While most of the articles on FTB (well make that the internet as a whole) right now are very predictably about a certain you-know-who winning some sort of vote, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s alright to take a deep breath, realize that life goes on, get the hell off Facebook and go out to see some great music! We’ve got some very interesting and varied shows in our city this week so tell the roomie it’s your turn to wear the dancing pants this weekend cause you’ve got some shows to go to.

Lauren Mann + Ada Lea

On Sunday you can head over to Casa Del Popolo where Kick Drum is presenting an evening of music featuring singer/songwriter Lauren Mann whose recently released album Dearestly is an excellent mix of warm, whimsical, pop sensible tunes that can light up any room. Give a few tracks from the album a listen and you’ll be hooked instantly.

Joining her will be Montreal based singer and double bassist Ada Lea  whose voice might just be the soothing tones you need right now to get back to your happy place. But seriously folks, this is a great show with two wonderful performers that should be on your radar.

Lauren Mann and Ada Lea play Casa Del Popolo, 4873 Boulevard St-Laurent, Sunday, November 13th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:30pm), $10 available through lfttckt.

Dragonette + Lowell

On Friday Toronto based electro pop band Dragonette are set to release their fourth full length album Royal Blues and as chance would have it they’re also playing Théâtre Fairmount that same night as part of a cross Canada tour in support of their new release. They’ve already put out a few singles but Friday will be the first chance the hear all the new tunes both live and in album form.

Joining them will be another Toronto based electro artist, singer/songwriter Lowell who released a new EP over the summer and has teamed up with Dragonette for this whole tour. If you’re unfamiliar with her then check out this track from a couple of years ago that has the added bonus of being one of those cool “one camera shot for the whole video” things.


Dragonette and Lowell play Théâtre Fairmount, 5240 Avenue du Parc, Friday, November 11th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), $20 available through box office.


CJLO Metal Showcase IV: Punk v Metal

While the “v” in between “Punk” and “Metal” in the title is supposed to denote competition I seriously doubt that there will be any American Idol style judging on this evening. Basically Catacombs is hosting a pay-what-you-can evening of music featuring four bands of the punk/metal variety perfect for those who like to mosh out their negative energy.

This bill has some great local acts that are not for the faint of heart: Vomit SquadDevoraGutser and Powered by Death. Because this is an event hosted by a radio station you get the added bonus that in between the performances CJLO will be doing what they do best, spinning tunes.

Vomit Squad, Devora, Gutser and Powered by Death play COOP Katacombes, 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Friday, November 11th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), PWYC (Suggestion $5).

Night Riots + The Hunna + The Shelters

On Friday Sala Rosa will host a trio of up and coming alternative rock bands in the form of Night Riots The Hunna and The Shelters who have teamed up for a North American tour supported by AltNation. These bands might not yet be on your radar so give them a listen and if you like what you hear, well then I guess you’ve got your plans for Friday worked out!

Night Riots, The Hunna and The Shelters play Sala Rosa, 4848 Boulevard St-Laurent, Friday, November 11th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), $20 available through box office.

* Featured image of Dragonette via promotionmusicnews.com

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Coming up this week, we’ve got free ticket giveaways to both the Royal Canoe show and Ky∆zMa album launch, we preview the best Halloween concert this weekend with Les Necrophiliacs and introduce little known indie sensation Teagan & Sara. Oh wait, they’re super famous now. Sorry I was just copy/pasting my preview of them from 1996.

Royal Canoe + The Belle Game (Ticket Giveaway)

(Note: FTB is giving away free tickets to this show. All you have to do is sign up to our mailing list by Friday at noon to receive instructions on how to participate)

In September, Winnipeg electro-pop-indie rockers Royal Canoe released their most recent album Something Got Lost Between Here and The Orbit and on Saturday they will taking to the La Vitrola stage, accompanied by The Belle Game, as part of a tour in support. They recently hit some seriously bad luck as their tour trailer was stolen right here in Montreal. Urrrrrg.

So for anyone heading down please show them the more positive side of the city and maybe buy them a beer or guitar pick or whatever it is they’re most in need of at the time. Normally I would encourage you to buy a t shirt or a vinyl but apparently those were stolen along with the gear. Seriously. Urrrrrg! (Also, they have started an Indiegogo campaign to stay on the road)


Royal Canoe and The Belle Game play La Vitrola, 4602 Boulevard St-Laurent, Saturday, October 29th, 9:30pm (Doors at 8:30pm), $17 in advance available through indiemontreal or $20 at the door.


Ky∆zMa Album Launch (Ticket Giveaway)

(Note: FTB is giving away free tickets to this album launch. All you have to do is sign up to our mailing list by Thursday at noon to receive instructions on how to participate)

On Thursday Montreal based electro-folk duo Ky∆zMa will be coming out with their highly anticipated debut album The Magician’s Mirror at Casa Del Popolo as part of an event that is one part album release party and one part “Halloween Troll Market Costume Party.” What that means exactly can be left to the imagination but they are promising “bondage, witches, magicians and monsters” and much more all under one roof so that should give you a good indication of how the night will go.

Tickets are only seven bucks and if you buy the album then entrance is free. This not only an evening to support great local music but a good option for anyone looking for a fun Halloween themed party at a reasonable price.

Ky∆zMa Album Release occurs at Casa Del Popolo, 4873 Boulevard St-Laurent, Thursday, October 27th, 8:00pm, $7 available through Ky∆zMa or at the door.


Kabaret with Les Necrophiliacs + Vomit Squad + Crimson Queens 

Another great option for those looking for a Halloween themed concert is taking place at Matahari Loft this Thursday where three local punk bands, Les Necrophiliacs, Vomit Squad and Crimson Queens will be providing the soundtrack to an event that also includes projections, body painting and plenty more surprises.

When picking a good Halloween party it’s always best to find one where the responsibility of cool costumes and general ghoulish ambiance doesn’t just fall to the organizers, the crowd should be pulling their own weight. When you go see a show headlined by a horror punk band like Les Necrophiliacs you can rest assured you’ve picked the best place to be if you’re looking for audience (and band) participation.

Les Necrophiliacs, Vomit Squad and Crimson Queens play Matahari Loft, 1673 Mount-Royal East, Thursday, October 27th, 9:00pm (Doors at 8:00pm), $10/PWYC (available at the door).

Tegan & Sara + Too Attached

The big show of the week will be taking place at Metropolis on Saturday night where Grammy nominated Canadian indie-pop darlings, and best identical twin duo since the Proclaimers, Tegan & Sara will be coming to town as part of their most recent North American tour in support of their album Love You to Death which was released in June.

It seems a little silly to give the bio of a group that everyone’s heard of so instead I’ll just say don’t miss your chance to see them. After running through this continent they’re heading over to Australia and then on to Europe so it might be a while till they get back here again.


Joining them will be another sibling duo in the form of Too Attached who after years of solo work have decided to come together and release the five song EP Bronze which is a mix of dance and pop with a heavy dose of traditional Indian music. I know it’s tempting to do the fashionably late thing at concerts but in this case make sure you get to the show on time since this is not an opening act to be missed.

 Tegan & Sara and Too Attached play Metropolis, 59 Rue Sainte-Catherine East, Saturday, October 29th, 8:00pm (Doors at 6:30pm), $39.15 to $51.45 available through box office.

* Featured image kyazma.ca

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Support the local music scene! Go see these shows this week.


CJLO 15th/5th Anniversary Party: Wintersleep + Fucked Up + Cadence Weapon @ S.A.T.

It’s a happy 15th/5th birthday this Friday for local indie radio station CJLO 1690 AM. The Concordia University radio station was formed in 1998 and at first could only be heard within the university and online. In 2008, CJLO started broadcasting from 1690 AM which allowed it to reach audiences as far away as Burlington, VT. It has since won a bunch of CMJ awards including “Biggest Champions of the Local Scene” in 2012 and “Station of the Year” in 2010.

For its birthday party, the good people at CJLO have booked a diverse lineup of acclaimed Canadian acts. Starting off the show is Edmonton native Cadence Weapon. The three-time Polaris nominee released Hope In Dirt City a little over a year ago and is currently working on his 5th full-length album here in Montreal.

The second act on the bill is Toronto’s Fucked Up. The hardcore punk outfit won the Polaris prize in 2009 for their opus The Chemistry of Common Life. Although they are considered a punk band, their fresh approach to creating music has allowed them to maintain an originality that is rarer and rarer in the punk and hardcore genres.

Juno Award-winning Wintersleep from Halifax close off the show. In the ten years they’ve been a band, Wintersleep have released five full-length albums, toured across North America, Europe and the United Kingdom, and have performed on The Late Show with David Letterman.


King Khan and The Shrines + Hellshovel + Vomit Squad @ La Tulipe

The legendary King Khan and The Shrines are back after a six-year hiatus with their latest release Idle No More. Blending elements of psychedelic, soul, garage rock and R&B, King Khan and The Shrines are a bangin’ musical sensation that is even more fun when experienced live.

Opening are the equally quirky and psychedelic garage-influenced Hellshovel and dummy punk surf rockers Vomit Squad.


Yamantaka // Sonic Titan + Tired @ Cabaret du Mile End

The phenomenal Yamantaka // Sonic Titan are releasing their already highly-acclaimed new album UZU on October 29. Their unique blend of indigenous music, performance art, opera, and rock have made them one of the most talked-about bands in the local scene this year. Their live show is an immersive experience, entrancing the listener and making the audience feel like nothing exists outside of the performance.

Photo by L.P. Maurice for POP Montreal