While most of the articles on FTB (well make that the internet as a whole) right now are very predictably about a certain you-know-who winning some sort of vote, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s alright to take a deep breath, realize that life goes on, get the hell off Facebook and go out to see some great music! We’ve got some very interesting and varied shows in our city this week so tell the roomie it’s your turn to wear the dancing pants this weekend cause you’ve got some shows to go to.

Lauren Mann + Ada Lea

On Sunday you can head over to Casa Del Popolo where Kick Drum is presenting an evening of music featuring singer/songwriter Lauren Mann whose recently released album Dearestly is an excellent mix of warm, whimsical, pop sensible tunes that can light up any room. Give a few tracks from the album a listen and you’ll be hooked instantly.

Joining her will be Montreal based singer and double bassist Ada Lea  whose voice might just be the soothing tones you need right now to get back to your happy place. But seriously folks, this is a great show with two wonderful performers that should be on your radar.

Lauren Mann and Ada Lea play Casa Del Popolo, 4873 Boulevard St-Laurent, Sunday, November 13th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:30pm), $10 available through lfttckt.

Dragonette + Lowell

On Friday Toronto based electro pop band Dragonette are set to release their fourth full length album Royal Blues and as chance would have it they’re also playing Théâtre Fairmount that same night as part of a cross Canada tour in support of their new release. They’ve already put out a few singles but Friday will be the first chance the hear all the new tunes both live and in album form.

Joining them will be another Toronto based electro artist, singer/songwriter Lowell who released a new EP over the summer and has teamed up with Dragonette for this whole tour. If you’re unfamiliar with her then check out this track from a couple of years ago that has the added bonus of being one of those cool “one camera shot for the whole video” things.


Dragonette and Lowell play Théâtre Fairmount, 5240 Avenue du Parc, Friday, November 11th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), $20 available through box office.


CJLO Metal Showcase IV: Punk v Metal

While the “v” in between “Punk” and “Metal” in the title is supposed to denote competition I seriously doubt that there will be any American Idol style judging on this evening. Basically Catacombs is hosting a pay-what-you-can evening of music featuring four bands of the punk/metal variety perfect for those who like to mosh out their negative energy.

This bill has some great local acts that are not for the faint of heart: Vomit SquadDevoraGutser and Powered by Death. Because this is an event hosted by a radio station you get the added bonus that in between the performances CJLO will be doing what they do best, spinning tunes.

Vomit Squad, Devora, Gutser and Powered by Death play COOP Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Friday, November 11th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), PWYC (Suggestion $5).

Night Riots + The Hunna + The Shelters

On Friday Sala Rosa will host a trio of up and coming alternative rock bands in the form of Night Riots The Hunna and The Shelters who have teamed up for a North American tour supported by AltNation. These bands might not yet be on your radar so give them a listen and if you like what you hear, well then I guess you’ve got your plans for Friday worked out!

Night Riots, The Hunna and The Shelters play Sala Rosa, 4848 Boulevard St-Laurent, Friday, November 11th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), $20 available through box office.

* Featured image of Dragonette via promotionmusicnews.com

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On tap this time around we check in with rockers Brand New who are playing back-to-back shows this weekend, I tell you to get up early on Sunday, make a terrible pun and use the word “thrashgasm.” For regular readers of this column (a.k.a Mom) please note that next week we’ll be coming to you on Wednesday as part of a very special Folk Fest preview. In honour of that, here’s four shows that have nothing to do with folk music.

Brand New + MeWithoutYou + Greater Pyrenees

This weekend veterans of the Pop Punk scene Brand New will be coming to the Olympia for what might be their last two shows ever in Montreal. Recently the band release a new T-Shirt for sale on their website that has the text “Brand New 2000 – 2018” written on it.

Is this prophecy or just marketing gimmick? The band is being tight lipped about it which should make any fan think twice about planning to “catch them the next time they’re in town.”

Joining them will be Greater Pyrenees and this week’s “coolest band you’ve never heard of” MeWithoutYou whose mix of post hardcore punk rock with religious themes and imagery makes for a very captivating listen.

Brand New, MeWithoutYou and Greater Pyrenees play The Olympia, 1004 St-Catherine East, Saturday and Sunday, June 11th and 12th, 8:00pm (Doors 7:00pm), tickets $43.75 through evenko box office or $48.75 at the door.

Thor Harris & Friends + Echo Beach + Sivani

Tonight you can head over to Sala Rosa where percussionist Thor Harris will be performing with a bunch of his “friends”, a.k.a musicians Peggy Ghorbani, Sarah “the goat” Gautier, Thierry Amar, Sheenah Ko, Simon Trottier, Taylor Kirk and more. Harris’s solo work is known for being entirely instrumental and featuring his own hand crafted percussive instruments making his sound very one of a kind.

Local bands Echo Beach and Sivani, who also create music that pushes conventional borders, will be taking the stage as well. Those who want to get outside the standard rock show experience should take note, this one’s for you.

 Thor Harris & Friends, Echo Beach and Sivani play Sala Rosa, 4848 St. Laurent, Thursday, June 10th, 9:00pm (Doors 8:00pm), tickets $10 available through lfttckt or $13 at the door.

Les Guerres d’l’Amour

On Sunday afternoon you can get your groove on and partake in a little afternoon funk (get your mind out of the gutter, I literally mean a funk band is performing in the middle of the day). Just head over to Divan Orange where Les Guerres d’l’Amour are playing as part of the IndieMontreal Brunch Concert Series.

The brunch theme is not just because of the showtime (1:00pm) but because there are various meal options you can get along with the performance. Well isn’t that just an appetizing combination! (There’s the terrible pun I promised)

Les Guerres d’l’Amour play Divan Orange, 4234 St. Laurent, Sunday, June 12th, 1:00pm (Doors 12:00pm), tickets $12 (just the show) or 21.75$ to $26.75 (show and a meal) available through Indiemontreal box office.

Return Of the Banging Head

The title for this event is not only catchy but highly accurate. This Friday, GrimeyMTL will be putting on a metal showcase at Crobar headlined by Saskatoon’s own Untimely Demise who are currently on tour in support of their new album Black Widow.

Joining them will be local acts MutankPowered by Death and Chemical Way making this the absolute best bang for your buck show this weekend (tickets are only five dollars) for those looking for a thrashgasm. If you like your music loud & fast and your beer & tickets reasonably priced then you know where to go.

Untimely Demise, Mutank, Powered by Death and Chemical Way play Crobar, 1221 Crescent, Friday, June 10th, 8:00pm, tickets $5 at the door.

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