So how did you spend the last daze of summer and the first touch of Autumn crispiness? It’s almost sweater weather, Halloween stuff is in the stores, and people are ready to bunker down and love the one they are with.

While it would have been fantastically magical to dance naked around a bonfire with a bunch of Pagans and howl at the moon, I did something a little different this year.

The last day of summer I spent cruising in my Dad’s boat, which makes me feel like a dog with his head sticking out the window. I always want to yell “I’m the king of the world!” The wind rushing through my hair and the sun kissing my flesh is absolute exhilaration. Drinking some cold beers and enjoying life on a boat bitch. The best way to end the summer. Ever.

cat and dad

Now to bring in the fall. First of all I woke up and was made aware that it was Bisexual Visibility Day. I never know where I fall in the sexuality spectrum, I’m probably more pansexual than bisexual to be honest, it’s all so fluid and ever changing.

I remember being in the university LGBTA and the “B” was always scrutinized and torn down. As though liking both sexes was somehow unacceptable. Choose one, don’t be a greedy slut.

I always thought it was strange how much of a disconnect there was between each letter. The Bs and the Ts definitely have a much different experience than the Ls and Gs. But enough on that for now, that can be its own blog.

So then I triked to work and after went on a short road trip to Rochester to see the incredible band Alt J. Hands down my current favorite Pandora station, I even own most of their stuff on vinyl. The whole ride down we listened to Crazy Sexy Cool by TLC.

I picked up the CD for only $1 the day before at a thrift store. This album was my first cassette tape that I picked out myself in 1995. I was 9. These songs are much more provocative than a 9 year old should be into, but I turned out alright.

The song Waterfalls was my all time favorite. It has so much more real meaning to me now that I am an adult and I have people in my life that live with a positive HIV status.

Things have changed so much in the 20 years since this album came out. Left Eye is now hanging with Biggie and Tupac in the sky. I remember taping TLC videos and clips off of MTV. I accidentally taped over my first communion. My mom was pissed! I’d love to watch that shit now. It would be super funny projected during a punk show.

On to Alt J. Fuck yes! So incredible! It was almost a religious experience, very hipster Beatles with pretty ambiance. Felt almost like the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, suuuper eerie. Worth every penny of the $39.50 plus fees (when did concerts get so expensive?).

The lights were trippy, I had almost wished I was on drugs but didn’t feel like being utterly irresponsible. The crowd was interesting. Lots of extremely tall guys with extremely short girlfriends. There was one couple in front of me and the guy got on his friggen knees and was as tall as her.

Alt J Alt J 2

It was pretty adorable actually. I photo bombed their Instagram selfies. I wonder how many unrealized photo bombs I was in last night? It was a sea of phone cameras trying to capture the moment.

All I saw for a while was a giant beefy bro douche spilling his tiny cup of Labatt Blue Light all over the damn place or the old guy doing some sort of drunken interpretive sign language dance to each song. Put your freakishly long arms down sir!

security guardSecurity was in full force. One puff and out. The smoke didn’t even get a chance to rise from their lips. Busted people for weed instantly. Not worth it.

People must have had joints up their asses because every pocket of my fanny pack was ransacked. There was a constant caterpillar of glowing security shirts weaving through the crowd accusingly flashing us all in the face with way too bright flashlights.

One woman looked like the sassy black lady cop on Reno 911! She was all fun and games when checking my ID earlier and then total game face bull dog as soon as the lights were out. They ran a tight ship. This is why we can’t have nice things.

All and all I had a great time. Felt like the worlds youngest old lady when I wanted to drive home after the show though.

I was feeling slightly bummed. Tis the season for cuddly wonderfulness and Netflix. Everyone seems to couple off and I’m still wishing for You specifically at 11:11, pulling pop can tabs, asking the magic 8 ball and tarot cards over and over again, and getting “he loves me not” with each daisy petal.

I ended up raging on, getting slightly brown out drunk, and feeling pretty darn irresistible. I wrote the majority of this blog in my car while smoking a corn cob pipe outside of the bar.

Happily ended my first day of fall having a platonic slumber party with a beautiful man I’ve known since Myspace. We watched these really awful/wonderful videos of porn bloopers. The worst. 🙂

Summer, go home, you are drunk. Bye Felicia. I’m ready for the fall of summer sadness into the autumn of beauty and possibility. Great music, killer adventures, and cute humans. Life is great.