It’s great when stuff that happens in Montreal makes the rounds internationally. This summer there wasn’t much (at least nothing to be proud of) until Macklemore invited Tegan and Sara in stage at Osheaga to sing the chorus of Same Love. The duo had already performed a full set on another stage earlier but still brought the house down with this song.

This video has already made the rounds on US sites like Upworthy for its message and because, well, it totally rocks.

I didn’t make it out to Osheaga this year, but from this video, it looks like I missed one helluva collaboration. If you did go, you can enjoy this performance again:

Audio Blood afternoon soiree

Audio Blood afternoon soiree and Audio Blood collaborated to bring you a delightful musical afternoon at Divan Orange at this year’s POP Montreal featuring Lakes of Canada, Gabrielle Papillon & The Mighty Oak, Revelstoke,, Sandman Viper Command, Amos The Transparent, Dinosaur Bones, and Paper Lions.

If you missed it… too bad for you!

Actually we’re pretty nice, and so we’ve put together a little video recap of the afternoon. Enjoy!


Video: Chris Zacchia

Editing: Emily Campbell