It’s that time of year again when the Gala alternatif de la musique indépendante du Québec hands out awards to outstanding acts from the Quebec independent music scene. This year’s event marks the 9th year straight for GAMIQ — which is cool in its own right — and features 95 artists up for nominations in 18 categories and 11 live performances. The party is at Montreal’s Plaza Theatre this Sunday, November 30 – you know, I’ll be up in there on my interview grind.

There are so many nominees, as there are every year and listening to them all before writing this article wasn’t really manageable. But yo, I did get in some strategic listening. First, I played a few dark melodic tunes from Oktoplut — and I know, what a name, right!?! These guys are real good at that dark, drop-tuned, almost grungy sound that takes you back to Seattle circa ’94, except the melodies are much closer to contemporary standards. I’m actually pumped to see these guys take the stage, I might even hit the pit on this track:

Like I was saying, there are a ton of categories from hip-hop to folk and the performers that night are a fittingly eclectic mix of acts that seem, more or less, to be pretty fresh – and you know I’m hard on arts so if I’m telling you it’s fresh, it just may be. I wonder if the event is catered…

So, yeah— you want to know who I’m most wound up to see? THE POSTERZ. These rap cats are from Little Burgundy if I’m not mistaken and they know how to get it crunk. As far as lyrics are concerned they’re not the sharpest I’ve heard, but yo, these guys can flow and the beats are gully to the max. Big juicy bass drops and sick production. It’s this hyrid hip-hop dance music that’s on the edge of becoming the next big trend in hip-hop. They do a remix of XXYYXX’s “About You”, which goes to show where their ears are at.

Other acts include: Dear Criminals, Jesuslesfilles, Pépé et sa guitare, Panache and the whole thing is hosted by the ever live Tanya Beaumont. I’m gonna interview The Posterz for sure, and some others. But I’m gonna keep who secret for now just so you’re on your toes. So yeah, if you’re down to chill I’ll be at the function live, pointing my camera at whatever I see that’s beyond the quotidian. Hit me up.

The 9th edition of GAMIQ takes place Sunday, November 30 at Théatre Plaza. Doors open at 7 p.m., $20 at the door and in advance online via GAMIQ