450 Ste-Catherine), and the drinks will be deadly! (1.50$ beers & 2$ shots)

For the first time ever some of Montreal’s best talents will be coming together to throw one hell of a party and raise some serious money for ACCM (AIDS Community Care Montreal).

Oct 31st 2012, Disco Dungeon takes over Apollon for a night of dancing, drinking and freaking.

For one night only Katakombes will be transformed into a haunted dungeon with shocking sights and fearful frights lurking around every corner. While Apollon upstairs will relive some studio 54 glory as dead celebrities take back the night and the dance floor. So be there dead or alive but don’t miss Hallow’s Eve Disco & Dungeon!

Music by:








So if you’ve ever been to the old Darling Foundry in Old Montreal you’d know it’s a pretty sweet venue. The spot hosts all sorts of cool sexy events, anything from circus & burlesque shows to high-end disco parties. Well this weekend there is a pretty hot event going down called Darlings.

The event will be featuring a kick ass line up of Montreal DJ’s including:





And we want to send you there! ForgetTheBox is teaming up with Tyler & Sally to give away 2 sets of 4 tickets for the party. So come get your dance on.

How do you get in on all this? Simple. Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite drink is. If you can’t come up with at least one alcoholic cocktail recipe maybe you shouldn’t be going out in the first place!
For extra chances to win, share this contest with your friends on Twitter & Facebook.

Good luck!


MEG Boat

MEG Boat

Last Saturday, over 800 hundred people stood waiting in line at dock 13 of the Alexandria pier in Montreal’s old port to board a cruise ship for a four hour party on the Saint Lawrence river. Flashes from cameras and smartphones popped under the sky, illuminating the enormous line as people posed for photos with their friends, drank and kept yelling “I’m on a boat!” over and over again.

Now in its 14th year, the MEG festival (Montreal’s Electronic Groove) has proved that it can compete with Osheaga, as the closing festivities are the same weekend. MEG Montreal’s focus is different then that of Osheaga in that they specialize in showcasing local artists as well as much more electronic music. The two music festivals actually worked together this year putting on MMOI (MEG Montreal Osheaga International) events showcasing local talent.

The Boat party got underway with Jesse Rose who hails from London. Beginning the night on the main floor with Chicago house, Rose got everyone dancing to his amazing collection of electronic tunes. No stranger to Montreal, Rose played the SAT in 2011. He will be releasing two new EPs on his label Made To Play this year. Ed Bangers’ Breakbot delivered an equally impressive mix of electro mashed up with Motown to end the night.

Downstairs wedged between two massive bars & surprisingly line-less bathrooms, party goers were treated to Christine, a French duo from Rouen, France. Excited from having seen Justice play for the first time the day before at Osheaga, we chatted while their equipment was being set up.  They told me about how they had fallen in love with Montreal and were looking forward to playing Osheaga in only a few hours. Their brand of dark eletro combined with hiphop scratch was very well received. Montreal’s sweetheart Jenny ‘Vilify’ Carmichael who is originally from Toronto, delivered a powerhouse set to end the night as we drifted back to shore. Her brand of dubstep & dark deep bass can be heard every Wednesday at Belmont’s Bassdrive.

Overall a great night! Thanks for the cruise MEG Montreal, can’t wait till next year!

Waking up Sunday morning my head was filled with the images of tampon earrings, bubble wrap dresses and duct tape neck ties, one might guess that I was at a narcotics infused screening of Zoolander but nothing could be further than the truth. Like many others I was frolicking in the old port at the latest installment of GAYBASH.

Last Saturday there was only one place to go for those in the know and GB3 certainly did not disappoint. GB3 or GAYBASH 3 was the illustrious third anniversary of Tyler & Sally’s wonderfully riotous parties as well as the events official opening at its new home Attic. The concept of this delightfully wrong party was Hawt Couture: Hobo Chic. A theme that GAYBASH’s loyal patrons and performers took to with gusto. Some people just donned bits of rubbish while others took costumes to strange new levels, either way you have to love a costume party where more than half of the people actually dress up rather than playing “too cool for school”. This led to some of the more entertaining encounters of the night occurring in the court just in front of the venue as costume clad revelers of GB3 intermingled with your standard night club crowd from Velvet which runs in the basement of the same building. Bystanders could well have mistaken the scene as a swarm of homeless junkies pestering Velvet’s patrons, in its own way that was part of the evening’s magic.

Attic resides on the third floor of the Auberge St. Gabriel building, and the name could not be more apt. It felt like forever as you worked your way up the mountain of stairs but upon arrival you are whisked away into a surprisingly large open wood space, filled with antiques and taxidermy animals. Costumes and crowd aside (though I could have had fun in silence) the set by resident DJ B’UGO had the masses losing their proverbial sh#t on the dance floor. At one point of the night (which some might say was the climax) a runway carpet was thrown down just off the dance floor and bullhorn in hand Ian Invincible commanded us to strut our stuff down it. Some seasoned veterans took to it like New York royalty while others rose to the challenge, it was a scene not often witnessed in Montreal and one I would happily flock to again.

The highlight of the night for me was without a doubt the live performance of MSTR SSTR. This always rough and wild performer pulled out a polished set with dancers and special effects. To clarify, the designated dancers were the pair still not famous while there was a contingent of hot tranny messes who just couldn’t let the limelight go and continued to jump in front of the stage improving moves. To the audience the entire thing seemed rehearsed, which only added to the spectacle. A rendition of Gay People (one of the new singles) was ended by clouds of glitter literally being blown from MSTR SSTR’ s ass to screams of shock and joy, no one could have seen it coming.

Tyler and Sally have come a long way from the days of dodgy after parties in miscellaneous lofts across the city and bar venues unable to cope with the madness they imagine and inspire. One can hope that Attic will prove an appropriate home for the future editions. Venue aside I wait with glue gun in hand for the next theme and hunger for more antics because GayBash never disappoints!

Photos by Chris Zacchia

For lots more scandalous trashyness check our more pics!

Gay Bash is an all-inclusive, underground party created and hosted by SALLY and TYLER, infamous staples of Montréal’s thriving party scene, one of North America’s best kept secrets. Impossible to categorize, these party boys graced the main events in the city with their presence, from the stylish scenester bars on Boulevard Saint Laurent, to the throbbing dancefloor of world-famous Stereo afterhours, always causing a commotion with irresistible charm and innate sense of fashion and style.

Early in 2007, these bad boys united their efforts with the aim to re-energize the city’s party scene and in collaboration with a multidisciplinary roaster of artists such as B’UGO, Mary-Hell, Miami George, TONY VICE, D.Payette, La Barberousse, MSTR SSTR, Ian InVncble, STILLNOT FAMOUS and more recently, Erik Champagne and Olivier Lessard, they created an evolving series of events characterized by original and outrageous themes: “Trash F@%k Dumpster Fun”, “Voguers From Outer Space”, “Gay Shame”, “Geex & Freex: Night of the Living Prom” and “Betty Ford Clinic”, “Texas Chainsaw Mascara”, “UP TIGHT”, just to name a few. Their events became the toast of the town and caught the attention of fellow promoters, who invited them to host other local high caliber events such as I Love Neon, Mec Plus Ultra and Velvet.

Staying ahead of the curve in terms of ideas and innovation, 2011 finds them looking for new avenues to express their creativity and event development skills. As the highly successful Glam-O-rama, their 2011 New Year’s extravaganza, saw the end of their tenure at L’Abrevoir, the boys are preparing for next April 9th, as the new incarnation of their venture will be unveiled at The Attick, above the infamous Velvet in Old Montréal.”


In Memory of Michael Hendy ♥

★SALLY & TYLER present★



★★B’UGO★★ (hi-budget/GAYBASH/MTL)

★★MIAMI GEORGE★★ (Miami/GAYBASH/TO/berlin)








(theme is not obligatory … but encouraged)

Hi fashion, BUBBLE WRAP, plastic bags, garbage bags, GARBAGE BAG EVENING GOWNS, recycled paper, HI FASHION HOMELESSNESS, cabbage hats, HAUTE COUTURE, garbage, SARAN WRAP, shopping carts, CARDBOARD BOXES, duct tape, twist ties, reflective vests, garbage truck, PLASTIC BAG TUXEDOS, bow ties, STILETTOS, sandwich bags, tupperware, pots and pans, PEARLS, ELEGANCE … U GET THE IDEA 🙂