Comedian Walter J. Lyng brings his popular local talk show “Night Fight” to the 2015 Fringe stage. Teaming up again with his musical director Leighland Beckman, the duo engage in all your typical late-night talk show activities… with a twist. (Yes, a knife makes an appearance!)

You have your “politically correct” monologues (last night was about the Charleston shootings, you know a topic that lends no way to being insensitive), awkward banter (both with each other and the audience!), musical guests (aka some delightfully filthy music provided by Beckman), and the popular “Top 38” (This list was “Worst Ice Cream Flavours” which included totally enticing flavours like Vanilla Vag).

None of the pre-mentioned gags that I happened to catch on Thursday will be spoilers for anyone else who wants to check out the show. As with any talk show the jokes and guests change with every performance. I hope the commercials they play during the “commercial break” moments, though, don’t change, because they’re ridiculous, in the most amazing way possible.

While this was my first ever Lyng/Beckman performance, it’s easy to tell the duo have been working together for a long time. They bounce their comedic energy off each other so seamlessly that it’s unsurprising they’ve been hyped as one of the best shows of the fest, and nominated for a Frankie for best English comedy. Check out this show while you still can!

Following their complete and utter dominance of the local live late night talk show scene, Walter J. Lyng and Leighland Beckman are tweaking the format of the insanely popular Night Fight and staging a one time only presentation of what they have dubbed as Brunch Fight. It all goes down at Noon on June 21 at Mainline Theatre as part of the Montreal Fringe Festival’s after dark series. This event is so after dark, as a matter of fact, that’s it happening during the sunniest part of the day. Now THAT’S dark.

In addition to the usual talk show insanity and assorted antics that host Lyng and Musical director Beckman usually get up to, this time around, the dynamic duo will be serving up a full brunch to anyone who shows up. Seriously. Eggs, bacon, ‘brunch beverages’, fruit (sure)… the works. Oh, and they’re only charging $5. Yep. (Plus a $2 service charge for those Fringe people)

“I’m kind of like Robin Hood in that I will be stealing these Brunch items from the rich and giving them to the poor, except I’ll actually be paying for all this stuff and I can’t really speculate on the financial status of any specific audience member, so I’m actually nothing like Robin Hood,” says Lyng.

BRUNCH FIGHT will feature a wonderful assortment of Fringe Festival favourites, including Jon Bennet of Pretending Things are a Cock fame and musical guest Victoria Laberge, whose soothing ukulele melodies will no doubt ease the pain of even the worst hangover. The bloody Caesars will probably help too.

Plus a brand new Top 38 list, Stupid Knife Trick, and much, much more!

Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. The show will start at 12:00 p.m. Brunch will be served at 12:07 p.m at Mainline Theatre. Get your tickets in advance through the Fringe website.


For its fifth instalment, the live, late night talk show Night Fight will welcome celebrated screen and stage actor Graham Cuthberston to the Mainline Theatre stage for a special Saturday night edition on February 22. Known for his frequent work with the SideMart Theatrical Grocery and his roles in recent productions such as the Segal Centre’s Sherlock Holmes and The Haunted Hillbilly, Cuthbertson makes a fine addition to eclectic assortment of personalities  who have graced the Night Fight couch.

Graham Cuthbertson Night Fight, Episode Five, will also feature musical guest Chesley Walsh and celebrity chef Antonine Francoeur-Despres, who will regale all with a demonstration of culinary magnificence.

Normally a Friday night affair, this will be the first edition of Night Fight to take place on a Saturday. Come 11 pm, all bets are off. There’s really no telling where host Walter J. Lyng and Musical Director Leighland Beckman will take the show, but it’s bound to be a place of wonderful insanity.

Night Fight has proven itself to be a surreal one-of-a-kind attraction that needs to be seen to be believed. Featuring segments such as the Top 38 List and the occasional knife stunt performed by the very un-trained Lyng, Night Fight combines the classic tropes of late night talk shows with the manic energy of a Vegas variety review.

In only four episodes, Night Fight has already featured appearances by professional wrestlers Giant Tiger, Twiggy and The Green Phantom as well as T.J. Hazelden, star of the hit series Dinner With T.J., burlesque sensation Miss Sugarpuss and professional dancer Stephanie Morin Robert.  In addition, Night Fight has also offered musical performances by local favourites Nick Raz (of the BCASA), Bones Malones and Aaron Ricker.

MainLine Theatre is located at 3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Tickets are $8 regular and $6 for students at the door.