In case you missed it yesterday, or frankly don’t care about the Toronto mayor’s antics anymore, Rob Ford was in a Steak Queen (some sort of Ontario-based fast food chain) in Etobicoke Monday night, presumably drunk, speaking in a Jamaican Patois and complaining about Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair for anyone who could hear (or make a video). He was also apparently hanging with Alessandro Lisi (sure looks like him in a second video), someone he should probably avoid publicly at least until his former driver’s drug trail is over.

Now, less than a day after the footage surfaced, we get the Rob Ford Rassclot Bumbaclot Dancehall Remix courtesy of ReeG on YouTube. You may be getting tired of Rob Ford and so am I. Frankly, he’s a distraction. But this remix is so well done and funny that I couldn’t help sharing. Enjoy!