Mutek 2013 is starting tonight. We could make a list of top five acts not to miss at this year’s festival, but we all know you’re too busy and excited to go through all that reading.

This year we decided to go straight to what’s important: the music itself! We made you a playlist that you can enjoy while pre-dinking at your house. We honestly think the Mutek organizers have come up with the most impressive lineup in their history and you should attend ALL of their events!

So, for now, sit back, relax and for the complete schedule head to their website.


John Tejada – Operation Photon (original mix)
Michael Mayer – Good Times
Brandt Brauer & Frick – Plastic like your mother (feat. Om’mas Keith)
Andy Stott – Numb
Robert Hood – Dancer
John Talabot – Afrika
John Roberts – Fences
Laurel Halo – Throw
San Proper – Cut your hair
Axel Boman – Purple drank
Juju & Jordash – Doctor Strangepork


Heidy Pinet summer
In Detroit!

The summer is coming to an end and it wouldn’t be the same without a road trip. Better late than never, here I am spending my hours in Greyhound buses on my way to DJ in places like Detroit and New York. Some people can’t handle it, but whether you prefer planes, cars, trains or buses, it’s always nice to have a perfect playlist to accompany your journey. Here’s a short sample of this year’s trip:

Imagine you’ve been driving for hours and the night is at its peak. You’re in the middle of nowhere so you can finally see some stars. That’s the perfect moment to appreciate a dreamy song like Air’s La mer du Japon.

I don’t think a road trip throughout America would be quite the same without a Bruce Springsteen song.

The indie sensation Vampire Weekend is doing a great cover of his hit I’m going down.

Am & Shawn Lee is making the best sing along songs. Let’s face it too; the live version showing the singer’s moustache is just irresistible!

And since we are road tripping and Detroit is our first stop, I’ll leave you guys with one of my favorite motor city producer: Andrés.

Curious about what will happen in this two-week long road trip? Keep reading Forget The Box. I’ll make sure to keep you posted about my most shameful adventures…

Here’s a new playlist inspired by the season change about to happen. I’m in a contemplative mood these days and you can feel it in my music selection.

The first half of this playlist is made of long and hypnotic songs. It’s beautiful trance sounds to listen to while waiting for better, longer and warmer days. There are more conventional house sound and a little hip-hop gem at the end. Let me introduce the tracks…

Brandt Brauer Frick – Pretend (Soul Clap remix)

You may know that Kraftwerk will have an eight-day residency at MOMA in April. Well, tickets went on sale last week and, like many people, I didn’t score any.

This lead to a period of denial that saw me refreshing Craigslist NYC every two seconds in hopes of finding a scalper willing to empty my bank account in exchange for one ticket. It didn’t happen either.

I then realised that Kraftwerk is so passé and that there’s another German band worth checking out. Brandt Brauer and Frick is an amazing trio using only analog gear. They just released a single, Mr. Machine, with great remixes from Soul Clap, Dollkraut and our local producer Horror Inc (aka Akufen).

Pachanga Boys – Time

Pachanga Boys is the fruit of a collaboration between Superpitcher and Rebolledo. Time is a 15 minute masterpiece and the perfect song to “lose track of time” to while daydreaming. It was released as an EP named Girlcatcher on Kompakt but due to the limited run of only 300 copies, the vinyls are already sold out.

I:cube – Hnt

Part of Versatile Records, Nicolas Chaix has been around since the 90s. Using either his pseudonym I:Cube or Chateau Flight, he’s known to release great down-tempo music. Hnt is part of an edit EP which means that Nicolas Chaix didn’t compose the song, but rather re-worked an already existing track to make it more dancefloor-friendly. The original is from 80s band New Musik. Which version do you prefer?

Storm Queen- It Goes On

Storm Queen is the new project of Morgan Geist featuring Damon C. Scott on vocals. It’s his second release and so far he’s two for two with me, as I’ve included both of his singles on my Forget the Box playlists. It’s perfect pop music to dance to.

Maceo Plex – Ain’t That Love

Oh yes! It is love I feel for Maceo Plex every time I hear one of his songs. He was the guest dj on BBC radio 1 on February 18th. Have a listen to his essential mix; a perfect soundtrack for pre-drink parties.

Omar S & Ob Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Omar S remix)

Omar S is a genius and he knows it. In the past, he released a track called It Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It, made a fabric mix featuring only tracks made by…him. So yeah, he has a big ego, but I’m still a sucker for anything he releases. You like the song? Go check his record label FXHE records and you might find other gems.

M.I.A – Bad Girls

She’s back! After a deceiving second album, I think it’s safe to say she won’t make the same mistake twice for her third release. The beats are perfect, the video even better. Summer song of 2012?

Another month, another playlist. Are these songs fitting in with your March mood? Do you have any suggestions for next month’s playlist? Go ahead and share your song of the moment!

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Here at Forget the Box, we made some New Year’s resolutions. One of them is to have our playlists back on a monthly basis. I guess the summer’s festivals were pretty rough on our livers but no worries, dear music lovers, we’re back for good! We’re starting the year with a subjective guide on what not to miss during the three weekends of Igloofest

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Tanner Ross – B-side

For me, Igloofest will kick off on Friday. I know, everybody’s talking about A-track on Thursday but it’s not my cup of tea. The real fun is starting the next day with two not-to-be-missed artists. First: Tanner Ross who’s about to release his first solo full length album on the renowned Wolf + Lamb label.

Tiefschwarz feat Mama – Corporate butcher

Second artist to check out on Friday the 13th (oooh spooky!): Tiefschwarz. Alexander and Sebastian Schwarz are two German brothers passionate about music. They’ve been djs since the early nineties and they’re encyclopaedias when it comes to electronic music. They also run a record label, Souvenir, so you might want to dig into their catalogue.

Buraka Som Sistema – Buffalo Stance

Maybe you’re afraid of the cold just like me? Then you need something more than techno music to get you out of your cozy house. Buraka Som Sistema is here to melt the snow. Kuduro-inspired beats from Portugal? A cover of Neneh Cherry’s hit Buffalo stance? Yup! That’s all we need to make us forget we’re in Montreal on January 14th.

Terence Fixmer – A Journey to Uncharted Destinations

Igloofest’s second week starts with Terence Fixmer alongside our local hero Tiga and a new signer on Turbo records: Bordello. With past releases on International dejay gigolo, Citizen Records, White noise and Turbo, you can be sure the French producer will wake your inner dark side.

Dillon Francis & Diplo – Que Que Feat. Maluca (Torro Torro Remix)

Who doesn’t like a dj set by Diplo? I’m pretty sure the answer is nobody! Are you tired of all your not-so-into electronic music friends asking which night they should go dance in their ugliest winter outfit to win the Igloofest contest ? Thursday January 26th is probably the perfect night. Diplo always puts on a good show that will be sure to please everybody from the rock to the hip-hop to the electro fan. To all the boys out there: make sure your girlfriend is wearing her biggest winter coat or else you might find her “missing” sipping vodka in the dj booth.

Maya Jane Coles – Senseless

My personnal pick: Maya Janes Coles is a young and very talented lady from United Kingdom. She started releasing music in 2008 but her career really kicked off  last year that. She’s been voted Producer of the Year 2011 by DJ Mag, and named Best Breakthrough DJ 2011 by Mixmag. It’s her first visit in Montreal and she’ll be performing alongside Green Velvet on January 27th.

Marcel Dettmann – Duel

The last night will be a cold one. I’m not talking about the weather here but rather about the music. On January 28th two Berghain residents will be visiting: Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock. These guys are renowned for their uncompromising techno. Be prepared.

That’s about it. Make sure to dress warm and please abuse of the Glühwein if you want to stay alive! Our team of music writers will report from the field so stay tuned.

Give me a sunset, a mojito and a beach so I can enjoy my playlist!

We skipped a month for the playlist. I was caught in a music festival storm which is of course very inspiring, but at the same time really hard on the body and the mind. Don’t fear dear readers, the 140 hours of sleep I got in the past week have put me back on track. Here’s some music that is made to accompany you during your sunny summer days of outdoor drinking.

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Joakim Forever young

Joakim has always been one of my favorite artists. Label owner (Tigersushi), musician, iconoclast surfing somewhere between live electronic music and experimental pop, this French producer living in New York will be releasing his fourth full-length in September. In his press release he describes the single:  

“Forever Young’ is my song for all the 30-something-year old people out there.    I used to hate people between 30 and 40 when I was under 30. I thought they gave up on most of their beliefs and lived a dull and fake life. Love cowards pretending to still be cool, contemptuous grown-ups afraid of the young sharks.  But now I’m one of THEM. So I have to cope with that.”  

Maybe the song is dedicated to 30-year-old folks, but I bet it’s going to make people dance, no matter how old they are, all summer long and beyond.

Matias Aguayo- I don’t smoke

Who would have thought you could be funny while producing electronic music? Well, Matias Aguayo is now the master of humorous house music. The Chilean is back with the EP I don’t smoke out on Kompakt.

Round Two feat Andy CaineNew Day

In the summer, the sun always comes up too early. I mean, you’re in a party with a crazy vibe and before you know it, the sun is high in the sky. Not everybody has the chance to be at Berghain and lose track of time. Let’s just say this would be my selection to enjoy a sunset while being slightly tipsy. If you give me a beach or something on top of that, it would be just perfect.

Rex the dog – Prototype

I’ll share a secret with you: I’ve got the attention span of a two-year-old kid and the memory of a 90-year-old grandma. Great mixture for a DJ, I know. In this computer age it’s getting harder and harder to remember what your favorite songs were back in 2004. Thank god I am now into record digging and there’s nothing better to refresh your memory. I recently stumbled upon that record from Rex the Dog and what a shock it was for me to realize I had forgotten even the name of this artist. Maybe it’s your turn now to have your memory refreshed!

Tensnake-Something about you (Jas shaw remix)

I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of a producer who produced THE track of the year. It must be really hard to come up with something after that. I guess that was the case for Tensnake who surprised us with the hit Coma Cat that was on top of the charts in 2010. I was skeptical when I first heard Something about you, but the remix by Jas Shaw (from Simian Mobile Disco fame) won me over. Thanks for slowing the beat down Mr. Shaw!

Benoit & Sergio Everybody

The duo continues to impress! They’re getting better and better with every song they put out. Definitely the artists to watch!

Valentine Stip- Esquisse

This is just an excerpt that I wasn’t able to include in the main playlist, I couldn’t find the full length version and I was too excited to wait a month until it’s more accessible. Here’s the little story. Valentine Stip is a 19-year-old French boy now living in Montreal after spending time being classically trained on piano in New York. He’s the new recruit of Clown and Sunset  which is Nicolas Jaar’s label. There are a lot of similarities between the two artists which is fascinating. I also can’t believe I’d never heard of this Montreal-based artist!

Maceo-Plex Sleazy E

This last song is taken from Life index released last January on Crosstown Rebels. A friend suggested it to me and that’s what I love about friendship: music sharing. Hopefully this playlist inspired you to go and make a mix tape for your favorite peeps? Ok, now I feel like an Astrology columnist, Ciaooooo.



Computer problems, rain every day, cold weather and the Torries getting a majority; the beginning of May was not good for the spirit. I didn’t let myself get too depressed because at the end of the month something amazing will happen. After years of lacking either money, friends to go with or time, I will finally step a foot in Detroit for their 2011 electronic music festival (DEMF), Movement. I won’t tell you too much today, but keep reading my column for more details, and interviews with the artists as the festival approaches. As an appetizer, I propose you a playlist that reflects the line-up of this year’s festival.

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Ambivalent Zoo Trip
Let’s start the playlist with something on the minimal side. Ambivalent is part of the M-nus crew, and he recently teamed up with Alexi Delano to deliver Brooklyn Weekdays, an EP with a minimal sound (you can’t escape that if it’s released on M-nus records) but with a touch of house and some great groove.

Aril Brikha Forever Frost (Original Mix)
A Swedish producer inspired by the Detroit sound, Aril Brikha first got noticed by Derrick May, who released his first EP in 1998. Over ten years later, Brikha has now released a new EP, Forever frost on his own label The art of vengeance. It’s not the first time he’s played at DEMF, and every time he visits the festival he leaves an amazing impression on music lovers.

Sammy dee Lirum Larim
You can’t have an electronic music festival without a Berlin artist. Here’s Sammy Dee who’s been working with Guido Schneider to produce some great music. Blessed with great DJ skills has residency a lot of famous clubs such as, E-Werk, Robert Johnson, Ostgut and Tresor.

Kerri Chandler Moon Bounce
Kerri Chandler is a legend. Coming from a musical family (his father was also a DJ), he brought truly innovative sound to electronic music. He’s known as the creator of deep house and has been deejaying since he was 13. Having such a strong background, he’s one of the Detroit Electronic Festival artists that I can’t wait to see.

Art Department Living The Life (feat. Seth Troxler)
This is the second time that Art Department is featured in this column. They’re an up-and-coming duo that recently released a full length album, The board game on the label Crosstown Rebels. It seems that every song Seth Troxler puts his vocal on is meant to be a success. This one is no exception.

Soul Clap Lonely C (feat Charles Levine)
When DJ’s are asked to get involved in a music foursome for the need of a compilation it can be a disaster. I mean, they can have quite an ego, and it can sometimes sound like there’s a lack of homogeneity. This is definitely not the case in the most recent DJ kicks compilation. Duo, Soul Clap and two guys from Wolf Lamb, got together to deliver a mix that represents their collaboration over the five years at the Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn. If you can’t do the trip to Detroit you’ll be happy to know that both Soul Clap and Wolf Lamb will be performing in an all-nighter on May 21st in Montreal.

Space Dimension Controller The Love Quadrant
Coming from Ireland, this twenty year old kid is getting a lot of notice in the electronic music scene. Will he be able to pass the stage test? In the meantime, he’s putting freshness into the music world.

Portable Inside Your Mind
This last song has nothing to do with the festival but it’s so good that I couldn’t wait until next month to deliver it to your ears. Born in South Africa and now living in Berlin, Alan Abrahams released has most of his tracks on Perlon records, but this release marks a return to the label Karat records.

This playlist was mostly influenced by the Detroit Electronic music festival which takes place from May 28th to 30th at the Hart Plaza. It’s not too far from Montreal, the lineup is insane and tickets for the three days are only 60$. Plus, you get to see the most important electronic artists from the past, as well as the new most talked about? I am in!

Want tickets? More info? More facebook pages to like? …it’s all right here on the Movement page.


You liked it and now you want more? Tune in to CISM 89.3 FM every Saturday from 9:30 to 11pm (or anytime since you can listen to past shows on internet).

If you stumble into an incredible song and want to share it send me a shout at

Lindsay Djin’ photo from and Movement photo from

April has arrived and it’s time to deliver some fresh beats to your ears. I am particularly excited about this playlist, but I guess, these days I am just very happy in general. Some exciting news that I can’t reveal yet, but soon, dear readers, you’ll be in the know. Turn on your speakers and let’s start the listening session…

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DJ T Burning (Art Department mix)
Sometimes a song is begging to get to your ears. That’s what happened with DJ T’s latest single. I first heard it on a mix that DJ Deep did for Get the curse. I immediately thought that the opening track was exactly the kind of song I dig. Low voice, almost creepy and a downtempo house beat. Because of the lack of track listing, I thought that my chances of finding out what the song was were pretty slim. Next thing I know, a friend of mine sent me a song recommendation and to my big surprise it was THE song. Now it’s your turn to enjoy it.

Tom Trago feat. Tyree Cooper What you do
Trago released his debut full length album on Rush Hour recording. So far, I’ve only listened to the three songs that came out on the teaser a month ago. They’re all exceptional and I really had a tough time choosing which one would appear on the playlist. I am a big Tyree Cooper’s fan so the featuring won my heart. I can’t wait to hear the whole album!

Solomun Love recycled
Remember the sample in Bran Van 3000’s Astounded? Yeah, that great Curtis Mayfield sample! Well, this time it’s a house producer who decided to use it. It could have been tacky and too easy but Solomun really made something great and not too easy out of it. It’s all about slowing down the tempo and producing a sexy deep-house groove. I am sure this song will be responsible for some one night loving session this summer.

Fritz & Lang Crash (Maya Janes Coles remix)
Don’t be fooled by their name, Fritz & Lang are not another German producer duo. One is French and the other guy comes from Argentina. Their first EP came out on Airdrops Records. Maya Janes Coles is helping the song, by making it more dance floor friendly. She’s relatively new in the game but expect to hear a lot from her in the future.

Peter Power Take it slow
I am kind of losing my words on this one. It’s a soulful gem. The first release of the new Berlin label CrimeCity Disco is actually a split vinyl with Josef Jaktmark, available only in a limited 300 copy edition. Power is involved in the Berlin nightlife as the booker and resident DJ of Kleine Reise.

Maceo Plex Vibe your love
Vibe your love is the first single of the new Maceo Plex’s CD, released on Crosstown Rebels. Some people are already betting on this one as the 2011 summer anthem. Maceo Plex has been producing for over ten years now. If you want to have a listen at his other stuff you might want to check his pseudonym Maetrik.

Trujillo Looking up through you
Chill out downtempo beat perfect to enjoy a mojito on a late afternoon. Maybe it’s the Venezuelan origins of the producer that are reflecting in his song but I picture myself listening to it in never ending 5 à 7 this summer. It was released on the new Spanish label Apersonal Music.

Metronomy The look
I kept my favourite for the end. It doesn’t really fit in an electronic music column but who said I couldn’t cheat from time to time? This track comes from Metronomy’s   third album, The English Riviera. They now have a girl drummer who’s also doing some vocals. I guess we can say this album is more mature; I’m not sure if it’s a good thing for a band like Metronomy, but I still enjoy it. The best track by far is their single that is closing this month’s playlist. So catchy, one listen is just not enough.

You liked it and now you want more? Tune in to CISM 89.3 FM every Saturday from 9:30 to 11pm (or anytime since you can listen to past shows on internet).

If you stumble into an incredible song and want to share it send me a shout at Cesoirondanse[at]hotmail[dot]com.