Hey you! Looking for some shows to see this weekend, but can’t figure out what to see? Well you’ve come to the right place. Take a gander, or stay awhile, and check out some of these shows happening in our lovely city this week!

Thursday, November 7th: THe LYONZ

THe LYONZ, a Montreal-based DJ/production duo and art collective have just released their newest single, Fall. THe LYONZ had released their debut album Peace Beyond the Pines in 2015.

The muti-talented duo’s work reflects a focus on hip-hop and electronic sounds, but their musical style is diverse and also weaves in touches of jazz, reggae, house, and funk.

The group will be performing this Thursday at Bar Loic, so check out their show and hear their newest single, live! 

THe LYONZ perform every Thursday at Bar Loic, 5001 Notre Dame Ouest, from 10pm to 3am. Entry is free! Check out the Facebook event for more info.

Thursday, November 7th: Jade Bird

Jade Bird is a 22 year old songwriter and musician from the UK, which makes her wistfully soulful Americana sound all the more a pleasantly surprising plot twist. Her debut EP, Something American, hits the nail on the head, and her most recent release, Lottery, has already blown up.

Her music rests on the edge of indie pop and hints to country and folk. Its charming emotional introspective character plays like a glance into her own soul at the junction of traditional story-telling genres and a more contemporary indie sound. 

Jade Bird plays Theatre Fairmount, 5240 Avenue du Parc. Doors open at 7pm. You can purchase tickets through the Theatre Fairmount website.

Friday & Saturday, November 8-9th: Barfly’s 23rd Anniversary Party

Local hole in the wall, (but not fly on the wall!), Barfly, will be celebrating its 23rd anniversary this weekend with two separate shows featuring some of your favorite local bands!

The Friday show will feature Dead Messenger, Ian Blurton’s Future Now, and the Enchanters, and the Saturday show will include performances from the Fast Food Fairies, Ashtray Heart, and the Pop Sicles.

The shows will begin at 9pm for both days, but since Barfly is also doing a 23rd anniversary happy hour special from 4pm to 9pm, it might be in your best interests to get there a little early. 

Barfly’s 23rd anniversary party will take place at Barfly, 4062a St. Laurent Blvd, on Friday and Saturday. No ticket necessary!

Saturday, November 9th: Ghostemane

Florida-man, Eric Whitney, known professionally as Ghostemane, is a modern-day pioneer of the metal hip-hop genre, though perhaps that goes without saying. Ghostemane’s music career began with him playing in hardcore punk and doom metal bands, but he’s since transitioned to producing his own sound that seamlessly fuses together hip-hop and metal in dark and unexpected ways that are sure to chill your spine. 

Ghostemane plays Mtelus, 59 Sainte Catherine St. E. Doors at 6pm, show starts at 7:30pm. You can get your tickets through evenko.

Are you or your band playing a show in Montreal? Let us know at music@forgetthebox.net. We’ll do our best to include you in an upcoming Shows This Week, but, of course, no promises.

Spend five minutes with Terrell Mcleod Richardson and come away with a sneaking suspicion that only a select few merit his full attention. Not to say that the Montreal artist is dismissive, but he visibly preoccupies himself with his music, and for good reason. His latest project, titled THe LYONZ, is an intimate rapper-producer collaboration with his close friend Anthony Salvo, a student at Concordia completing a BFA in Electroacoustic Studies.

In an interview with Forget the Box, Richardson explains that Salvo engineers the beats and he “Just feels it and lays it down.” On their relationship, he comments, “We have a really good bond. I guess its because we’re really good friends before the music. He’s like my brother outside the whole music thing. The chemistry is really nice.”

That emotional bond pays off live. Seeing THe LYONZ perform their debut album Peace Beyond the Pines feels only one step removed from a casual jam session amongst friends, yet something sets them apart. Even if Richardson is rapping to a small group in the semi-darkness of a Mile End dive bar, he still brings a star quality to his performance. Maybe it’s his disgustingly hip sense of fashion or passionate delivery, but Richardson possesses an innate stage presence that’s mesmerizing to watch.

You might recognize Terrell from his performances with Big Dreams, his regular crew. He’s the cerebral-yet-sensitive type in a group of more truculent performers. It was only a matter of time before he branched out and explored his low key vibe. He describes the birth of the project as an escape from the craziness of the city into the backwoods of Quebec with Salvo. They stayed for a week and returned with Peace Beyond the Pines. “We laid down everything with the trees when we were beyond the pines, when we found our peace and laid everything down on our mind,” says Richardson.

Feel the Pain is the standout track on the album. Featuring gorgeous vocal hooks by Eric Séguin of Raveen, the recording plays well and the track packs a soft punch of nostalgia and quiet determination live. It also allows Richardson to flex his technical muscles, as he slides triplets and syncopation into his delivery almost effortlessly. The final product is a genre-spanning crooner that gently surrounds the audience with peaceful intimacy, if only fleeting.

Peace Beyond the Pines is a promising start for the Montreal artists. Their willingness to create at the intersection of multiple genres will net them a rare marketability when the time comes. But for now, Richardson and Salvo are content with letting their talent speak for itself and fill venues through word-of-mouth; keeping it intimate, keeping it pure.